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I've been to BGT/BGA probably a couple hundred times with my first visit in 1991 when I had a baseball tournament in Tampa,no Kumba,no Montu,no Shekra or Gwazi but I remember riding a simulator called Questor or something like that,I had yet to go on Back to the Future or any other simulator so I thought it was amazing stuff.Also I remember me and my team riding Congo River Rapids in 50 degree weather like 6 times in a row without getting off and being close to pneumonia a week later, good times!!

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Cheers for these man, It's really interesting looking at all the old pictures of parks and stuff. It's a bit of a contrast to how the parks are run today though, some people could say it's a good thing that they are run like they are today but some could say it's a bad thing. But either way it's interesting to see some of the parks history.




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Nice stuff, Shane. But it only serves to remind me that it's been almost seven years since I've been to this park.


I need to go back.




Yes seven years is WAY to long. This is a park that I try to visit at least every other year, I sure hope that the greatness of this park and the Busch Gardens in VA is not lost with the new ownership whoever it might be.


I am still keeping my fingers crossed the the Busch Family retains the parks.

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Now to throw a 'challenge' out to the TPR community...


MANY MANY Years ago, Busch Gardens released some -great- promo films about both parks... featuring rides pre-dating 1990....


I HAD both on VHS prior to a fire which wiped out most of my collection of stuff, sadly. They were very entertaining films (about 15 minutes each) about each park and it's rides/attractions. The 'old' Learning Channel (Prior to Discovery Networks takevoer) showed them quite regularly- and had some of the best 'in park' stuff around- including on-ride footage of (At tampa) Scorpion, Python and Congo river Rapids and (At Williamsburg) 'Nessie' and "Big Bad Wolf"-




(The gauntlet has been thrown down!)

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Screamin' Demon


This ride is one of my favorite rides from the past. It was the first Arrow Shuttle Loop I rode on my first visit to Kings Island back in 1979. This is the original footage I shot back in 1979. You can tell I was fascinated with this ride as I shot it from every possible angle. I t was beautiful at night with the different lighting patterns.



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Screamin' Demon was the first MAJOR coaster I ever rode. Quite a thrill- back in August of '78 (I was nine at the time, and the biggest thing I'd ever been on prior to that was a Mad Mouse).


Lots of fond memories for me.

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Texas State Fair Comet


All you Dallas locals and older coaster fans should remember this GREAT old ride from the State Fair. It had those great silver NAD trains. Too bad this ride did not survive. It was always the highlight of the fair.



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^Very nice Shane!


I'm wondering - with those very heavy NAD trains and the video, it looks as if this was a front seat ride with extreme air in 1.1 and 1.3. Maybe some extended floater air in the back row on the drops, especially the second hill, and the hill after the first turn-around.


I can only base this guess on the video and the only other ride (I think) that I've ridden with NAD trains, Colossus (when it opened). As in, short INSTANT slam into the lap bars and back down just as hard!


Does that sound about right?




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Here's another old woodie gone but not forgotten. This movie was shot back in 1980 on my way to SFoT from the RCBI convention. Any word from anybody on what is going to happen to this coaster? I believe it is in storage hoping to be relocated to a new park site.


I always thought "Zingo" was a cool name for a coaster.



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Scared to Death


Well this update is sort of a downer, but even in the theme park business not everyday is sunshine and lemonade. This article takes a look at the safety of amusement park and carnival type rides. There are some pretty vivid and graphic descriptions of accidents that have occurred especially one that involves a monster at a Florida fairground.


There explanation of the Lightnin Loop accident is also of interest . The way they make it sound it seems the operator had a choice to make; if they would have stopped the ride to save the life of the girl not strapped in it could have harmed or even killed others. I really do not think that was the case since hitting the e-stop on an Arrow shuttle loop would have simply stopped the launch.


Also accompanied are some newscasts from several accidents that have taken place.


Just so not all is doom and gloom, you can look forward to the month of March as I will present the year of 1980. Every day of March I will update you with a park brochure from the 1980 season.









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