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I've never seen this film before, it says a lot when this looks so much more realistic than the crash in Final Destination 3


Although, I was disappointed when they didn't blow up Rebel Yell. THAT I would have loved to see.

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WOW! Awesome stuff Shane.


I do miss the old landscaping and maintanence crews KD used to have but there is no denying that some things have much improved.

The biggest is easiest is International street. No trees anywhere and it just looked like a pool in the middle.


Another very strong memory I had of KD from the early eighties is Tons of asphalt everywhere and it COOKED in the VA heat. especially in Candy apple grove.


I do miss The red white a blue coasters too. This seems like a small thing that could be done to both Racer and Rebel Yell to bring back some charm to these classics.


Did anybody notice on one of the Rebel Yell shots that the North track had a 5 car train but the South side had a 4 car train, Weird.


I still think it is funny that some of the footers are still under Anaconda from King Kobra.


I am still looking for a pic of Mt. Kilamanjaro that was my Favorite flat ride back in the day.

For those that wondered what that mini mountain is next to Flight of Fear entrance is, there used to be a bayern curve that went through that little Mtn.


Thanks for the trip (down memory lane) again.



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Just a little question. Why in the 2 pictures of the Rebel Yell dropping off the lift is the blue train only 4 cars and the red train the usual 5 cars long?


Hey, did anyone notice on of those Rebel Yell shots (near the bottom) how the blue side had only four-car trains and the red side had the more common five-cars? I wonder what was up with that ... ?


Did anybody notice on one of the Rebel Yell shots that the North track had a 5 car train but the South side had a 4 car train, Weird.



LMAO, I am guessing the red side is the car pool lane

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King Kobra


Here are some photos I just dug up of the King Kobra in its second home. Before being shipped off to Alton Towers, King Kobra spent some time at Jolly Rogers Amusement Park in MD. I am not sure how often it ran or what the back story is on this location.


Anyone know why it was built there, rarely operated and then taken out?






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Thanks for the pictures. Lots of nostalgia-feel good moments.


I definitely lost a hat or two on that Haunted River drop.


I remember in the mid-1980's people were saying that King Kobra had a tendency to "jump the track". I didn't know what that meant back then but it scared the living crap out of me and I was glad it was gone. I kind of miss the thing now.

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That was really awesome Shane! We never went to Kings Dominion when I was little, but was vaguely aware of it starting around the early 90's probably. It was great to see all that awesome early stuff.


I just moved out to Seattle and we have an awesomely huge video store, so this weekend we're going to rent Rollercoaster and watch it in a double bill with Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park.

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Here is an update dedicated to all you credit whores. Those of you that travel to the far reaches for a Pinfari Zyclone or one of those funky wacky worm coasters...This is for you.


Here are a couple early catalogs from the Italian Coaster manufacturer Pinfari.





another Looper...ouch!

















A loop and intense pain are introduced


Another catalog




Big Mike will travel thousands of miles out of his way to get these credits


choose your style






Pinfari Coaster Catalog



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Thanks for all of your work in loading in all of this interesting stuff - and posting it here. I'm sure most of this stuff would be hard to find elsewhere on the 'net.


This is by far the Biggest and Best thread on this site/messageboard...I know there have been many thanks and tons of pats on the back, but I just wanted to add one from me.


ADMIN EDIT - Removed another totally unnecessary dig at another TPR Member.

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Thanks for posting Shane. This thread is probably one of the best sources on the net for roller coaster info. Please keep 'em coming!



On a side note:

Has anyone else noticed that Raging Spirits at TDL and Indiana Jones at DLRP are almost exactly copied from the looping "TL 59"? (Without the pain I'm sure.)

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Thanks for posting these pictures Shane!


Pinfaris were (and still are) a staple diet of the British seaside amusement park. Whilst the company may be gone, I know that a few other manufacturers have got hold of the Big Apple/Wacky Worm designs, and D.P.V. (which came from the ashes of the old Pinfari company) have built a Z40 clone in Devon, so they may be getting produced for some time yet! Not sure about the other stuff like the looping coasters though.

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Joey are you telling me that Disney worked with Pinfari on those two projects? I had never heard that. I am still trying to understand why Disney would go to Pinfari to build them a coaster...but then I look at those lame spinners at Animal Kingdom and Crush at the Paris Studios and there seems to be no wisdom in Disney coasters.


Thanks everyone for the kids words on this thread. I do enjoy sharing my collection and appreciate when there are great comments and stimulating discussion about each and every post, plus I always end up learning something (ie Pinfari & Disney...I am still stumped by that)

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^To be honest, I have NO idea how true that story is. I should have been more clear than just "I believe." But I know I've heard it a few times before. Everything I heard with Pinfari was regarding just the Paris version. Maybe people just assumed because it's the same layout as the TL-59?

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ADMIN EDIT - Removed another totally unnecessary dig at another TPR Member.


ADMIN EDIT - See previous Admin Edit. cfc


I am still amazed that you were able to hang on to ALL of this stuff for ALL of these years, have taken the time to scan it all in, and upload it here for everyone to check out. Very cool.

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Nice pics. The Wacky Worm with the turntable station (Astroland) was #400 for me We were supposed to ride Cyclone first but we went to the bathrooms first and I totally forgot that my next one would be 400 so we just got the quick credit and then halfway through I realized it was 400. I really like the medium sized fair coasters.

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That is a great find. Thanks for posting it. I always have a soft spot in my heart for the Arrow shuttle loops.


I heard the reason the Roaring Tornado was removed from Magic Springs was because of low ridership. People were too afraid to ride it at the time. The park didn't get the return on their investment they had expected and had to sell it to cover the cost of the install.

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Well you just never know what you will find up in my amusement attic. I just came across this interesting find. How many times have we all designed this exact coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon?


This model was on display at one of the IAAPA shows, but I am not sure whose booth it was in. I think it would have made an interesting ride. A lot of great amusement ideas never make it off the drawing board to the parks.



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