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Were going overseas for todays two commercials (I have to start posting two commercials per day to get them all before the end of April) Off to the exotic lands of Hong Kong and Finland.


Ocean Park





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Very nice jingles, both of them.


Although it appeared like CWs advert was way more low-key than the IN YOUR FACE WITH INFORMATION style of KI, lol.



Great pairing, Shane.

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OMG! I have that KI savings newspaper somewhere! They played that commercial to DEATH in Pittsburgh, and of course, between KI's #, and CP's 1-800-best-fun, I had coupons out the wazoo!


That one "touched" me. Thanks Shane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wish I had more commercials from Carowinds, that Drop Zone one is the only one I have.


There is a list of all the commercials I have posted on page 56. The ones in white are links to the ones already posted. The ones in yellow are the ones that are coming up.


There is one from Busch Gardens coming up plus one that you will not want to miss from Story Land in NH. It gets the award for the "Cheesiest commercial in my collection"

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Great stuff, Shane! I still remember the old Great America jingle. And the ever-present Twicket. I wonder at what point they decided to quit pushing for a next-day return trip in favor of just promoting the season pass?


Here's a much less charming commercial from 1991.


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Magnum XL-200


Even when you see it You won't believe it...



...Get to the PO!NT


wow this had a link to mostly clear footage of the bat at kings island. Ive been looking for for years for clear footage of this coaster that was closed a year before i was born. Now i see why they said they had to replace most of the shocks every night. that thing was wicked! but safe?!?!. I'm wondering how Arrow ever thought no banking was gonna work. even though that was supposed to be the point of the swinging cars. I wish they could have revamped this whole coaster to banking and put vortex in a different area. I would have loved that long twisting conveluted layout.

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Yee Haw! There's parks in them thar hills! Here's a couple commercials from some Hillbilly Parks...


Silver Dollar City



...and here is proof that Dogatch USA was actually more than just a Hillbilly legend. Check out the entertainment lineup the park offered: Alvin, Batman (the cheesy one) and the ever regal BOZO. There is also a quick shot on of a truly unique lost credit


Dogpatch USA



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Six Flags


These two commercials are back from the Time Warner days when they ran commercials nationally and they had the balls to compare themselves to Disney. I laugh when they show the two dogs side by side and the Six Flags dog is rolling around free out in the sun and the Disney dog is caged up in a dark kennel.


A little bit of me dies everytime I see AstroWorld pop up on the national map of locations. Damn you old Six Flags management..Damn you!


Six Flags "a dogs view"



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