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Shane's Amusement Attic

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This is one of my favorite brochures from this year. I love the map that is featured and the whole painting of the Lost World is so dramatic and ominous. What a great attraction to add to an already great park. The loss of the King Kobra was the turning point






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Every time I see Kings Dominion now I think of the movie "Rollercoaster".


^It is cool to see what all these places used to be like, even though I've never been to most of them. Are these parks really in that bad of a shape, or is it like when people talk about SFMM: "Oh, it would be cool if this ride/whatever was still there"?


Regardless, cool stuff.

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Did anyone else notice that this park was marketed as Hanna Barbera's Kings Dominion (HBKD)?


I noticed that when they owned Marineland out in CA it was also called Hanna Barbera's Marineland.


I don't recall any of the other Taft parks with the Hanna Barbera name in front of them.

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I'm sure it was just a marketing ploy for that season... Looking here it seems that in '78 the park was just called "Kings Dominion".


For a while Dick Van Dyke served as a spokesperson for both Kings Island and Dominion. Below are some old commericals:







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You know, it still saddens me while waiting in line for Volcano to see all the old parts of the Haunted River/Atlantis water ride. I really miss the original Lost World and the 3 rides. Kings Dominion was such a magical/happy place years ago. Now it is about extreme teenage thrills. God bless the King Cobra and the Apple Turnover lol.....

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You have a great collection in your attic.


I have a many old Six Flags Magic Mountain and Knott's Berry Farm collection in my Den Room.


I have one fiberglass Wacky Soapbox Racer that I won from ebay three years as well I have a two piece of windjammer surf racer track one yellow and one red that knott's berry farm gave it to me.

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Shane, love the latest offerings from your attic! Since our collections mirror each other (for the most part), I had to dig wayyyyy into the far reaches of my own attic to find something I don't think you've seen before.


These are NAD brochures I mentioned earlier in this thread. They came to me in 1976 from NAD founder Aurel Vaszin, just before he died. They appear to be MUCH older than that, though. I am guessing they're from the 50s.


There's one page I am still trying to find that shows the Mexico City Racer under construction. I'll upload it later.


Much like Hitchcock did in his films, Vaszin had the habit of placing himself making cameos in publicty shots. I pointed out one instance.


And, BTW, I think YOU are far older than me!





Anyone know where the 1928 High-Diver was located? Spot Aurel again in this one?


Look for Aurel lurking around the Kiddie Wheel! The "3-car" Century Flyer actually has 4 cars. Check out the spinning car.


I 'm 99% sure the large wooden coaster on top of page is at Dayton's Frankie's Fun Forest/Forest Park.

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Shane..wow. Just wow. The last time I caught this thread was when it was on page 12. You have an amazing amount of park memorabilia and information! I try not to "overshare" because I'm legendary for it, but I have to share something that happened when I was reading the old Six Flags material. (No, I didnt see God, but Elvis says hi.)

Anyway, I have had massive memory problems since the 80's and if I dont have a picture of it, I just dont remember much..of anything. I was reading the Six Flags and Magic Mountain posts, and for the first time in deecades, I was flooded with memories: Big Bend, Shockwave, Greased Lightnin, Judge Roy! (still one of my all-time faves), Runaway Mine Train, etc. I hadn't remembered..actually remembered most of these things in almost 23 years. I can't say how I felt after as it's kind of mushy and, well..you know.

Anyway, I agree with whomever said this is the greatest thread ever, because it is. Better than "syphilis at the ghetto fair", better than Robb having orgasms on El Toro, even better than the infamous llama incident.

It's not often you read something online or off that brings back memories you thought were lost over 20 years ago.


Thank you!



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Sorry. Forgot something. (There's a surprise...) If you have already done something for Marriott's Great America (I can NOT call it Paramount or Six Flags, etc. it just seems...rapishly wrong), then ignore this. If you havent, I'd like to ask a favor. No one outside my age bracket that I know off offline believes that there was a Willard's Whizzer or that the Demon is the upgraded version of the Turn of the Century. If you could include that in your MGA post, I would like to rub it in..er...show them I'm not as loopy as they think.





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Better than "syphilis at the ghetto fair"


It's not often you read something online or off that brings back memories you thought were lost over 20 years ago.



Thanks Scott for all your kind words, I am please that my post now has credited medical benefits although I am not sure I want to be compared to Syphilis...Maybe my upcoming post on Anton Scwarzkopf can cure that, IMHO that man worked miracles!


I know somewhere in my files I have some great stuff on Marriott's Great America. My parents took me there annually and I loved that place. I am a little worried that I have not come across that file yet, I hope it shows up soon.


The Marriott brochures will be posted on Monday and Tuesday, and the Santa Clara version shows the Turn of the Century before it was transformed into the Demon.

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This is one park that I was never able to visit. Sorry I missed it, you just never know when these parks will close there gates.


Although Libertyland showed signs of its closure I am still completely stunned by AstroWorld's closing.





That is one of the worst Elvis impersonators I have seen...




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Does anyone know how the Turbo worked? Like how it moved? It seemed like a fun ride. Chance is becoming a very quiet company now. But, they still make aswome rides!!!


Hey, I found the Gunslinger Yo-Yo on one of the pictures. Its infront of the Astroneedle.




There are a few turbo's floating around australia.

You sit in a fairly flat circle and the door with harness closses on you. Like the zipper.


It starts to rotate like a ferris wheel, then the entire base starts to rotate in a circle like a merry go round. When you get to the top you are facing the sky and when your at the bottom your either sitting upright or facing the ground. Kind of like the zipper. The cariage free swings from left to right and all the way over with the weight of the guests and the movement of the ride.

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"25 minutes from Hollywood...." Could you actually make it in that amount of time back then?


I wasn't aware that Sky Tower was ever sponsored by anything, let alone Western Airlines. Interesting.


And yay for Colossus racing and an OTSR-less Revy. Mmm.


Thanks for more cool SFMM stuff!

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