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Like I did last year but for 2008, I´m gonna ask you guys what your coaster goals is for 2008?


I am gonna travel to USA for the first time in life to Orlando florida, to amusementparks like sea world and IOA.


btw sorry for my english..

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^ Your english was actually good enough that it took me a second time reading through your post to catch only two minor grammar errors. Anyway, these are my goals:


Parks I will go to for 2008:


1: Darien Lake

2: Cedar Point

3: Seabreeze

4: Sylvan Beach

5: New York State Fair


Parks I might go to for 2008:


1/2: Hersheypark/Dorney Park (I might have to choose between them, but I'll try to get both, hopefully as a meetup on the TPR East Coast trip)


Parks that I might go to if I do enough good stuff for my mom: (I'm usually a good kid, but I'll have to be extra good for these - hopefully these will be meet ups on the TPR East Coast trip)


1: Kings Dominion

2: Six Flags America


Also, if the TPR East Coast Trip does any parks in New York State, I will also try my best to meet them there - I would go with them, but it's too expensive and I have Marching Band, which I would miss a lot of rehearsals.

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Here are the parks I'm planing on visiting(anything could change though between now and then):

Universal, IOA, CP, Darien Lake, and Hard Rock Park


My main coaster goal this year is to make Maverick my 50th!

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Canadas Wonderland, Cedar Point, Waldamer, maybe Kennywood.


That's really about it. Maybe another small trip or two. But nothing major.


Gotta recover from my debts before doing any more big trips.

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-WDW Trip in January

-TPR Europe Trip!

-Break 300 credits. I'm at 203 now, and will be at 211 by the end of 2007.

-In addition to the TPR Europe trip, I want the following new credits:


Flying Turns


Ravine Flyer II




Steel Hawg


-Make it back out to SFGAdv for some more El Toro.

-IB enthusiast event again


I sincerely doubt that I'll do all of this, but I like to set my goals high.

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-Hit the 230 credit mark (I'm at 200)

-El Toro, Fahrenheit, Steel Hawg, Evel Knievel, and Mystery Mine

-Get to either the south Texas parks, SoCal, and/or back to eastern Pennsylvania and NJ (see first two rides listed).

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Goal for 08, I hope to hit many of the new to me rides as I will call them. Not only new rides but ones I havnt been on before. There are several parks that have coasters I would like to hit. Some are the Dells, Arnolds, Valleyfair and several of the major parks in Canada. Would love to make Behemoth this coming year.

Really though all things considered my goal for 2008 would be at least have the oppertunity to ride.

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-IB enthusiast event again



That sounds like fun. I must go to that next year too.


Book your hotel way early. I wound up paying almost twice as much for the same room because we booked last minute.

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Hit my 400th different coaster. Ride Fahrenheit, Ravine Flyer, MOA coasters, Kingda Ka, El Toro, Coney Island, and weird coaster at bowcraft.



- All of southern CA

- SFSTL, SDC, CC, Magic Springs

- SFGAM, Dells, Little America

- MOA, valleyfair, como town, arnolds?

- Waldameer, Fun Spot, CP

- East coast trip to hit most of PA, north NJ seaside parks, SFGADV, and NYC area parks.

- Dollywood (after many years of waiting), beech bend, visionland, lake winnie, maybe SFOG

- (maybe)- PKI, stricker's, and nearby credits


Basically this year I'm trying to mix in riding some of the new coasters with getting tons of credits.

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As you can probably tell by my sig and avatar, I'm relatively a newbie. I JUST got back into coasters this summer, when I attended a Roller Coaster camp. A member of ACE came and he talked about coasters with him.,But hey, I digress.


Plans for 2008:

Hersheypark-Student Council trip


Idlewild-Church picnic


Kennywood-Band trip

NEW CREDITS: Li'l Phantom(?)

SFGAm: Aunt's Work trip



Those most likely will happen. Here are some that probably wont:

King's Dominion:?

New Credits: all

King's Island:?

new credits: all

Cedar Point:?

New Credits:All


I hope to break 30 credits this year!

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and several of the major parks in Canada. Would love to make Behemoth this coming year.


There would have to actually be several major parks in Canada for you to be able to do that.


Canadas Wonderland, La Ronde, Playland in Vancouver, and maybe West Edmonton Mall.

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Go west

Cedar Point (somehow - a friend of mine is the fetus of a coaster enthusiast and I need to get her to Point to push her into full geekdom)

MOA grand opening, if they have one

100th ride on Patriot

work at Adventureland IA part time

ride Renegade again

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My goal is to simply get a Intamin accelerator credit and a B&M credit. I am really hoping to get to KBF next year and SFDK. If this is true and Silver Bullet, Xcelerator, and Medusa are open then I reach my goal! I might even get a Itamin Inverted launch credit and a GCI if SFDK's coasters are all running!

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