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Kemah Boardwalk and Bullet Discussion Thread

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You know I always thought I was going to have to fly down to Houston so that I could have all the possible Gravity Group credits. But now, thanks to Ike, I might be able to have all the GG credits without even leaving the house.


Seriously though, I hope that this disaster gives Kemah the opportunity to finally fix up the Bullet and make it the coaster it was supposed to be.

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Was looking at some photos of the devastation from IKE. Trying to gauge what Kemah might look like and what kind of damage to the park.

This photo http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26643689/displaymode/1107/s/2/framenumber/17/

was taken just across the bridge from Kemah.. Seabrook is just a mile north of Kemah.

You can view it for yourself in this map, just zoom into where Keman is and look at the photo in Seabrook.. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26679658

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^Great video link, thanks for sharing!


The park and rides look pretty screwed. Coaster is still standing...darn. The restaurants also look like they took quite the beating. It will be interesting to see what they do. Write stuff off and start over, repair, rebuild, what!?

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Hey Guys! Here in corpus but from SE Houston area. Things don't look good. My area is still out of power and downtown looks like it will not be open for work Monday. Looks like I will be here for a few days till power comes on in my area. Could be weeks I heard. Been told from friends it looks like a disaster zone everywhere you drive. I am too curious of the Bullet's status. Here is what one person posted on a Houston site. If I hear more I will update. Pray that the death count is low and Houston/Galveston will be up and running soon.



"I don't know the status but they looked really bad on TV. Some looked like they are under water. I bet it is going to be a long time before Kemah boardwalk is rebuilt. It looks totally messed up.


Tillman Fertita was on the news last night and he said he is definitely going to rebuild the Boardwalk. I hope he does. Once it is rebuilt we have to go out and support it.


This was such a bad day for the Houston/Galveston area. I still can't believe how bad this hurricane was, it seems so surreal."

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Oh my God. This is crazy. I was praying for the bullet to be washed away not the whole boardwalk. This sucks because what if they do not have the money to rebuild the place. It also looks like they are going to have to get a new carousel. Maybe this time around they will buy rides from companies better than Chance. Also maybe they will build a rapids ride or a log flume so that the damage will be minimal. God this sucks.

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