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Kemah Boardwalk and Bullet Discussion Thread

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Well, I am quite impressed with this ride. A nice compact layout with some airtime hills thrown in there. (Yes, I did see some hills). For some reason, it looks vaguely like a mix between Kentucky Rumbler and Mean Streak. I haven't been on Kentucky Rumbler, but who's to say I don't like Mean Streak?

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Here's some new photos just in direct from the guys building the ride (Martin & Vleminckx).




I would LOVE to live in that house right behind it!


THANKS to the guys at Martin & Vleminckx for submitting the photos!


One more look at the first parts of the ride to be construction!


Look! Verticalness! =)

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^ Hmmm.....listen to the people on this forum....they'll set you straight!


BTW, can someone tell me exactly how to pronounce "Kemah"






"Tourist Trap"


Not really...more of a local destination than a tourist destination.


Not sure how to type this...but I'll try:



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And I am just dang happy they do what they do. We are smiling again in the Houston Area.


The people who run the Boardwalk could not be nicer.


Would you EVER imagine that Houston would get a very nice wooden coaster, in a traditional park setting right on the water? I mean seriously, would you?


Kemah has been a hidden gem in these parts for a long time. Sitting right on Galveston Bay it has scenery that you would not normally associate with Houston. The views from the lift hill and that first swoop should be amazing.

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Since it's being built by a restaurant conglomerate, I was fearful it would get a food-related name (Fish Sticks?). I guess it could be worse than Boardwalk Bullet. Maybe the western theme is to tie it in with the western steak house nextdoor.


Many restaurants serving huge portions + intense coaster = I hope they have a clearly marked puke zone off to the side of the ride's exit...

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The entire area around Saltgrass is western themed. The train ride also goes through a western themed tunnel under Saltgrass during the final part of the ride. This area of the boardwalk is named "Saltgrass Junction".




There are a bunch of western themed games as well, but that area is currently blocked off due to the construction of the coaster.

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