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Kemah Boardwalk and Bullet Discussion Thread

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OK, just edited the video!


This was taken from the first 3 complete runs of the Bullet from three different locations. One location was inside the Saltgrass Steakhouse so forgive the window pane on the right as well as the white balance being all messed up from that angle (shooting through tinted window didn't help).


I did my very best to include the complete ride and have visible train at all times but it was VERY hard because the way this coaster winds within itself.


Please forgive the video quality issues, I was using a digital camera NOT camcorder to get the video.


EDIT: 08-18-2007 I have updated the video, it is now double bitrate and new coverage. The location has changed to:





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Some pics from today. Err, yesterday. 2am and too excited to sleep!


Odd little flat spot on the first drop breakover. Purpose: ejector air for the back seat riders!


This hill taken at nearly 40mph. There will be airtime.


View from a table inside Saltgrass Steakhouse.


entrance to the under-station fly-by


under-the-station fly-by. This shot taken from the front seat queue


inside the station


I want this house!

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Great to hear they had a successful test run, and it is kind of amazing how popular this coaster has suddenly become here,(I'm assuming the rest of the enthusiast community is the same) and this looks like a really good coaster. Looking at pictures, while probably not a top 10(well for those with 300 credits), it looks like it should rank highly. It seems to be a very photogenic coaster, and it is a nice break from Gravity Groups hybrid coasters.

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Just had to sign up and tell everybody thanks for all the posts, pictures, videos and everything! Ya'll rock! I pass this thing everyday and the excitement has me bursting at the seams.... And trying to find news about any of it is next to impossible.


I went by this morning and snapped some quick pics while I was there - I didn't realize that they had made great strides yesterday- I wondered why all the workers seemed to be in such a great mood this morning...


My pics don't compare to most of what I've seen here, but feel free to check em out on my flickr site: Here



Once again- thanks everybody! I'll see you soon waiting in line I'm sure...

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Things are progressing well in the continuing 102+ degree heat. Track is being fine tuned and intense testing and inspections should begin this weekend. I am hoping the weather stays clear as chances of rain have dropped for the next week but still remain 50-70% according to weather.com.


I'd say that if things go really well we could see it open to the public by late next week.


Those of you planing labor day visits should feel pretty safe!



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Do you think they will open it on a weekday if its ready? Or do you think they will wait till a weekend?


Right now everything is just speculative on my part. I know they are working very hard to get it testing and inspected ASAP. They have to train staff to operate the ride, finish up cosmetics and other functional necessities, etc. Weather and many other factors come into play.


That being said, I think they will open it as soon as they can regardless of the day or time and follow with a Grand Opening event. We will probably have the most accurate estimates of when it will open by Saturday. Until then we should sit back and let them finish up what they need to do.


Right now I just want the rain to stay away! We are getting really close.



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Guru .. you da man! You been haulin' with your camera and video. I'd love to get down there this evening if it's still testing... is it still possible to get down there?


Man alive, you had on-site access privileges that are memories for life! Congratulations... you definitely deserve to be handed your hat Great video too.

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Man alive, you had on-site access privileges that are memories for life!


Texcoaster was responsible for getting me there and it was the nice folks at Kemah who took the time to allow it. Sure it is great free publicity for them, but they are very busy these days, his phone rang several times while showing us around, I felt very honored that he allowed us his time and the privilege. I'm sure our timing of being there right after the first successful runs was helpful, but that was just blind luck.


I signed up with ACE last night, it is quite a thrill to start of my roller coaster riding 'career' with this entire experience of watching the coaster being built, getting to meet some of the main people involved in its design and construction, and meet a lot of local coaster enthusiast friends in the process. I'll definitely be attending Lone Star Coasterthon in September as my first ACE event!


Congratulations... you definitely deserve to be handed your hat Taiko Happy Great video too.


Thanks for the praise on the video, the audio was really hard to sync up, I had to fake the first 15 seconds, and I had no tripod, a digital camera, and limited view. I am happy with the results... but much better is to come.


As far as praising people, I'd give most the credit to Jason, ie Coasterphoto, hes been working his hiney off since before they started tearing up ground! He has invested way more time and money than any of us to keep everyone up to date.


If any 'Coaster Fan' at this point deserves one of the first rides on BB, it is Coasterphoto, and I hope he gets it.



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Guru, hopefully next time we ride the Boardwalk Beast, there will be some tasty waves to launch over. At least the seas were calm enough that I didn't drop my camera in the water...


If you're able to photoshop the haze out of the pics I took, send me a copy. We should've gone out there yesterday with the blue skies!

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They have changed the forecast to 100% chance of rain tomorrow but down to 40% on Friday. Looks like things might get delayed again


An of course Tropical Storm Dean is lined up to be in the Gulf next Monday, but who knows where that will hit at this point once it get there.


Well, at least Texcoaster and I can go ride the Boardwalk Bullet, with some serious waves this time



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Nothing new today. Everyone working hard on the final touches to get it ready for final testing and inspection.


About the Beast, apparently they run it rain or shine and as long as the depression doesn't hit us (it won't) it will be running tomorrow according to the crew "Our Captain is crazy" I think was the quote. I was getting wet just standing on the boardwalk! The boat was docked and bouncing everywhere. Two people had ridden and sat in the front (the supposed dry spot) were 100% soaked!



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