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2007 Christmas Day Parade filming

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So they just shot the 2007 Walt Disney World Christmas Day Parade Nov. 30 and Dec. 1, and I had the opportunity to be in the audience both days. I have pictures from the event, but they are so big and I don't feel like taking each photo and making it smaller to post here, so here's a link to my album on Facebook. Don't worry, you don't have to register to view these photos.


Christmas Day Parade pictures


If anyone wants to take them and put them here, be my guest! I'm just really lazy. Video of all the filming will be on my other topic 'The Disney Experience' in the coming weeks.

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Never have been while taping, but I'm always working in the park that day. My sister has gone the past few years but never me. I know that its busy enough that I don't want to go. I get to put up with all the people who think they own the place because they got a free ticket to get in, and then you have the celebrity's that always think they own the place. Oh well. Randomly today I went to Animal Kingdom and ran into Kelly Rippa.

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Sorry for another reply.. but I was just looking through your pictures and you have the one with the guy wearing the vest of pins. I actually know that guy. He is good friends with my roommate. That whole vest is full of stitch pins. It weights a ton too.

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I was a part of last years and I had to work elsewhere this year, so I didn't get to see any of the filming.


I can still bet that seeing Beyonce perform last year beats all of those performances. She was amazing!


I guess I'll just have to watch it on Christmas day.

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