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Off Season Withdraw Symptoms

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I pretty much do anything I can to get airtime! I tell my parents to drive fast down hills and over bumps in the road. I go sledding (like yesterday) down really steep hills even if it hurts really bad at the bottom. I also jump on my trampoline a lot and go to the sand pits and jump of like 15 foot tall cliffs (into sand so it doesn't hurt at all). But the off season is so much better since about a year ago when I started TPR because now I have people to talk to that share the same interests with me. Plus POV's and picture updates help a lot too!

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I get mean cases of the poops.




I go to parties

I visit Theme Park Review and E Festivals alot, Mainly theme park review. I annoy people on my road by playing knock and don't run.

I prank call people all the time, usually random numbers too.

I sometimes wish I lived closer to a theme park.

Then I annoy my older sister by reading her MSN conversations aloud.


Off Season Is Poo

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I have atleast 45-50 days until I get over to AU to Dreamworld, Movie World, ect. So I might be able to go tubing at Perfect North. They have some great tubing lanes...I remember one had a nice pop of airtime! So that might be my fix in the mean time, so for now I can just count down to Giant Drop.

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Play RCT3, read any the news regarding coasters on the internet, watch DVD's and read books.


My 1st fix could be Oakwood Theme Park on March 30th, I have not been there for 8 years, can't wait for the front / back seats of "Megafobia"..


I've been hearing stories the coaster as become rough and needs to get re-tracked soon, anyone confirm this..

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