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Theme Park Review reaches 25,000 users!

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Robb and Elissa,


Congratulations on reaching 25,000 registered users to your fantastic website!


I know a lot of really hard work has gone into this little project you started a little ways back and it has grown into this fabulous place to visit, learn, and enjoy.


25,000 users, WOW!


This just shows how much of a great job you two do and positive word of mouth referrels you get.


Way to go my friends, I am proud of you.



Peace, Big Mike

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Regardless of whether registered members post or not, 25,000 people who've taken enough interest to join as a member is a testament to how much hard work Robb & Elissa have put in to this site, and any gratitude is very much deserved.


Well done you two incredible people!

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That's awesome! Now, I wonder how many of those users are active users.

Thankfully, not all of them.


Having this many users is both a blessing and a curse. I think it's *great* that so many people have found what we do interesting enough to sign up for the forums and take part on our craziness, but if all of them were active every day the forums would be so busy that it would be impossible to keep up.


It's already hard for me to read everything, but if you've ever read some of those "mega forums" like Digg or Something Awful, or even some of the other theme park forums like The Dis, it's just so much new stuff on a daily basis that I can't read them!


I would say that on a regular basis we have about 2,000 "active" members, meaning people that post to the forums regularly.


We do have a LOT of "lurker" members though, which is great! Keep reading!


But a bit thank you goes out to all of you. Because without you, the site wouldn't be what it is today.



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I never knew there were so many people on this site. Of course a lot of them are bots

Um, what the hell are you talking about? None of them are bots.


Based on your age and the number of pointless posts you've made today, perhaps you should be reading this:


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I never really paid attention, but since you guys started doing the group trips, has the number of people joining gone up faster than it did before?


I know while we were walking around the parks with our TPR shirts and badges, we would get asked about the trip and what it was about. We would always tell them to check out the site.

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