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Worst Coaster Experience

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Both from our Penn. Trip this past June. .and both from HersheyPark.


(prior to this trip, my "worst" was always GhostRider at Knotts (crammed in the padded seat, lap bar in my ribs. . . horrid).


but HersheyPark beat it:


Wildcat: a large car with square wheels, going down a dirt road filled with potholes.

awful, awful experience.



SkyRush: it has it's fans, but it's ejector air is not for me. I'm not having fun if I'm holding on for dear life worried I'm going to fall out. Never again. .once was more than enough.

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Manhattan Express in 2003. Hands down the worst ride I have ever been on. Adding insult to injury that it was $13 even back then. It really is every bit of bad that TPR video shows. I showed that whole video to my family a few years after we rode it, and we couldn't stop laughing because we all felt the EXACT same way.


Amen to that...rode it back in 2001 and it was really bad. On the other hand, love Raptor except for the quick jerk into the brake run.


^As for Hershey, Wildcat is one of, if not my favorite ride there. Love sitting in the last row. Out of control GCI. Might try and marathon it this weekend if I go.

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Speaking of H*** on Earth, Raptor, a B&M Invert turned into a Vekoma SLC itself when I rode it back in may. I sat all the way on the left in the front car. I did it because there were a couple taking the 2 left seats, so I gave them space. I never expected deep fried H*** on a stick! (Just giving my honest thoughts.(Now I know what Alpengeist is like(Sort of)))


EDIT: Added this image. Don't sit here!

I didn't take the outside seat but I took the seat right next to where you sit. It was perfectly smooth with some snappy transitions that even Batman clone's Corkscrews get more intense. It was not Maverick smooth but definitely better than SLC. Maybe the wheel in which your seat is right below was suffering from some issue?

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I've never had much trouble with Raptor, either. I always thought it was smoother than the Batman clones.

Well my last 2 rides before, and then my rides after that, I still have that fear of sitting on the outside, but I haven't had a lot of trouble. Except for that twist into the brake run, and the cobra roll, but you HAVE to love that zero-g roll!

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^I actually like the ending. When I was riding a batman clone a few days ago which I hadn't been on for a while and we were coming close to the brakes I remember thinking: now it would be great if this had a raptor ending!

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Correcting myself: the new Premier trains on Goliath at SFNE. I've never been so hurt by a single ride in my life. I was in so much pain that I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to walk off without assistance. I truly believe that I was injured by the ride, as my back has never been the same since.

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Riding Apollo's Chariot at BGW this past summer in torrential downpour. The sky was getting darker while I was waiting in line and right when I sat down on the train it started to pour. Of course when we were hitting the final break run it stopped raining outside for the rest of the day.

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