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Silver Dollar City 11/24/07

Guest Papas

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First time visiting this park. It was pretty cold but not bad, between 35-45 degrees all day, all the coasters were open. The park is bigger than I thought it would be and was pretty crowded though it was a Saturday and the lines for coasters were not bad at all, the midways were pretty busy and there were huge lines for the shows. They did their Christmas decorations very well, the park is very visually pleasing and has a very friendly staff.


TNT was awesome, best Arrow mine train ive been on, rode it forwards and backwards. Wildfire is nothing special, rode it maybe 5 or 6 times including front row. I am not a big fan of floorless coasters, and this basically is a floorless with the raised seats and all, doesnt really add anything to the ride IMO. Powder Keg is a great ride, launch was much better than I thought it would be and good airtime, it is short though, kind of interesting how it has a lift, drop, helix, then it ends. Got the kiddie credit, was one of the longest waits of the day.


On the way back I was driving though southern Illinois in the middle of nowhere on a highway with no lights, and a cyote jumps out from the pitch black right in front of my car (literally right in front of my car, no time to react) at 70mph and I nailed the side of its head. Nasty...




Not a good sign to see when coming in the park. Luckily they were just being paranoid with the weather and all the rides were up.







Yay for gas only $2.85/gal!






Drove by SFSTL


Took this pic whileI was driving 70mph down a highway, not too bad....

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We were issued compensation getting stuck on the Screamin Swing (exit admission for 1 ride)


Screamin Swing broke while we were on it






Strange transfer track thing using counterweights


PK platform. I like the ride op costumes.

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It was fun but not as good as Valleyfairs


We went back to the swing to get a full ride on it




Zamperla control panel


One of the longest waits of the day was for the kiddie credit.



Fire in the Hole ride op costume


They had a dog in Fire in the Holes station


Line for show



The shows are very popular


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Sweet photos. I was actually there that day as well.


You really should come back in the summer - it's a whole different park, plus the water rides are really good.


I've never seen those line vouchers before, and I've had to leave PK when I was next in line due to the cold. I guess they're new for this year.

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Sweet photos. I was actually there that day as well.


You really should come back in the summer - it's a whole different park, plus the water rides are really good.

While I really enjoyed the park, I wasnt a huge fan of the 9 hour drive out there . It was nice to finally get there though.


I've never seen those line vouchers before, and I've had to leave PK when I was next in line due to the cold. I guess they're new for this year.

I would assume they are only given to guests that are stuck loaded on a ride.

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I was actually there the day before and on thanksgiving. Unfortunately most of the rides were closed due to the cold. I was in line literally for power keg when they had to shut it down cause the temp dropped to 39. That sucked. Considering I will probably not be able to come back anytime soon. I was really looking foward to the rides. I did ride thundernation. It was nice but wasn't that impressed. I was weird how you don't go up the lift hill till the very end and then the ride ends right after that. I was impressed by the park and how family originated it was. It was educational but still amusing. The big skillets were tasty too.

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Really? You went to SDC after Thankgiving and you DIDN'T stay until dark and see the whole place lit up? Its really a sight to see - as unique and picturesque as anything Disney can put together!


IMO - for any theme park enthusiast, SDC at night during the holiday season is almost a "must-see". Its almost worth the oddly high entrance fee even if the coasters are closed due to weather!

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