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Cedar Point Soda


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Well you could always leave a cooler filled with ice and coke in your car.


Probably cost about 1/4 of the park prices as well.


My legs hurt just thinking about walking from Maverick back to the parking lot. I'll stick with the drinking fountain and the occasional overpriced lemonade or slushie-type refreshment.

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^^Wow, my theory about Pepsi fans is being proven more and more true every time we have threads like this.


Hmmm, your screename implies that you like Dorney, and you say you prefer Pepsi...yup, makes perfect sense!


You are right that I like Dorney and Pepsi. I like Dorney so much that I like it better than Disney. I also think the theming is better at Dorney than Disney.

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I'm a die-hard Diet Coke drinker, but occasionally, a Diet Pepsi hits the spot.


Interestingly, Knott's was a Pepsi park till about the mid-'90s, then they switched to Coke. And they remained a Coke park till just a couple of years ago, even under Cedar Fail. But that was most likely because they had to fulfill a contract with Coke.



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