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Holiday in the Park

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Welcome to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for the Holiday in the Park Preview Night.


Bugs Bunny was on hand to take photos with.


And there it is, the World's Tallest Christmas tree, stretching into the night sky.


With the help of Captain Lee and Miss California 2007, the tree lit up the night!


The tallest Christmas tree in the world dominates the skyline, it is clearly visible from outside the park.


Carolers added to the festivities of the event.


A final look from Holiday in the Park, thanks for viewing. Look forward to more Holiday in the Park coverage in the near future. A special thanks to Al and Nancy for the invite and the hospitality!


You can check out the full size images, etc. here:


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Nice pics, thanks for the preview. Was passing through Vallejo last night and boy, does that ginormous tree stand out from the I-80! Just one giant tower of lights, you just have to look over and gawk. Plus Kong looked all cute with xmas lights on the lift hill, can't wait to check it all out.

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Yea, Kong and Boomerang for sure. Medusa is on the map though for Holiday in the Park, but was clearly being painted on Wednesday. Also, it looks like most flat rides will be open like Voodoo, Arc, Hammerhead, etc.


Below is a short video I did showing off the Main Street Festival of Lights section of the park. That's something I didn't know they were going to do, make the park into different lands:


Main Street Festival of Lights

Reindeer Village

Candy Cane Lane

Winter Wonderland

Christmas Tree Forest


A short video of Holiday in the Park.

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Good for SFDK for painting their coasters. Boomerang looked so bad and Medusa's neon green/yellow had faded so much it looked awful. With these two paint jobs, all of their major coasters have been repainted in the past few years (Was Kong repainted a couple years back?). Now when was the last time CGA repainted a coaster? Hmmmmmmm.

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I assume Boomerang will retain the same colors?


There was a test patch on Boomerang's support, that was a golden bear yellowish color. I've also heard from several people that it will indeed be a new color for the 2008 season.


Also here is a few shots of Medusa's paint progress:


The ride may be finished by or around the 23rd of December.


Medusa will be repainted it's original colors.

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So back to the actual topic(i know paint is amazing and all) Has anyone been to holiday in the park? What did you think? I personally enjoy the event. Nice to see the park open this time of year. The tree is amazing. The number of rides down sucks and all but the entertainment it awesome. You can literally start at 5pm and watch a different show every half hour all the way to 9... and then you have the parade at 930 which is short but cute.


Not to mention the light all over and the rides that are still open. Kong may be an SLC but it's one of the smoother and enjoyable ones(if that's possible) and boomerang is not a bad coaster either. Plus they have a santa ride in the 4D Theater and what not. All around an enjoyable event that i look forward to seeing grow over the years.

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I scanned up the park map for you guys to check out below:


You can view the full size image by clicking here:



Normally I try to do a huge photo update about any event opening, but this time we really just tried to soak it all in. I had heard Discover Kingdom put a lot of extra effort and budget into this event, and it really showed during my visit.


Here are a few things I enjoyed about my first experience at Holiday in the Park this year:


- The Christmas tree lighting is something to be seen folks. I honestly had no idea how many lights they would end up placing on the tree, but SFDK really covered just about every inch of it. When they flick the power on, you can see the tree from EVERYWHERE in the park. (Not to mention Interstate-80 and the surrounding areas.)


- Toyland had a lot of cool photo ops for the family, and seemed to be very popular.


- Watching Shouka send frigid tidal waves of salt water at people in the splash zone. Don't think just because it's winter time that Discovery Kingdom is running a dry version of the show.


- Seeing just how awesome Taz's lighting package is. Discovery Kingdom never stays open super late during the summer, so it's nice to see the park at night time again. Add in all the Christmas lights and it's a pretty special time of year at SFDK now.


- Santa's Workshop is another attraction that seemed to stay super busy during our visit. You can get out of the cold and get you picture taken with Santa and Mrs. Clause inside the Explorers Outpost.


- I also dug all of the "park specific" Holiday in the Park merchandise being offered. When we go back on the 23rd, I plan to do a bit of shopping for the first time this season.


The park really went beyond what I was expecting, and the family friendly environment was a NICE added bonus. If you happen to be in the area one day this December, make the detour and come check out Holiday in the Park.




Click the link above to see the large version.



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^ Thanks for posting all the event info, really is much more expansive than I thought it would be. Figured they'd only do small sections of the park, not the entire park! Very cool, will have to find the time to make the trek.


I agree about Taz at night too, looks like a spinning flying saucer from a distance with all those bright lights underneath.

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