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Hello everyone, I have been searching in the forum if this subject has been posted before but I have not found it.


I just read in the newspaper about this huge mega complex a.k.a "The New Spanish Las Vegas" to be built in the coming years...starting with a new theme park called "Spyland". Its going to be built in a dessert near Zaragoza city. And They suppose to add 4 more themepark and near 70 hotels, aquatic parks, bullring, museums, golf course etc... The theme park was presented this week at IAAPA Orlando.


The entire project is called "Gran Scala"


More info : http://www.spyland-international.com/en/spyland_en.htm


We will see is everything becomes true or is just a rumour.

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According to newspress Reuters :


"ORLANDO, EEUU (Reuters) - Los promotores de un parque temático llamado Spyland, que no han conseguido construirlo en Dubai ni en Francia, han anunciado que planean hacerlo en España a finales del año que viene tras conseguir una financiación de 120 millones de euros.


"Esto es incluso mejor. Nos encontramos inmersos en un gran proyecto. Tendremos más visitantes", dijo el jueves Didier Rancher, coordinador general de Spyland, que lleva trabajando en el proyecto más de una década.


El parque, cuyas atracciones girarán entorno a la temática del espionaje, fue anunciado en la Convención Anual de la Asociación Internacional de Parque Atracciones en Orlando. Está previsto que el proyecto forme parte de un distrito de 2.000 hectáreas dedicadas al entretenimiento, situado cerca de Zaragoza y denominado temporalmente Gran Scala.


Rancher dijo que espera que la primera fase de Spyland cueste 190 millones de euros e incluya un casino hotel y dos zonas dentro del parque temático.


Todo el parque tendrá cinco o seis zonas y costará entorno a 300 millones de euros, dijo.


Rancher dijo que la compañía busca socios que contribuyan con coches de lujo, instrumentos de alta tecnología y cualquier otro tipo de parafernalia relacionada con el tema del espionaje.


Añadió que los planes para construir Spyland no salieron adelante en Dubai por una moratoria del gobierno en cuanto a la construcción de nuevos proyectos inmobiliarios y en Valence, Francia, debido a la cautela de los inversores ante las condiciones políticas y económicas durante la temporada electoral francesa.


España ofrece menores costes de desarrollo, un gobierno cooperante y sueldos más bajos que Francia o Dubai, dijo.


Spyland estará dentro de la "ciudad del ocio" Gran Scala, que costará 17.000 millones de euros y ha sido concebida por International Leisure Development, una joint venture británica, según Christian Colus, un portavoz de la compañía. Continuación..."


According to this, They planned to build the park in France and later Dubai, but finally They have chosen Spain because the cheaper costs of development and lower salaries than France or Dubai.


Well, Let´s see what happens.

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Translated. I edited some parts that were a bit screwy from Babelfish and other things.


The promoters of a theme park called Spyland, who have not been able to construct it in Dubai nor in France, have announced plans to do it in Spain at the end of the year, coming after obtaining a finance of 120 million euros.


"This is even better. We were immersed in a great project. We will have more visitors," said Didier Rancher on Thursday, general coordinator of Spyland. He has worked on the project for more than a decade. The park, whose attractions will be themed after espionage, was announced at the IAAPA in Orlando.


It is predicted that the project comprises of a district of 2,000 hectares dedicated to the entertainment, located near Zaragoza and denominated temporarily Great Scala. Rancher said that it hopes that first stage of Spyland costs 190 million euros and includes a casino hotel and two zones within the thematic park. All the park will have five or six zones and will cost around 300 million euros.


Rancher said that the company looks for partners who contribute with luxurious cars, hi-tech instruments, and any other type of equipment related to the subject of the espionage. It added that the plans to construct Spyland did not leave ahead in Dubai by a moratorium of the government as far as the construction of new real estate projects and in Valence, France, due to the caution of the investors before the political and economic conditions during the French electoral season.


Spain offers minors development costs, a government cooperator and pays lower than France or Dubai. Spyland will be within the "city of the leisure" Great Scala, that will cost 17 billion euros and has been conceived by International Leisure Development, a British joint venture, according to Christian Colus, a spokesman of the company.

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I was wondering what happened to this project, and it is nice to see that it isn't dead. Since it will cost roughly 450 million, it should have some good theming, and although there will probably be no coasters,the one in France was only planned to have a Super Splash, it should still be a good park. The whole concept seems unique with it being part hotel/casino, museum, and park, it should offer a lot of fun.

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I do also hope that Bouncy-Bouncy and the whole park Parque d' Attracciones Zaragoza will still continue to be open, even though this huge theme-land is landing nearby. It seems that after the world exhibition (aka EXPO) in Zaragoza next year, they'll (try to) turn Zaragoza in the middle of a desert to an entertainment city, interesting.

The spy-concept seems also interesting, and definately fresh but somehow also slightly, er... stupid IMHO, BUT will see how it turns out.

At least they've got hundreds of windmills right nearby (if Spain trip people remember) to turn into rides (when windy), by just installing some restraints

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Are the layouts shown in the aerial and the 3D Model actual layouts of the coasters?

Or are they just, layouts to show that there will be a rollercoaster in that spot, but not necessarily with the shown design.

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...huh, and we think DCA has a faulty theme?


While I'm interested in the project, I find it really hard to believe that they're basing this idea of spies on an entire multi-million/billion dollar park. It feels like those crazy ideas you come up with when you're bored working on a 3d model in some chilly campus computer lab.


If it works, then this will be a very very cool park - but I'm kind of leaning towards wtf right now. Even when trying to explain the theme, it feels so stretched out just to make enough sense to the potential investors to spend millions on this project.

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Keep an eye on your drink at that park and beware of the souveniere umbrellas.


Imagine the gift shop:


Brass knuckles


Tasers (with free "Don't Tase Me Bro" t-shirts)

Poison Rings

Swiss Army Knives

Various Ninja Supplies


Hand Cuffs



If the designers are clever, much can be gleened from feudal Japan (ninjas and samurais), Russia's KGB, The James Bond series, The Spy Kids series, Cody Banks series, and bits and pieces of the spy technology used during various wars. Even cartoons like Inspector Gadget, Inch High Private Eye, Secret Squirrel, Boris and Natasha, Kimpossible, and others could figure in depending on rights and licenses. There is hope since the Spy Museum in Washington DC has been pretty successful.

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Universal Studios y Walt Disney proyectan instalarse en Gran Scala


Ansiosos de respuestas, más de 200 monegrinos han participado en el Pleno extraordinario de la comarca. En él se han desgranado, por primera vez fuera de Zaragoza, los detalles del proyecto Gran Scala. El vicepresidente Biel ha sido el invitado especial del acto cuyo plato fuerte ha sido el anuncio de que Universal Studios y Walt Disney proyectan instalarse en el macro complejo.


Sariñena.- El Gobierno de Aragón ha afirmado que existen negociaciones en un estado “muy avanzado” para que Universal Studios y Walt Disney se instalen en el macro complejo Gran Scala. Así, se ha dado a conocer en una reunión que ha mantenido el Partido Aragonés en el municipio monegrino de Albalatillo.


Source: http://www.aragondigital.es/asp/noticia.asp?notid=41563&secid=6


Universal Studios and Disney interested in Gran Scala?

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