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What is in your dream garage?


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Hey everyone!


After talking to Cameron (and probably boring him to death) about cars, I had an idea for this thread. Basically you post the top 5 cars you would have in your "dream garage". Does not matter what they are, who made them, production or not, just any 5 vehicles you would want to own. Simple enough right? I'll start...


5. BWM E30 M3 - Got to love the 90's styling of the BMW's, and this M3 is one of my favorites!


4. Volkswagen Corrado VR6 - It looks like a car bashed together from a bunch of other VW cars, but its a classic in my book!


3. Porsche 944 Turbo S - Sure its ugly, but its such a distinctive looking car that has some major power under its bonnet. Have you noticed I like "classic" sports cars yet?


2. Mercedes 190E 2.5-16vlv - I already own a 190E 2.3 8v, but the 2.5 is the mecca of this car. I love my car with a passion and can only imagine that this would be better.


1. Ferrari F12007 - Sure its a Formula 1 car, but christ its a Formula 1 car! It won the drivers championship and constructors this year, so it has to be amazing right? If I owned this car I would be dead by the end of the week.


So come on, lets hear what you would have in your dream garage!

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Posted Images

1) 1966 Shelby Cobra


2) Aston Martin Vanquish


3) Ferrari 360 Modena


4) 1977 Pontiac Trans Am


5) McLaren MP4-22 2007- I'm not a McLaren fan, but jeez just look at it. Plus, it should have won the 2007 F1 world championship. But like Colin, I would also be dead by the end of the week.


In the words of James, "Look at it!"


Gotta be able to keep the county mounties busy while snowman carries the cargo.


Ferrari 360 Modena


Aston Martin Vanquish


1966 Shelby Cobra 427. Hurry and grab a box of tissues.

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Here's my fleet:


Yugo GV! The finest vehicle ever produced by the Eastern Bloc!


Plymouth Duster. Bill Gates eat your heart out.


AMC Gremlin! Total chick magnet!


Ford Pinto! Try wrecking into the rear end of one of these babies.


Chevy Chevette! Zoom. Zoom. Zoom.


AMC Pacer! Sexy!

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Top 5 cars.

Good and interesting topic.

Kind of separates the men from the boys sort of speak.


But most the cars I would want are actually very practical, and mostly affordable well minus the F1.


My dream garage would have more then 5. Also it would have a round table with glass walls surround it. Programmable stalls so you can hit the remote and have the round table deliver the car to the door.


Screw it just give me Leno’s garage.


Here are 5 toys.


1.2 million dollars for pure bliss. My only really out of the box car I would want. mclaren f1


Flat out a hot mustang. And I hate old mustangs. elinor mustang. After the movie I searched high and low for this car, only to find out it was made for the movie. :( The replica's are not the same. :(


Z06 is a very fun car, handles great decent pickup. Close to race car setup. Another must drive if you haven't.


Lotus. If you have never driven one, yes butt ugly but SO much fun to drive, and not expensive.


See I too can be environmentally focused. Have to have something to go food shopping with. I still love these cars almost bought one a few times. Hurray Mini-S manual.


Ok so this is 6, BUT this is a car topic soo.... I heard she handles like a dream.. I also heard she comes with traction control, but costs a lot of $$ to maintain. :(

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Great topic, Colin. But I hate you for making me narrow it to 5!


5.) 1970 Chevelle SS LS-6. By law, every American dream garage needs one badass muscle car. If you don't have one, you're just better off letting your wife drive you around in her SUV, you wuss! ;)


4.) 1960 Ferrari 250GT California. So choice. Chicka chickaaaaaaaa.


3.) 1979 Ferrari 308 GTS. If it's good enough for Thomas Magnum, it's good enough for me.


2.) Ferrari Enzo.


1.) 1955 300SL Gullwing Mercedes


Honorable Mention - Tim Burton's Batmobile. Every one since has failed to impress.

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Ugh .. only 5?!


OK - while it's tempting to fill the garage with Lambos and Ferrari's, I will select cars that I would actually drive around..




PS: Colin, car talk is never boring!


OK .. so ONE Ferrari - a Testarossa.


Yeah - Porsche's make me horny, at least I can admit that! But I mean come on .. look at that thing - it's freaking beautiful.


Of course an RS4 - probably in that colour too.


Next would be a VW Thing ... The awesomeness of these cannot be underestimated!


First up is the car I already own - A 2004 VW .:R32

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I don't have 5 favorites, I have one. It is my car that I have had since I was 16. A 1967 Mustang Fastback.


Here are some pics from a recent car show.


Me inside.


The engine


Couple more pics from another car show.


This car won the show


This is my boss' car.


Yep, if I could choose another car, this would be the one.


Magnum showed up for the car show.


My Mustang, a 1967 Fastback. I have had it since I was 16.

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^^I wanted to ask...did your Mustang always look like that? Or have you had more time (and especially $$$$) in your "later" years to get it to look like that?


I have a 70 Cougar that I've been restoring for almost 2 years now. Its similar to the Mustang (a lot Ford parts) but takes a bit more time customizing seeing as how its so damn hard to get parts. That and the money. Its expensive to restore older cars, especially if you want to do it right.


What kind of engine do you have in there? I've got a 351 Windsor with a 4 barrel Edelbrock. Yours looks like it may be a 289 Cleveland based solely on the radiator to block hose, but I can't tell in the pictures.


Maybe we should start a "show the car you actually have" thread. Talk about car parts and problems, advice and stuff.


Cause really, it never hurts to get a second, third or fourth opinion when it comes to car problems...

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^I don't want to hi-jack the thread off topic, but here are the answers to your questions.


I bought my car one week after my 16th birthday (October 30th, 1985). It was beat up pretty bad and it looked nothing like it does now. If I can, I will find an early picture of it. Within 3 months we had it running and had the body work done. The engine crapped out again though and we put in a 1985, 302 Motorsport racing engine (late January/early February 1986). It has chrome headers that you can't see also. At that point it was close to being done, which was around spring 1986. We added rims and tires later along with re-doing the interior.


I haven't really done anything with it in my later years. We had to change batteries, get tires, and fix the carburetor because it sits a lot. Other than that, nothing has been done since 1986.


One big thing is that my dad worked for Ford for 30 years. He had connections to get a lot of the parts and Mustangs Only was a tremendous help too.

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I had to break it down into categories. I just couldn't do it otherwise..


My everyday car, the E46 M3.


My reasonably priced car.. the Dodge Charger, SXT or RT model. Picking an American car was difficult.


Add another Porsche, the Cayenne, as my sport utility


A 1961 Jaguar E-type would be my classic


My supercar of choice, the Porsche Carrerra GT

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Only 5! Are you kidding me?


OK here's the deal. Like Cameron and Colin, I could talk cars all day, and I could list hundreds of cars I would love to have. But for me, cars are much more than just something great to look at, admire and drive. They are, and always have been, a huge part of my life. Not only do I work on cars for a living, but I was raised around them my entire life. So, when you're talking the top 5 cars to put in my garage, for me, it comes down to sentimental value as much as simply "what is the coolest car".


So, having said all that, if I HAD to only pick 5.


Z06. This Vette does not drive like crap. With a factory bolt on kit from Vortec, you have a car that goes under 11 seconds in the 1/4 mile and over 200mph top speed. Very few cars on the planet can do both of those things. I know the Viper can't =)


1959 or 1960 Vette. They are identical except for the seats. IMO, there is no better looking car. They kind of drive like crap though. So.........


Chalk up one more for a 1970 Chevelle!


Not just a 1939 Chevrolette Sedan, but this EXACT 1939 Chevy. I race with this guy every week. This car is even nicer than it looks. It is show quality and just one awesome car.


My first car was a red 1965 GTO. I'd love to have another one!


I'm not sure if I have to count cars I already have. If so, then there is no car on planet earth I would trade for my 1965 Skylark. I've had it since I was 17. I started dating my wife in this car. We drove it on our honneymoon 12 years ago. The list is endless. This car will never go away.


But, here are five others.

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^That is exactly why I like "classic" sports cars. There is just something about them I love. They are so simple but yet so fantastic to drive! I just love them to death because they are so much more "machine" and so much less "computer" like most new cars are. Justin, seriously, I feel horrible not talking to you about cars more when you were down here!


Anyway, I guess I can post pictures of my list of cars.


E30 M3


Corrado VR6


Porsche 944 Turbo S


Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 EVOII (forgot to mention the EVOII part!)


(Here is my 190E. Can you tell the difference?)



And the Ferrari F1 2007, doing what it does best. Notice the MP4-22 behind it =]


Oh, can you tell that I REALLY like German cars? I will never buy a late-model American made car ever again after owning a Buick.

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^ European cars are really engineered with the driver in mind. They are great cars! Just a little expensive to maintain is all. And yeah, don't buy a late model American made car. But, you already know my opinion on that.


Well, unless you are going for pure muscle and performance, then you can buy a Z06. In all honesty, Corvette's are just as crappy as all the other American made cars out there, but they are a Vette, and for that reason alone, they are the only American made vehicle in the top ten list of used vehicles with the highest re-sale value every year. I guess that's something.

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^Yeah, dont they use leaf-spring suspension too? Think I heard that on Top Gear or something. They also demonstrated the FANTASTIC plastic bodywork that comes with it! Im not saying its a horrible car or anything, but for the money you could use to buy a ZO6, you could get something a little better constructed. It does have some rich history though!

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