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North American Theme Park Challenge

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If you wrote the quiz how could you not do good? I mean logically you should know all the answers.


The way the quiz making is set up I don't actually have to know the locations myself, I can type in a name and it gives me the longitude and latitude and sticks it on the map for me. Otherwise, yes, you are absolutely right.....logically I should know the answers.



btw, darien lake is NOT in new york city. =]

just thought i'd let you know. or maybe you do know, but the quiz certainly doesn't know.


oops...... not sure how I screwed that one up.... I'll fix it. Thanks for the tip.

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In my first place round I had two perfect matches. One was Darien Lake and the other was Magic Kingdom.


I've finished my Quiz. You can check it out here.


There are 50 different American parks in the game. The entire Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Busch Gardens, Disney, Sea World, and Universal parks are in it, as well as alot of random independant parks. As long as it will let me I'll slowly add more parks to the game until I reach the 100 location maximum.


This should definitely up the difficulty as you can't simply memorize the locations of all the parks now.


Please let me know if you find any errors and I'll fix them as quickly as possible. Thanks!

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