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Roller Coasters in the RAW - A new TPR DVD!

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We have POV of all coasters at GL and Conneaut if you need them. They aren't the best quality ever, but it does show the rides. Let us know if you would like to use them.

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Great News Robb and Elissa! I can't wait for the new RAW videos. I really enjoyed your first one after, no offense, thinking I wouldn't like it. I think you guys have a good thing going with the RAW videos. You guys really know how to pull an audience into the whole ride experience while not blasting the video with sometimes annoying songs.


Jimmy "Can't wait for it to be released!" Bo

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Hey everyone!


I wanted to give you all a little update on things "Roller Coasters in the RAW" related.


First off, as I'm sure you all know, RAW 2 was released! Yay! If you haven't ordered it yet, you can do so HERE!


We are starting work on RAW 3 for a release sometime next spring and this DVD will be a "defunct coasters" DVD. This is where I could use some help from all of you. At the moment we have quite a bit of footage of defunct coasters, but more source to work from is always better!


If you have onride or offride footage of defunct coasters, please PM or EMAIL me to let me know! And if you have professional shot B-Roll of any defunct coasters that's even BETTER!


For example if you had any press kits or media B-Roll that parks have released which features a complete POV of a coaster now gone we could absolutely use that! We are also looking for any footage of "vintage" coasters (1960s and before).


Remember the footage needs to be either stuff you've shot yourself, or footage that has been publically released for use. It can't be something featured on another DVD or retail program.


Here is a list of the coasters we currently have. Most of it is all handheld stuff unless noted so if you have anything better, like a park B-Roll of anything listed below, please let me know!





Myrtle Beach Hurricane (mounted)

Psyclone (mounted)

Blue Streak (CLP)

Son of Beast (with loop)

Cyclone (Williams Grove)


Jack Rabbit (Clementon)

Flyer Comet (Whalom)

King Solomon's Mines (mounted)



Southport Cyclone (mounted)

Big Dipper

Raging Wolf Bobs

Texas Cyclone

Sierra Tonante

Scenic Railway - Margate

Hercules (Mounted)

Runaway Coaster



Cop Car Chase (Mounted)


Double Loop (Kobe)

Doulbe Loop (GL)

Double Loop (FujiQ)

Flashback (SFMM) (Mounted)

Zonga (SFDK)

Batman (Astroworld)

Bullet (Flamingoland)

Quantum Loop


Viper (SFGadv)

High Roller


Orient Express

Fujin Ragin II

Bobsled (Kobe)

Ultra Twister (Astroworld)

Wind Jammer

Speed: The Ride (Mounted)

Laser (Mounted)

Hypersonic XLC

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Also, I should add that feedback on this idea of doing a defunct coasters DVD would be appreciated. What do you think of that list above? Is it "interesting" at least? Is this something that you would buy over a RAW with currently operating coasters, etc? And if this idea or the list above doesn't excite you, what changes would make it more exciting?


Thank you for your feedback!



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I have some old footage you might be able to use Robb...I sent you a PM. Also, I just realized that I have some footage of Hypersonic XLC and King's Dominion the last year it was open. I forgot to include that in the PM but I didn't see it on your list of rides.


I think it's great that you guys are going to do a defunct RAW because I know, at least for me, I wished I could have gotten on some rides before the wrecking ball destroyed them. I think it's a brilliant idea!


Jimmy "Can I order RAW 3 now?" Bo

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The idea of a past coaster volume of In the Raw is great. For people like myself, we got into coaster after many great rides were gone. Now having the resources to go to great coasters, a chance to experience the heritage of coasters would enhance my application of coasters today.


My one piece of advice on this topic is, if possible, to try to do more then one volume of past coasters. Such as alternate between past and current rides with the volumes.


Thanks for the great DVDs so far.

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I know for me it would be great to see coasters that have been lost at my home park (SFOG.) I know that it is a standard launched looper but I would love to see Viper and Z Force (which you are going to include as Flashback.) I also don't know if this would count, but I would love to see the original Rattler in Texas. I know that it is not out of commission but it might as well be with the way they neutered it. Just a suggestion/wish!

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