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What company makes/made the best Stand-up coasters?

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^See, I would have to totally disagree. I feel like Chang/Green Lantern is the least intense of all the stand-ups. I imagine that B&M built Mantis, realized that it was overly intense, lengthened all the transitions and increased the size of the elements a bit, and the product was Chang.


That's the perfect description. I got off of Green Lantern feeling pretty let down. The non-moving, longest line we experienced all day didn't help either. It was smoother, no doubt, but nowhere near as intense as Mantis. I think since it was almost a clone (not quite, but almost), I expected it to be much more similar than it actually was. Mantis' intensity vs. Green Lantern's smoothness... I really can't decide which one I like more, however.


The only other B&M stand-up I've been on is Riddler's Revenge. That was in 2007 and I don't remember it much, but I don't remember being overly thrilled by any means.


Last but not least, Skyrider at Canada's Wonderland. Yeah. Not happening again. Terrible.

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Shockwave at KD has one of the most extreme moments of airtime that I can remember on a coaster (stand-up or otherwise), but everything immediately after that hill is painful garbage. Other than that, I've only ridden Mantis, but I'm a Mantis fanboy and rather like its intensity. Although riding it on a hot day around noon on an empty stomach is a recipe for greyouts.

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All of you who missed out on the Edsel that was the Arrow stand-up train missed out on that little discussed in modern chat room forums debacle. The elongated OTSR harness and the swivel-up knee plate were a truly Arrow solution to the challenge of keeping people in the coaster car. The woman's falling off the Six Flags Over Mid-America MINE TRAIN with the stand-up train proved how unsatisfactory their solution was.

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