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What company makes/made the best Stand-up coasters?

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I only have been on B&M stand up coasters and I have no problem with any one of them except for one. Of course, it's Mantis from Cedar Point. What a killer. Chang is best by far! Vortex at Carowind is not bad.


So I don't have a opinion at this time. But I guess I could say... GO B&M! Not poop... don't get me wrong. LOL

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It's odd how Chang and Mantis are so totally different, yet so totally almost the same (mirrored) ride.


Now, as far as my favorite? Iron Wolf - Kind of in the middle of B&M and Intamin.


Don't ask me why, but I love that ride. I also have this thing for Flashback, too - it makes me giggle.



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I've only ridden three standups: Shock Wave at SFMM (Intamin), Vortex at (P)CGA (first generation B&M), and Riddler's Revenge (second generation B&M). Riddler's Revenge is by far my favorite of the three.


Obviously, I couldn't tell you about the TOGO ones, but I've heard nothing negative about them. Other TOGOs, however, well...different story...



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I fully agree, it is a very short ride. I rode it several years ago and was surprised and how rough it was, especially considering that it is a B&M. However as you said, most of the 1st generation B&M coasters are not holding up as well as the more modern ones.

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I don’t know. I really only consider Togo & B&M as designers of the stand up. Intamin’s models where designed by B&M basically if I remember correctly?


If your going to consider Intamin might as well toss in Arrow.


Arrow did have a couple retro fit’s that didn’t work out so well in the early days. Anyone ever ride the Arrow stand-ups before they had to be taken down? Also wondered how they where for setup, prob. similar to Togo’s.


As for which is better for design, flow, and safety B&M hands down.


Then again Togo stand-ups are really good at weeding out/taking out stupid people, and seem to be supportive of population control at times.


(Mantis is not that bad if, you ride row 1-5. Closer to the front better, and actually stand up properly.)

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I don't care for stand-ups as a group, but the only one I can say that I liked (and that quite a bit) was "Milky Way" (or "Fujin Rajin") at Mitsui Greenland--airtime that would launch you like a missile were it not for the restraints.


Then again, I've only ridden three other stand-ups (at KD, Carowinds, and Knott California Great America).

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I really like Mantis, and have no problems with roughness on it. To me it's just a big forceful B&M.


I did still somewhat enjoy SkyRider and Iron Wolf, but got beat up a bit more on them.


I've never ridden an intamin, but there's one sitting in pieces at Darien right now. I doubt it will ever be installed, and that really doesn't bother me one bit.

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I've only ridden some B&M's and one Intamin (Shockwave at Drayton Manor). I'm not that big on stand-ups, but I enjoyed Mantis and Scorcher.


Being a guy, I'm not sure if I want to know what a TOGO would be like


I've actually had some good rides on KD's Shockwave in 4-1 lately believe it or not.The only rough part of the layout is that transition going into the helix.

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The B&Ms and Intamins are virtually identical. In fact, the two Intamin Stand-Up coasters were created by Bolliger and Mabillard in the 80s before they left Intamin to form B&M. While I haven't ridden Cobra at La Ronde (aka Stand Up at Skara), I did ride Batman: The Escape at SFAW (aka Shockwave at SFMM or SFGA), and I wasn't able to tell in was an Intamin until I got home and checked RCDB. I guess in the end, the nod would have to go to B&M, because the two Intamins were shorter single-inversion coasters.


The TOGOs on the other hand are among the worst steel coasters I have ever ridden, although I've only been on Shockwave at PKD (what is it with Stand-Up coasters being named Shockwave?). I was punched in the jaw by the unpadded steel over-the-shoulder restraints, and my girlfriend came off the ride with her ears bleeding. The first drop and the loop were fine, but the rest was utter crap.


Obviously, I couldn't tell you about the TOGO ones, but I've heard nothing negative about them.


Now you have!

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