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^ Haven't actually done anything on this coaster (or any other coaster) since last update really, since I have 2 exams coming up soon. So I have been studying hard for them instead.

So it might take a while before it's finished, but most likely sometime during late winter/early spring.

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^^ Moore you say, check this out!!


Have started to work on the final part of the theming, the outside area.


I have created a battle plan on what to do and where to put it.

I really thought that this area would need something under the hills, so a Monorail it is, plus some other stuff not ready yet.


Monorail track in place.

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^ I use a program called Wings 3d to create my objects, since I couldn't wrap my head around how OC works. Wings 3d is open source and free and works brilliantly for me, and I think that the finished product is a lot better then anything OC can create.
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Not much 3d work today, instead I sorted out the last part of the track that I wasn't happy with.


I made the radius of the top of the lift bigger so I don't get the -3g spike on back row that I had before.


Another angle, seen from the exit stairs of the monorail station.

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^^ Even if a Sky coaster would be a great idea, there isn't any room for it though.


^ I haven't counted the hours, but some of the stuff dates back to last summer.


Now I have now some great car-textures, thanks goes to Tanner!!.


Name have been censored.

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