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Hydra: The Revenge.... Hi guys!

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my first post!! Has anyone visit Dorney Park in Allentown, PA recently? I'm local around there, but i've been too busy to go try out their new coaster!

Overall, I like their coasters (especially their steel, their woods are weak) and their water park so I'm thrilled that they added ANOTHER reason to go there!


By the end of the month, I'll give you the verdict on Hydra. In the mean time, tell me if you've ever been at Dorney Park, when, and how you rate it. Oh, and an early review of Hydra wouldn't hurt either!


-Bill (*Bling!* *Bling!*)

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Hi Bill,


Welcome to the site...if you do a search for Hydra you'll find some great TR's with photos and ride reviews.


I also love Dorney's waterpark, I think it's one of the best in the country!


Elissa "the rest of the park leaves me with an empty feeling though!" Alvey

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Most peeps wait for the front row, which is the best for the Jo-Jo- Roll, but you get the best overall ride from in the back row, which usually only has about a 1 train wait in the station. The line to the station is usually anywhere between 10-20 minutes on the weekends, if the park is busy. If it's really hot most people are in WWK, so Hydra could be as close to as a walk on as you can get.


I should be there at least one day this weekend - just look for the guy riding in the back over and over and over again.

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