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Wisconsin Dells


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So how about the Wisconsin Dells, huh? My state of Wisconsin hasn't had any good roller coasters in its history, and now its starting to set up a base of coasters in the Wisconsin Dells. I'm really glad to see that people are coming here to ride our fine products of CCI and GG.

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I'm on my way to the "Dells" in 2008, they have got some excellent coasters with loads of


The coasters in the UK (apart from Megafobia, Wild Mouse and Grand National) do not know what "Airtime" is.


We are not allowed to leave the coasters seats as someone might complain they don't like the feeling.

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Man, I loved my trip to the Dells in '05. Avalanche and Cyclops are top-notch coasters. I didn't really like Hades, excluding the tunnels, they were neato. The rest of the ride was rather bland. Nothing like Voyage..


The Dells just give out this fun "vibe". You can't drive anywhere without seeing waterslides, coasters, bungee towers, skyscrapers, etc. The whole town made me feel very ! I wish I would have taken some time to do Noah's Ark Waterpark, but we got so caught up in the coasters, we ran out of time.

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