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Photo TR: Scott's Ongoing Sports Venue Thread


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^ It was actually the Thursday night game. The Maddux game was the next night, so we missed marking off an elusive and rare number from the list.


I also didn't realize about the $6 Golden whatever tickets. Where exactly are those located, because I thought that level only consisted of the interior portions which included the suites, etc.? Or maybe I just didn't pay real close attention during the tour. That's always a distinct possibility too.


As for the screen, they still like to claim it's the tallest in the world. They're hanging onto whatever they can, I guess. Either way, it's pretty impressive.


Also, thank you for the kind words.



The quality sucks, but this is a must see....especially for you, Jay. I know you're watching this. I've still got this lying around somewhere on VHS.




On to the next round.


And we'll end this portion of the show with Shannon introducing herself to Homer.


Mark off #27.


I've got a sizable lead off third. In the next installment, I'm stealing home. Until then, enjoy! Do it....do it....do it. Let's Go, Mets Go!


Although we didn't sample any, I'm willing to wager that the $12 shrimp pasta > a friggin' $10 hot dog that is supposed to replicate famous dogs from other ballparks.


Done. Oh, and it REALLY was delicious. Shrimp pasta for $12 easily turned out to be the best deal of the day. Joe missed out. :(


Mark off #23.


Our next challenge: weaseling our way into this section to accomplish #23.


Bye cow, and refreshing high tech Coke bottle.


Joey and Shan accomplishing another goal....sitting in the front row of the $1 Skyline ticket section.



Mark off #57.


Yay, we're sitting in the top row of the stadium!


Mark off #73.


Me big cow. Me chop. Me stupid. Me seen chopping later in game by Met and Marlin fan.


Me big chair. You little Shannon.


The "beautiful" Atlanta skyline, as seen from the northwest patio.


Mark off #40.


Things like counting nonexistent stuff on the new high tech Coke bottle. Apparently there used to be stuff you could count on there. Tonight would be the introduction of this new fangled bottle of Coke. This picture still accomplishes our objective though. Shannon sees one thing. That works.


Mark off #75.


Then it was back up to refreshing Coca-Cola Sky Field to mark off a few more things.


Wait, really?




There's also a Sam Cassell reference in this picture.


Mark off #71.


After that, Shannon got a new Braves hat, and I told this display, "I've got a finger for you and your $8 price tag...."


And the pitch. I surprised myself by topping out at 60mph without any warm up......and more importantly, not throwing out my arm or back in the process. Success!


The windup. Naturally, I don't put many runners on, so it allows me to not work much from the stretch. ;)


Joey bringing the heat. And who said Jews only make good sports agents?


Wait, that might have been me. Oh well.


Yours truly also did fairly well. These kind of things worry you as you get older and start to feel pain easier the next day.


Note: Stretch as much as humanly possible before suddenly jumping into a batting and pitching cage at a ball game.


In Scouts Alley, there's several interactive things to do. I believe this batting cage was the "Outta the park" one? For the record, Joey was worried about his at-bats, but managed to make pretty good contact throughout the session. The speed was set at 50mph.


Mark off #91.


With a couple hours before the first pitch, it was time to get busy with the list. Unfortunately, Joe would not show up until just before game time.


Mark off #13.


Shannon, Homer, and Joey. But you knew that already.


Mark off #4 and 83.


I told you he was with us! That's Joey improvising with the whole "drum banging" thing. We're counting it. Don't argue with us.


Mark off #29.


Anywho, after waiting a half hour longer than the posted opening time, and having to wait in ATL heat, with horrible rave/house/trance garbage playing from some local radio station's van in the background, we finally enter! Pictured here is Shannon receiving a special giveaway item, and a free gameday program.


Mark off #88 and 30.


Here's the transcript for the following attempt at a clever picture.


Scott: (Jumps up and hangs on with arm outstretched as though trying to rob a homerun.) "Okay, go ahead and take the shot."


Shannon: "Now?"

Scott: "Yes, now."

Shannon: "Wait, hang on. This camera sucks. It's not ready."

Scott: "Okay, hurry."

Shannon: "Okay, you ready?"

Scott: (trying desperately to hold the pose) "Yes, take the damn picture NOW....PLEASE!!!!.....my arm is gonna fall off."


Five seconds pass.....


Shannon: "Okay, got it."


The result is what you see here. I miss my camera. lol


And out in left center, they commemorate the spot where Hank Aaron's record setting homerun was hit.


Here's that same diamond from the air. When Fulton County Stadium (the previous home of the Braves) was demolished following its use as the baseball venue for the '96 Olympics, they decided to keep the playing field dimensions on the ground in the new parking lot for Turner Field. Props for that move. It's really pretty cool.


So with the tour now over, we had to vacate the stadium, and re-enter a half hour later when the gates officially opened. We took this opportunity to show Joey a very clever and unique feature the Braves used to honor the past.


Behind the scenes media action. Seriously though, why can't I find a job that pays me to travel, following my favorite teams, and writing what I want about them? Again, the hiring departments of the Celtics, Bruins, Mets, Sox, Dolphins, and Canes can pm me on here at any time. Thanks in advance.


Fans of these teams can contact me later. I swiped 'em all while Joey did cartwheels to distract everyone.


Now *those* are prime seats.


Next door was this, where the Braves television crew sits.


Whoever it is gets to read this fine publication.


I believe the PA announcer sits here? Or the king of Turner Field...either one.


So what channel are the Mets on in New York now? When I grew up watching them everyday, it was WWOR, channel 9 with Ralph Kiner and Tim McCarver. Ahh, good times. "We got the teamwork to make a dream work....."


We'll be up that booth soon. I can feel it.

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Dale Murphy certainly belongs in the HoF. Also, it never should have taken Jim Rice so long.


However, the one that pisses me off most was before my time, Gil Hodges. If you look at his stats versus his peers, his leadership skills and his fielding there is no reason for his inclusion.

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I also didn't realize about the $6 Golden whatever tickets. Where exactly are those located, because I thought that level only consisted of the interior portions which included the suites, etc.? Or maybe I just didn't pay real close attention during the tour. That's always a distinct possibility too.


That whole casino level also has regular seating right next to the suites. It looks kind of hidden because to get to the regular seats also you have to go through a suite kind of glass door. The second of level of seating all around the stadium is the casino level.


The $6 seats in that level are from half way up the first base line to all the way to right field. The Braves are honoring Cox for his 2000 wins. So the promotion goes for the rest of the year.

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The name of my Fantasy Baseball team back in the day was the "Georgia Crackers" stealing from the old ball clubs name - don't forget about the ol' Atlanta Black Crackers too..


Hate on the casino level seats (when did it change from Lexus Level?) but I love sitting there

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Larry- Yeah, Gil Hodges is another one of those headscratchers.


Hotlanta & Joe- I didn't realize about those $6 Casino seats. I just assumed the Golden Casino level consisted of the 755 Club, and the suites. The tour didn't take us to the area that would've been done the right field line, so I guess that's why I didn't notice, or hear about it? I'm just gonna plead ignorance on that one.


And I also forgot about it being called the Lexus Level. They still had a Lexus Lot for cars though.


Matt- You know, as a kid I actually liked Kiner and McCarver as a team. But I agree with the masses now. Somewhere over time, Timmy grew into an A-class dbag. I even found myself applauding when Deion doused him with water that time. McCarver annoys me to no end these days.



A day late, but here's the final part. I just wanna thank Joey for making the cameo in the thread. Shannon and I both had a great time catching a game with you and Joe. Hopefully we'll hit up the west coast next year, so you can be our tour guide then!


We made our way up to the Chop House in right center field. This sign is scary.



And since I have to run out for a little while and don't feel like starting this last part over again, I'll just continue a bit later. Stay tuned.


Oh yeah, who doesn't love to get a wave going at BP? Well, probably everyone who's not trying to accomplish 101 things at the Ted.


Mark off #84.


Then Joe appeared on the scene, and we took care of another one.



Mark off #60.


Up next was batting practice. I'm not sure what these two are looking at. THe highlight of BP was seeing some kid take one right off the noggin in the third row. Oh, and it wasn't like he was blindsided. He tried to make a play on it. Why is my camera always off at the most opportune times?



Mark off #3.


Tooner Field. Did we walk inside? No. Did we "visit" it? Well, if by visit, you mean stand near it and take a picture, then yes. The panel of Jeopardy judges say that will pass. Don't argue with them.


Mark off #66.


Just for the record, it's 601 feet from that point.

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Okay, let's try this again.



And Shannon went home a happy girl!


All in all, it was a good night with good friends. In the end, the official scorer had our count at 42/101. Not too shabby for a single visit.


And realistically we probably could have done another 10 or so if we weren't busy drinking and enjoying the game.


In conclusion, I hate the Braves, but I really do like Turner Field.


Thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoyed!


And it was the refreshing, high tech bottle of Coke too!


But hey, at least we got to mark off another number because of fireworks.



Mark off #77.


...I busted out the rally cap. As you can probably tell from my expression, it didn't work. :(


Mark off #37.


The Mets weren't looking too good when this shot was taken, so.....


The important thing is that the power drill smoked 'em, and I was victorious....despite Joe's protests that the drill did not run a clean race.


Mark off #18.


Joe is happy because it was time for the main event of the evening.....the Home Depot Tool Race. Now granted, they could've easily used any one of the 50 or so tools standing around us on the Chop House patio, but they chose to use costumes of construction tools instead.


For the record, I clearly predicted the green power drill would take home the victory. I believe Joe chose the paint brush? And Joey may have gone with the hammer? I can't remember.


Shannon "tomahawk chops."


[rant] Hey Atlanta, I may hate FSU with every ounce of energy I can ever muster, but still, you blatantly ripped 'em off and claimed their chant as your own. FAIL. Seriously, you and Deion Sanders did not need to bring it to Atlanta. Get your own thing.[/end rant].



Mark off # 44.


Shannon and Joe yell, "All Aboard" as Larry, er, Chipper steps to the plate. Why? We have no clue. The sheet said to do it though. Shannon also cheered for her favorite Braves player afterward (who was NOT Chipper).


Mark off #67 and 95.


Tough to see from this angle, but we're playing the "find the ball under the cap game," or whatever it's called, on the big screen.


Mark off #81.


This was Jeff Francour's first game back in Atlanta after being traded to the Mets earlier in the week. The crowd gave him a nice ovation.


Playing the trivia game on the big screen.


Mark off #69. :)


We couldn't find an official Braves scorecard, so what did we do? Well, improvise, of course. This is Joey stepping in to keep score.


Mark off #50.


That's us being "featured" on the big screen.....sort of.


Mark off #11.


I'm not saying anything.









Although I pretty much just did. ;)


Beer and baseball. I love America.



Mark off #87 and 5.


And this was our view for the new few hours. This picture also proves that we accomplished another couple things...Brian McCann caught Derek Lowe (who, ironically has now pitched for all of our favorite teams except the Mets: LA, ATL, BOS and FL, albiet in the minors). Just out of view, McClouth was about to make a nice sliding/diving catch in center.


Mark of #45 and 32.


I somehow failed at getting a good shot of the Chop House restaurant, so I stole this one from Google Images. Sorry.


This would be our spot for the evening. The beer selection sucked, period. There was one "decent" brew, I guess, but not anything like was I was expecting. :(


EDIT: I also failed at uploading the correct picture. Just look at the end of the report instead.

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Okay i am Braves fanatic but all i can do is shake my head and sink down in my seat when the chop gets going. It's at least good that during the regular season you will the most lethargic group of people at the Ted and nobody really gets in to it. Chief Noc-a-homa is better than the damn chop.



Excellent TR Scott, i have been to the Ted so many times yet never went up to the sky field, a must do now on my next trip.

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I'm so sorry that you had to listen to Tim McCarver as a child. The worst color guy in all of baseball.


Fixed, other than Ron Santo. The only reason Ron is so bad is because he is the biggest homer to call a game. My favorite McCarver line... "Innings with a lead off home run statistically score more runs than innings with a lead off walk." I would have never figured that out.


LOL at 14 straight division titles with one championship.


Another great report Scott, even if it took 2 months for one. You can send that Phillies media guide to me anytime.

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Ok, a few notes:


- Scott - I totally still have that on VHS somewhere at my parents house.


- I can't say anything about the Braves that hasn't been said already.


- I can't agree more with the nice design of the outfield wall in relation to the stands.


- McCarver makes me want to carve myself, and always has. Not to mention Ralph Kiner sounds like he is boozed up every time he steps into the booth. I haven't heard them in about a year, but I like the new Mets broadcast team, minus Keith Fernandez.


- I have to side with Joe in the fact the bastard should have been DQ'd for running on the grass, assuming Joe's perception was not tainted by too many alcoholic beverages at that time. I cried foul weeks ago during the pierogie race in Pittsburgh when the purple pierogie clearly touched the turf.


- Not only have the injuries to the Mets killed them this year, but they have killed my fantasy team this year (Reyes and Beltran). 5 years an counting in the playoffs..... not going to happen.


- Gil Hodges = has to be in the hall


- Screw the chop

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RED ALERT! RED ALERT! Larry has hijacked Scott's Sport's Thread. Actually, Scoot did give me permission.


I'm not a huge tennis fan, but the US Open is a phenomenal event for any sports fan. I prefer going in the early rounds as you are free to roam from court to court (Except the main stadium matches) and watch whomever you wish.


A couple of year's ago a co-worker sat through a Men's 35+ Doubles Match in the front row of an outer court so that he would have that same seat for the next match that featured Anna Kournikova.


Anyway the two matches today were Rafael Nadal vs. Juan Martin Del Potro, followed by Roger Federer vs. Novak Djokivic with the winners to meet in the finals tomorrow.


I didn't take a lot of pictures of the action since you could see that on TV if you want, my pictures will enligthen you about the whole event.


For those keeping track, Parking is $18, Chicken Cheesesteak is $9, Milkshake is $7, $5.25 for Evian Water, $4.50 for Snapple Ice Tea. Like an amusement park, prices you should expect at an entertainment venue.


After the matches are over the fans take over the outer courts for photo ops, like this kid climbing in the umpire's chair to be berated by his friend imitating McEnroe (or Serena).


There is some serious form on this serve. My friend Audrey felt sorry for these guys. I told her not to feel sorry for them, just cheer them on. They are not here for your pity, they are here to compete.


The guy in the foreground was actually the loser in the Singles Final. Let me just say these guys are athletes, you should see the way the move their chairs around the court. I would seriously break some fingers in the spokes trying to do what they do.


Since there would be a lot of traffic I decided to head back to the outer court for Men's Wheelchair Doubles Finals.


Here's the trophy that Roger Federer is trying to win for the 6th consecutive year.


Get out of my &^$% stadium or I'll shove a ^$%& tennis ball down your ^&$% throat.


Then he wins, they interview him and he tells everyone to leave the stadium so that people with Session 25 tickets could come in and watch the women play.


Federer wins the first two sets, but it's close.


This is Audrey. She volunteered to get two Snapple Ice Teas at a break in the action and returned with one lemonade. WTF?


Back in the stadium, there are Federer and Djokivic warming up.


And watched this guy, Shingo Kureida the #1 Men's wheelchair player, destroy his opponent 6-0 6-0 to win the championship.


Stopped at the outer courts on the way back in.


Then walked outside the grounds to the park that was the site of the 1964 World's Fair.


After the match we got ice cream. Yummy!


In order to still not show you any of the actual match here is the scoreboard with Del Potro up two sets.


The stupid ticket was in my way the whole match. Hey move it, or I'll shove a &%@# tennis ball down your $%#^ throat.


I was focusing on the wrong entrance when Nadal and Del Potro arrived.


The Food Village is actually a Food Court, but Village is such a better name.


Since we arrived early we stopped at the Food Village


US Open > Disneyland


Because my friend Audrey tried to enter last week with hair spray in an aerosol can along with a lighter. She was reprimanded and had them taken away.


I point out the security signs


And you have arrived. YAY!


Walk over this bridge, which is not a boardwalk.


Turn around and a sign points you in the right direction


The US Tennis Center is right next to Citi Field, the NY Cripples new stadium.


Due to all the rain on Friday and Saturday the start time kept changing. I arrived early to beat the traffic and ended up 90 minutes early, hence the empty parking lot.

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Nice work, Larry. I'm glad you were able to bring some pro tennis action to the thread, since I'm not sure if I'll ever get back to another pro match. The only time I ever attended one was sometime around 2000 at the Sony Ericsson Open in Key Biscayne, which is referred to as the unofficial "fifth Grand Slam" tournament.


My best friend's mom was an avid player, and always had prime seats for the event. I lucked into center court seats in the fifth row to watch Sampras destroy some mid-level Brit. I walked away with an appreciation for watching the sport live. The atmosphere was pretty cool, and the action, much like hockey, was 10x better in person. It's also nice to be able to say I saw one of the greats play.


I'd like to see one of those wheel chair matches. No doubt about it, those guys are true athletes, and not to be pitied. They're doing what they love, and it's very admirable, and impressive.


Thanks again for hijacking the thread, Larry. Drop in anytime!

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