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Code name-"damn" **download it now!!**

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I was just sitting around thinking what it would be like to ride an inverted vertical dropping coaster so I decided to construct one. Now I dont think this coaster will ever happen but it is fun just watching it in action and making it. The coaster stands at 195ft and goes right into an elongated drop until you are vertical. Then into a huge 149ft vertical loop. This coaster really pulls some g's! Well here are some shots of it unfinished. I'm tryng to get an ending together! Any comments suggestions just ask/tell away!


Oh yeah i'm looking for a color scheme/theme for this bad boy/girl so any suggestions for that are welcom also!


The immelman and vertical loop!


a better view of the wierd looking drop. and also the second drop


I call it a heartbeat roll but it is basically an inverted sea serpent


This is basically the first half before the brake run...


Here is the massive drop!

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^I was thinking about that but im also trying to make the ending really short due to trying to have multi trains running but im actually working on a flat spin right after the high banked turn after the heartbeat element


Thanks for the feedback!

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However, (I believe this is what has just said Moose) there is something a bit strange: a the top of the first drop there is a little flat part, can you see it?...


I think it's a bit strange too, going from flat to medium angle to an hard angle. but I also think it adds something, not going straight down immediately

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Overbank, up to a Break tun at about 100ft. then do a tight sweeping curve straight into a loop, then do a batwing into a tight helix, then final breaks.


Only that? Why not a 174° drop then a 358ft cobra roll then a part like a togo hyper coaster then a copy of El toro and to finish Kingda ka's launch (juste before the final brakes).



I shouldn't be comic should I

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Well I finished and decided to finish the ride wit a zero g roll and a 3/4th upward helix into the brakes! I like the coaster and feel it is pretty well designed being that I dont use any help packs or any smoothers! Here are some finish pictures of it!


the track uses 1.6 improved friction. Enjoy and let me know what you think!


The drop from the second drop.




The drop...again




The overhead of the heartbeat roll


Looking down the 185ft drop.


The finale

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