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Cedar Point Maverick POV & Footage Video...

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Hey everyone!


We have just finished up the Maverick segment from our new DVD "Roller Coasters in the RAW!"


For you coaster footage and POV fans this is probably the most comprehensive video of the ride ever!


It includes tons of offride shots from just about every angle and a complete POV from the lift hill to brake run totally unedited!


Enjoy the video!!!


Yup, that's Maverick with that more-than-ninety-degree drop!


It's got lots of twisty gooeyness.


It's got lots of airtime that makes grown men go "WHEEEEEEEEE!"


Order "Roller Coasters in the RAW!" - Only $10


Download the Cedar Point Maverick video here!

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Great video, great ride. I especially like the shots of the water fountains, since when I was on the ride I didn't notice them (until I looked at them later). I think that this is one of the few POVs that actually somewhat gives the thrill of the real ride.


I also got my dad, who about three or four years ago would not touch Valleyfair's Wild Thing, to get on this ride. He loved it. The first turn to the left after the second launch is very smooth, but insanely fast.


My sister and her friend also rode it, but were held up because of guest illness. Someone apparently leaned back to my sister, and as if it were a medical term, said "projectile vomited".


V It also helps that the lift hill is a launch, but this is purposely raw footage.

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So you're not editing out lift hill footage? It's nice that you're branching out, but I hope that you continue to release DVDs in your regular style, which I really like.

Yup, of course. "Coaster Expedition Volume 9" is our next project after Roller Coasters in the RAW, but that probably won't be out until January now.



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hey from seattle!


this is an outstanding POV Robb. I like the fact that you kept the wind noise--it really gives a good sense of speed.


Maverick was good - I rode it a few weeks ago on the last day of the season- it feels like a giant bucking bronco in some ways. Airtime is ridiculous and the second launch out of the tunnel is pretty intense!


(it's a really different ride from Atlantis Adventure in Lotte World, despite them being from the same "family"

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You'll notice in the POV shot that it is early morning and it is an empty train. The ride gets much faster once it warms up. It's easy to tell by the speed of the second corkscrew, how fast it goes through the brakes in the tunnel, and how fast it goes through the two over banked turns after the launch.


Maverick is one of the few coasters I've been on that feel very different in the morning compared to later in the afternoon-night.

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Great stuff Robb and Elissa (because she edits videos too!) I am actually looking forward to this DVD more than before. I usually like the crazy TPR antics in parks but this "RAW" stuff I think I'm beginning to like. Keep it up and I can't wait to get the DVD.


Jimmy "still need to ride Maverick" Bo

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Sweet video. I didn't think I'd like it without any music, but I do!

See, it's funny that you say that because my thoughts going into the RAW project was that I wasn't sure how it would be without editing it to music.


So in a way my personal challenge was to make an "interesting" non-music video.


I do think a lot of it has to do with the way it's edited together.


I used to watch other POV footage videos and be bored to tears. While I guess I'm a bit biased, I haven't been bored of any of the RAW segments.


I hope other people enjoy it as much as I do!



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