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Theme ride photos

would you buy them at home online?  

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  1. 1. would you buy them at home online?

    • No. I'd still buy them there and then.
    • Yeah definitely. It’d save me carrying it around all day.
    • I never buy those photos – way too expensive.

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Top Posters In This Topic

I think the photos are overpriced anyway. As said some parks are already offering online copies of the photos. For me one of the reasons I get the onride photo is because of the cool looking binders that most parks have that your photo comes in.


If you are going to do something like this then you will need a type of idenitification card to hand to the ride attendant or in park photographer so that a collection can be made. Then there is the issue of how much do you have to pay to have the photos collected or just to use the service. How much to pay to look at the photos then download them. Then if I want to print it out at home I would have to buy special paper, printer and ink just to get my photo on paper.


If you lowered the prices of the photos at the parks more people would buy them. 12 to 15 dollars for a photo that ususally is off color or low quality is a bit much as alot of parks dont have the good quality capture system or printing ablitlity.

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Boardwalk Bullet is already doing this.





I rarely buy the pics because if I'm spending $10-$15 bucks for a photo, I want the quality of the photo to be a LOT better than what gets printed out at those places.



Exactly, if I want my picture taken I would just give the camera to whoever I'm going with and tell them to get a picture of me on the ride.


(I could just crop the full size picture if I wanted)

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I would buy them there because it seems real. Anyone could go online and buy videos, park maps...etc. But to say, "I got them at the park." Means a whole lot in the roller coaster community.


For example: Having a collection of parkmaps. Does it count to print them off line. NO! It doesn't.


So there, I would but them there and then!

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When I'm at a park I don't mind taking the official pictures if the people aren't annoying and I can just look online at them later.


I LOVE Walt Disney Worlds Photo Pass, and the fact that they're testing the Photo Pass on some attraction ride photos is even better!

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