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Photo TR: Blue Diamond/Sesame Place


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With a weekend with no major plans, Kingda Krap being blowed up, and being too tired to travel far, I decided to hit up some much needed credit whoring local. The weekend started off on Saturday morning when I headed south to Delaware's only roller coasters found at Blue Diamond Park. The trip only took 1 and 1/2 hours, being about 30 minutes south of Philadelphia International Airport. I got there about 40 minutes after opening, planning on staying there for a good couple of hours. After arriving however, I quickly changed my mind. It was already 84 degrees outside, and this park had less shade than any Cedar Faire park. I wouldn't be surprised if they bought it sometime soon! I paid the $2 admission and bought a ticket for each roller coaster, total price $9. I made my way over to the old Zyklon, the Blue Diamond Streak. A solo ride in the backseat, and I was off. Great airtime, hard braking before the final helix. After riding, I hit the other coaster, a kiddie Wisdom Orient Express. It was broke while some random employees tightened the supports, but reopened after hitting it a few times with the end of a broom. 3 kids and myself survived our 5 lap journey and I was thankful I didn't die on a crappy kiddie coaster. I then ran around taking pictures of the other rides including a skydiver (closed), a loop-o-plane (closed), fun slide, scrambler, tilt-a-whirl, swings, himalaya, and some kiddie rides. I banged into an evil light post constructed to inflict pain, ripping opened my shin while taking pics. Observing the minigolf course for a bit, (the nicest part of the complex) I was sweaty, bruised, and ready to leave.


An hours drive up 95, I arrived at Sesame Place. The place was packed, but thankfully I had my Busch platinum pass which got me complimentary preferred parking. Pass scanned at the turnstile, and there I was face to face with Vapor Trail. It looked to be a custom roller skater by Vekoma and was actually pretty good. It was running only 1 train (I think they have 2), but there was no line thanks to the parade going on. After a quick spin in row 8 of 10 (row was called Uranus), I went out to take pictures of the rest of the park. The place remains pretty much what I remembered from a kid; cargo nets of doom (which could kill me if I ever went on them as an adult), indoor shows, giant playground, and water rides. They added a bunch of water stuff though since I was there about 18 years ago, as well as a few Zamperla rides (that were actually running!) Being without my bathing suit, stroller, or a child, I decided to head on out and finish my adventure for the day. I really didn't want to play in the diaper-infested pools anyway. I finished my drive to Jackson, and stayed at my friend Bret's house, where I would enjoy the swimming pool, great beer, and some burgers and shrimp, all for free.


The following morning it was off to Seaside for another credit. The Miler Wild Mouse moved from Ocean City looks to be just about finished, hopefully should be opened by July 4th. After Jill and Conner won some prizes, a ride on Stillwalk Manor, Centrifuge (no rowdy ops today) and my credit on the L&T kiddie, it was back to the pool to finish out the day! So 4 credits added, a bruised shin, sunburn, good food, and seeing some friends; makes for a pretty good weekend. Next up, more local credit whoring, this time to the west!


The row all ACErs like to ride.


The water at Sesame Place is 98.6 degrees F, much like fresh urine. Any ideas why? =)


Everyone loves a parade


Dude! Angry guy was there, only he doesn't look so angry when he's fishing.


How many ways can you find for Derek to die?


Big honkin' bouncey floor.


Random cute theming in the Vapor Trail queue would make Robb hungry if he was stuck in line.


My reason for stopping off at Sesame Place, credit!


Hooray for Sesame Place! And for admission and parking included in the price of a BGT platinum pass


Carousel guy has the solution!


Workers (I think) try to fix the coaster so I can give them $3.


Here's the skydiver, which wasn't opened


Ah, Del Grosso's old Zyklon and the finest coaster in Delaware. Note the lack of shade


Here's Blue Diamond Park. Note the mini golf.

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LOL! Nice last picture! Great TR Derek! I was about to visit Seasame Place when I was out in the East coast just to get that credit, but we never did . I'm not saying that I liek Seamsame Street or anything, I think it would be fun to screw around and get a credit.

---Brent 8)

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Nice Tr, good job with the Credit Whoring



blue diamond looked very hot, no shade and all



sesame place,


park looks very cool for young kids, I'm sure my daughter would have a cow to see those characters



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Derek, did you already get that credit at Blands/DelGrossos. If so ... I'm telling Elissa


LOL, no Ted, as pathetic as it sounds, I still haven't even been to DelGrossos. I've been to Lakemont, 5 minutes away, but skipped right on by. Think I'll have to amend that this weekend.


And Idlewild too!

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