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Moreys Piers Discussion Thread

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I knew you were gonna say that. I almost did. It was certainly warm enough. I only had the pair of jeans I was wearing since I was only down for the night and if I got wet I'd had to have worn them all the way back to Philly. Also I was alone and didn't want to get grouped with anyone. Sorry to disappoint ya. lol

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Some really good pics and intel there, boldikus. I'll make sure I add Mack's pizza and "It" to my list of things to check out when I'm down there. I'll be going the first weekend of June, so hopefully Nor'easter will be up and running then, too. If I can, I'll throw up some pics of my own.


Any other food joints along the boardwalk I should definitely check out? Haven't been there in like 20 years, so I'm not really sure what's different.

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Well, definitely eat Macks. They are forever at war with Sams (Pizza), so maybe you'll want to try Sams as well. Its completely average IMO but people absolutely love it for some reason, including my sister and brother in law, who are unfortunately corrupting my 4 year old nephew, much to my disappointment.


Other things to try:

Idaho Potatos - best boardwalk fries. Across from Mariners Pier in front of Splash Zone/next to Kohr Bros. Get em with vinegar and dip em in ketchup (omg) or just get them smothered in cheese wiz. Yummmm


Curley Fries - the legendary Moreys fry spot (locations at front of Surfside and Mariners) but Curleys are those big thick cut fries. People go apesh*t over them. Meh. I prefer Idaho any day of the week, they are also cheaper than Curleys.


Lime Ricky - italian ice, or as we say in Philly "wooder ice". Super good


Kohr Bros - obviously not exclusive to Wildwood but there's like 5 locations up and down the boardwalk. Best custard ever.


Douglas Fudge - people live and die by the Salt Water Taffys in Wildwood (and most other Jersey Shore towns). I absolutely loathe them. Fudge however? Douglas is great for fudge. Fun to stop in and browse and watch them make the fudge. All kinds of other fantastic sweets/candy as well. There are other fudge spots that are good as well - Lauras, Fudge Kitchen, Fudge Factory etc but Douglass is huge and always busy (for a reason).


On the piers you'll find all manner of "park food" - fries, hot dogs, fried oreos/twinkies/etc. Food on the piers is naturally more expensive than on the main boardwalk. I rarely buy food from Moreys, unless I'm at Joes Fish Co.


As far as other food you can AVOID Olympic Flames, Hot Spots, Snow Whites (they all look the same and are usually on a corner) and screw the DooWop Diner (it looks tantalizing, but place sucks - the service is usually awful and the food average to below average - I've actually walked out of here before ordering it sucked so bad).


If you're drinking: (Booze on the boardwalk is a new thing, allowed only the last few years. It's awesome but there aren't a ton of spots, which is good because Wildwood is always going for the family-friendly angle. )


Joe's Fish Co right behind Curleys Fries at the front of Surfside Pier is great. Its a rooftop bar overlooking the pier. Food is great, service great. They have music up there too sometimes. My favorite bar on the boardwalk, highly recommended. The view from the bar at night!


Jumbos - at the front of Mariners. Decent food and cold beer.


Capt Jacks - at the front of the old Hunts Pier (basically next to Surfside Pier) little rum bar with OK munchie/bar food. I like the drinks here. They have those giant fishbowl drinks that will knock you on your ass. Seating in front of the boardwalk for great people watching.


*Note the waterparks also have a few bars, including a swim-up jawn.


Other fun thing: the Boardwalk Mall. HUGE arcade in the basement with craptons of old school games. Upstairs is everything from an all-hot sauce store, junk shops, old time photos, t-shirt stores, a taco joint, among other random crap. Its fun to check out, I go in at least a few times a summer just to browse and play some games.


Places to eat OFF the boardwalk? These are all over the island, and I won't go into details but I approve of all: Dog Tooth, Duffers, Uries, The Wharf, Key West, Cattle N Clover (can get douchey crowds), Uncle Bills, Ship N Shore (crappiest dive bar, love it). The bars in North Wildwood (Owens, Flip Flops, Keenans) are all douche magnets. You've been warned.

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Wow, good stuff. I don't care what other people say about you on here, boldikus; you're alright.


Also, I consider myself something of a pizza connoisseur, so I'll make sure I give both a go. Not to mention delicious fudge, fries, and custard? Oh man, I'm gonna have to do SO much P90X after this trip...

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Wow, good stuff. I don't care what other people say about you on here, boldikus; you're alright.


If you want a great plae to eat off the boardwalk take a 20 min ride over to Cape May and eat at the Lobster House, you won't be disappointed!

I concur.


Also check out Cape May Brewery if you're into that sort of thing.


Two Mile Landing/The Crabhouse and the Harbor View, both on the way to Cape May from Wildwood, are also recommended.

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Video surfaced of Nor'easter testing. it certainly looks smoother, and also very slow. If it actually rides smoother remains to be seen (felt?).



Also, if you're in town this week, Thursday is the "Granny" Reopening, with free rides from 4-6pm.



You're invtited!


Also, Moreys is now offering "Beyond The Boards VIP Tours"


Be among the first to experience an exclusive behind the scenes VIP tour of Morey’s Piers!


For the first time ever, Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks, located on the boardwalk of the Wildwoods, NJ will offer weekly VIP tours to guests this summer, begining the week of May 29. Tour attendees will have access to what happens behind the fun and games of the boardwalk. Each tour, led by a member of the Morey family, will feature a variety of locations “beyond the boards.” From a visit with in-house welders, mechanics, carpenters and painters, to a water park chemistry and filtration lesson, the tours showcase the scope and complexity of the amusement park industry. And, because a visit to Morey’s Piers is incomplete without a bucket of Curley’s fries, the tour will conclude with a Curley fry buffet bar at Joe’s Fish Co. Each guest will also receive Morey’s Piers swag along with exclusive discounts and coupons.


This tour is recommended for children ages 12 and up.


Safety First! Closed toe shoes required. No sandals or flip-flops permitted. We want to keep those piggy’s safe!


This is an approximately 90-minute walking tour. You know your fitness level better than we do, so please be mindful of this. As we like to say around here, “If you’re early, you’re on time. If you’re on time, you’re late. If you’re late you’re out of luck.” We ask that all guests please arrive 5 minutes early. Tours will begin promptly at 11 am and we want to ensure no man (woman or child) is left behind.


Cost: $35 per person


Time: 11am




Wednesday, May 31st

Wednesday, June 7th

Friday, June 16th

Wednesday, June 21st

Friday, June 30th

Wednesday, July 5th

Friday, July 14th

Wednesday, July 19th

Thursday, July 27th

Monday, July 31st

Thursday, August 10th

Monday, Aug 14th

Thursday, Aug 24th

Monday, Aug 28th


Meeting Location:

In Front of Curley’s Fries located on Morey’s Surfside Pier

2501 Boardwalk

North Wildwood, NJ 08260

(Between 25th and 26th Avenues in North Wildwood)


Validated Parking: Park your car at the corner of Juniper and Ocean Avenues. You will need to pay the parking lot attendant when you arrive. Bring your parking ticket on the tour with you and we will have it stamped for validated parking at the conclusion of your tour while we are visiting Joe's Fish Co.


Oh and somewhat related that I almost forgot about - a very good lifelong friend of mine who has an extensive history of working various Haunts in the Philly area just scored a job working in the Ghost Ship this summer so if you're in the area stop in to give him someone to scare!

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Yeah its definitely a strange campaign but I guess they had to figure out some weird way to get buzz going. What's funny is they keep asking people on FB to post pictures of themselves with their Grannys for a chance to be a first rider tomorrow and I haven't seen a single submission lol.


In other exciting news... Another Chickies is coming to Wildwood. (And the people rejoiced)


Chickie's & Pete's, the popular Philadelphia-born bar and restaurant, will open a second "express" location on the Wildwoods Boardwalk this holiday weekend.


The new entry is coming to 2500 Boardwalk, at the north end of the Gateway 26 complex (directly across from the entrance to Morey's Surfside Pier).


The location was formerly home to Shirtique.


Chickie's & Pete's is best known for its Crabfries, a creation of owner Pete Ciarrocchi "bathed in a secret blend of spices and served with two sides of our one-of-a-kind White Creamy Cheese Sauce."


This will be the franchise's second Boardwalk location, following the stand at Cedar Avenue, which debuted in 2011.


Like that venue, this will be an takeout stand, with no sit-down dining.


According to its official website, as of March 2016, Chickie's & Pete's had 14 "permanent" locations in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, in addition to various seasonal stands in amusement parks and entertainment facilities as far away as Florida and Missouri.

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Yeah a good friend of mine gave a very favorable review and I trust his opinion. His exact words were "its very smooth, a noticeable difference from last year". I should be down in the next week or two to give it a spin.

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Was down at Morey's on Saturday, but sadly didn't get a chance to ride it due to some extended downtime for maintenance. And this SLC credit eludes me yet again.


That being said, I have posted a trip report from the weekend filled with photos and GIFs over here, if y'all wanna check that out.

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I went to Morey's Piers for the very first time today thanks to the free ticket voucher I got from ACE. Being used to the long lines at Great Adventure, I was loving the lack of lines at the Piers. The Great Nor'easter was rough but not painful, thanks to the new vest restraints. They have a metal detector at the entrance to the ride, but the nearby storage compartments are free for the first 30 minutes, so that wasn't too painful.


I rode The Great White three times and it is definitely a back seat ride.


Rollies Coaster was down every time I checked, so I'll have to go back to get that credit. I did ride Doo Wopper and Flitzer. I've just got to say that every park needs a Flitzer. Those coasters are just plain fun.


Overall, I'd say Morey's Piers is a great seaside park.

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I did a bunch of flats. I was a single rider, so no ferris wheel. I don't do drop towers or launch towers. I didn't ride IT because I'm a bit bigger and sometimes have trouble fitting into the restraints of rides like that. I'll never forget the time I was walk-of-shamed off Revolution at Dorney. I didn't do the log flume because I didn't have any spare socks with me. (I hate walking around in wet socks.)


The Flyers were fun, but nothing compared to Knoebels' Flyers.

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