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I had that exact question, so I spent some time yesterday counting the rides and how many tickets are required for each, and I came up with 85 tickets with no rerides. I was counting the coasters plus rides like It, Atmosfear, and Zoom Phlume. They sell a wristband for $59, so if you're wanting to ride a lot at all three piers, I'd go that route.

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Moreys has been busy having fun with their LEDs on the wheel. Photos courtesy of North Wildwood Recreation & Tourism  

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Andrew beat me to it but yeah if you want to do all of the big coasters and the better flats you might as well just get the wristband since its cheaper than paying for those rides individually plus you'll want some rerides on TGW, It, Atmosfear, the flume, etc. Don't completely count out the kiddie coasters. I'm probably biased but Flitzer is an awesome zippy little bugger not to mention the sheer LOL weirdness of the restraints, and Rollies Coaster is worth a ride w/ the wristband just for the bragging rights of riding a crappy Pinfari with OTSRs. The mouse on the other hand is absolutely skippable.


For the past few years I've just gotten tickets, mainly as Xmas gifts from the folks (its one of their ways of making sure my sisters and I visit during the summer months) but also bought them on my own if I'm only up for a ride or three, but twice last summer I got a wristband for the day, and now have a Wild Pass for all of 2017. Its just cheaper if you are going to be riding all day or if you want some rerides on the better attractions. Also I believe that if you have a wristband the upcharges (Screamin Swing, Skycoaster, Spring Shot, Skyscraper) are cheaper - I think half price?

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^Thanks for the added advice! I'll definitely plan on getting the wristband when I go this Summer then! Oh, and sorry I've been lazy and haven't responded to your message yet, but yeah, I'll keep you in the loop on when I go, and maybe we'll be able to coordinate!


I'm definitely up for the bigger, unique flats, as well as the notorious flume, but I'll check out the kiddie coasters too, if you think they're worth it! I'm not one to ride kiddie coasters just for the credit, but if there's a good reason to, I will. Thanks again for the info!

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The "kiddie coasters" aren't really kiddie coasters. They're adult coasters, they're just portable, and honestly Flitzer is probably the second best coaster at Morey's (maybe third since the Boomerang is actually quite good).

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They're not even open and they don't even have to do this cool sh*t cause there's like 17 people in Wildwood right now (lol) but they do it anyway cause Moreys is awesome.


Happy St Patricks Day!

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They're not even open and they don't even have to do this cool sh*t cause there's like 17 people in Wildwood right now (lol) but they do it anyway cause Moreys is awesome.

That's rad.


Also, for anyone in the know, can the tickets be used over multiple days? I'll be staying a few nights down in Cape May during the first weekend of June and I was going to intersperse my visits to the boardwalk among other things in the area (super-exciting bird photography!), so that idea holds some appeal to me.

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They don't actually use paper tickets anymore. You get a card loaded up when you buy any amount of tickets, and you scan the barcode each time you ride something. You can reload the card if you run low. The wristbands also have barcodes on them and you scan those when you board. So yes to your question.

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Not directly Moreys related but here's something new to do this summer on the back bays in Wildwood, only 10 minutes away from the piers/beach/boardwalk.


Wildcard Watersports set to launch in May


Captain Phil Swetsky is reshuffling the deck!


The owner of CPS Marine Services is set to launch Wildcard Watersports this Spring, bringing a wide variety of leisure and entertainment options to the back bays.


As the name suggests, the new venture will include on-the-water activities such as tubing, wake boarding and water skiing.


But, Wildcard will also feature leisure and "Booze Cruises" (with stops at dockside bars and restaurants), historical tours and Friday Night Fireworks outings.


Wildcard Watersports will officially launch on May 20.


Reservations are already being accepted at 609-970-8373.


For additional info and updates, check out Wildcard Watersports on Facebook.






Booze cruise is right up my alley.

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Yes and no.


As explained two pages back (and many times before that) the piers open in a staggered fashion every year.


Opening Day is Saturday April 8th, only Mariners will open and remain open weekends through May when Surfside gets in on the action on Saturday May 13th. Finally, Adventure Pier will also open Saturday May 20th. Raging Waters (on Mariners) will open Memorial Day Weekend and Ocean Oasis (Surfside) will finally open Saturday June 17th. Note that Adventure and Surfside Piers begin full day, daily operation in mid June with only weekend/night hours until then.


So yes, Mariners Pier did open this past weekend, but The Great Nor'easter is on Surfside Pier which is not scheduled to open until May 13th. No grand opening for the newly tracked ride has been announced yet, so I won't assume May 13th is the official opening until the park announces that, but according to the website calendar/hours, Surfside Pier is closed until then.

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I look forward to giving it a try when they open it but I still have low hopes for this. I hope my expectations are exceeded. Its also driving my OCD up a wall that they didnt at least paint the trains to match the new paint on the supports. The red train looks like crap now, imo.

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I look forward to giving it a try when they open it but I still have low hopes for this. I hope my expectations are exceeded. Its also driving my OCD up a wall that they didnt at least paint the trains to match the new paint on the supports. The red train looks like crap now, imo.

I actually really like it. Hated the old all-white supports before. The entire ride looks like a lot of fun!

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The supports were painted, new braking system, 90% of track replaced. Go back in this thread to Sept/October, I kept this thread alive with updates. And yes it's had the newer trains since 2008. Still using them.

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Had a nice "opening" weekend down in Wildwood. Yeah, Mariners Pier (Sea Serpent, Giant Wheel) has been open since April, but this was opening weekend for Surfside Pier (Nor'easter, Zoom Phloom). Next weekend Adventure Pier (Great White, upcharges) opens up for the season.


If you've been following along my folks live in town so my main purpose of the trip was to deliver flowers for Mothers Day, with hopes to get some rides in at some point, and of course some Macks Pizza, aka the greatest pizza on the planet. I arrived on the island early afternoon and hung out having some drinks with my folks until the rain cleared up in the evening and I could no longer deny my lust for Macks.



Pretty dead Saturday after the rain. Good amount of stores not yet open for the season.


Great White opens next weekend. A little birdie told me trains have been running the course with dummies.


Giant Wheel was giving great light shows as usual


The legendary Boardwalk Mall was open.




I love being in town early in the season...


when its still kinda dead.

With the awful weather Saturday they only opened Mariners for 3 hours in the evening, from 5-8. We walked up and took a stroll down the mostly deserted boardwalk. Macks was deserted save for a few Wildwood weirdos inside. First slice of the year. YUM.



It is happening


If you don't like greasy pizza you might have an aversion to Macks. They use butter in the cheese and OMG its amazing.

After eating I asked if we could stop down Mariners so I could process my season pass. The pier was pretty dead but there were people on the rides.



Mariners was popping with random riders scattered here and there


I headed towards guest services and while doing so heard over the loudspeakers "Moreys PIers will be closing in approximately 5 minutes". Upon looking at my phone it was 5 minutes til 8. Apparently not enough people were riding. Luckily I got back there with a few minutes to spare and they sorted me out in no time. With the pier closing and stuffed bellies we walked back home for a movie and some more dranks.



Get a job, yo!



Great White looking spooky in the evening

Sunday I was up very early so I grabbed one of my folks bikes and took an early morning bike ride up and down the boardwalk, one of my favorite things to do anytime anywhere. I got some great shots of the Great White in the morning sun, and a few of the Nor'easter with its shiny new track and paint.



What a gorgeous morning for a bike ride!



My first time seeing it in person, as I haven't been in Wildwood since last fall! It looks great. Very curious to see how it rides. I couldn't get down the pier to take closer shots and in jeans/sneakers I wasn't going on the beach.






Headed back to the house for some Mothers Day morning cocktails and a HUGE breakfast, and then back out to the boardwalk again after confirming both Mariners and Surfside would be open 12-5. I rode the bike again and knowing it was the classic car show (which you can check out my photos from last year) and no trams would be running.



I arrived around 1pm and was surprised that both the boardwalk and the pier itself were mobbed. Good for Moreys. Made perfect sense with the miserable weather the day prior and gorgeous weather Sunday. Luckily it seemed the crowds were comprised of mostly families, and only the kiddie rides in the front of the pier had sizable lines. I headed to the back of the pier to get my first wristband of the year and stopped for a moment to take some up-close shots of Nor'easter.



New brakes!




So shiny and new


Trains ready to roll

Afterwards made a bee-line to IT, the piers KMG Afterburner (claw/pendulum) ride, aka the most ridiculous flat ride in Wildwood (I'd say all of New Jersey but I respect the love yall have for Playland's Tropical Storm, even though I'll probably never ride the thing). On my way I noticed they were firing up the flume. It was definitely nice enough for it, and later I saw some riders on it.




Anyways, IT. Can confirm IT is still batsh*t bonkers. The program this thing runs is completely insane. Of course it being a new season there is the fear that this might be the year they may have gone and toned it down, but never fear. I swear to god where last year they were cranking it up to 11, this year they managed to wind this puppy up to "ludicrous intensity".



Did I mention it only has a tiny lapbar? I managed to fit much easier this year than last and actually had a good inch and a half between my thighs and the lapbar.



Good god. Upside down airtime. Not like hangtime, but ejector hangtime? I don't know how else to describe it. You're hanging upside down while being ripped out of your seat. It's unreal. The program alternates between really high, ridiculously fast and forceful almost-completely-inverted full swings, to then swinging much lower but cranking up the spin. And repeat.



Last year it felt like it did two cycles of this, so basically four "sections" during the ride time, but yesterday it was doing four total cycles, with ridiculously long ride times. Just when you think its over, up it goes again. Christ.



Fantastic tower

Taking a break I stopped back at Atmosfear (their ridiculous Larson tower) that had no wait, and also made a pitstop at the flyers, aka KONG. Now, Moreys is NOT about the cable snapping, they play multiple recorded schpeils about snapping while you are waiting/boarding but I guess being the only rider riding alone without kids (lol), the operator must have spotted an enthusiast in me, as she warned me not once, but twice, not to slack the cables, while I boarded. I didn't hear her say this to anyone else. WTF.



The only shot of KONG I got. Sorry.


Families enjoying the Tilt-A-Whirl

Being a windy day it didn't take much to get it going, so she suddenly blasted a recorded schpeil over the PA system telling me to stop moving the fin so fast (honestly I was NOT going at it hardcore like I could have been, the wind was helping everyone) and then as fast as the cycle started...



Ugh. No fun! It's OK though I headed back over to IT for a few more rounds to close out the day. At this point the guy running it was making fun of me everytime I boarded and I just kept apologizing for being a nerd and gushing about how its the best ride on the island.



And with that I headed back over to my folks place to spend a bit of time before heading back to Philly. I didn't ride a ton, and didn't ride any coasters - I was going to hop on the Flitzer but it had a good 20-30 minute queue filled with tiny children, and of course Nor'easter is closed til Memorial Day. I was hoping to catch it testing at some point but no dice. The new paint and track looks great. Still cautious, but I'm optimistic. I think.

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I really need to get to this place; it's only a few hours from me and somehow I've never made it there. It looks like I could spend half the day just on It. Maybe I'll take a long weekend sometime this summer and head down there.

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