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Well, as the 2007 season is done for me, I have been thinking about what I would like to do park wise next year, and I am curious to see what others are planning on. These are my plans for right now:


March: Possible Trip to Las Vegas with my Step-dad and step-brother, I would definatly go to Adventuredome, New York New, York and Nascar Cafe, and would like to try to get out to Buffalo Bill's.


April: Busch Gardens Euroburg


May: Quick stop at Camden Park in West Virginia on the way to Indiana


June: Hard Rock Park (may shoot for July if June is too busy)


July: Kings Dominion


August: Melissa are going to NYC for our 1 year aniversery, and she suggested we go to Coney Island for Astroland since it is the last season.



Gary "I dislike the months of January and Febuary more and more every year" Taylor

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Top Posters In This Topic

Sometime next June/July, a couple friends and I are planning to hit PKI, CP, Kennywood, Hershey Park, SFGAd, SFNE, Martin's Fantasy Island and PCW in one glorious road trip. Dorney may or may not be added depending on how we really feel about it.


Ambitious? Yes. Possible? Definitely.

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After dropping the cost of a used late model Honda on coaster trips this year, we're planning on toning down our traveling a bit next season. We hope to make the usual rounds of California, along with one out of state trip to Hershey/Kennywood/SFGadv for a super extended weekend.


Then it's back to the real world and finally trying to buy a house this year.

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Whatever I can afford. I have 2 "big" trips planned (one being Texas + Cliffs and Frontier City, the other being some of the stuff I want most like Waldameer and Knoebels) but I don't know how feasible either one is...


I would like to hit all of my local parks as I didn't make it to any this year (the Midwest trip at all of my money) and maybe GADv to get some El Toro... But I don't know yet.

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Here is what I have planned so far.



Disney World (all the parks)*



Ghost Town in the Sky*

Hard Rock Park*

Bush Gardens Africa

Sea World


Also, maybe a trip to Vegas which will include riding coasters. All the coasters in Vegas are new to me.


*(marks new parks for me)

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April - May: working on a trip Power Park, actually my closest park which is about a few hours drive due south.

May - June: I'm planning a crazy credit trip, which I won't give any details for at the moment.

June - July depending on the TPR Europe trip, going to meet the people at Heide Park (at least), and on the way to and from Heide Park stop by some parks in Denmark (Tivoli Friheden, Djurs Sommerland, etc.).

August there is the TPR East Coast Trip.


And in between these trips I will always visit Liseberg a couple of times and Tusenfryd depending of the retracking/change of trains of Thundercoaster.

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Loefet: Do you live somewhere around Haparanda or the border? Anyhow, I think PowerPark opens a few days before May. The 1st of May, is a holiday. Feel free to Pm me if you need help etc.


The only 'plan' I have for next year is to go on the Mini-Europe trip, as I've wanted to visit those parks for a long time, also I just couldn't manage to pay a whole trip this year, how much I wanted to , However if there's still room in May for Eastcoast or (Europe) then I might (try to) jump in. But that's just a wild theory atm.


Also I really should drag my a$$ to Gröna Lund since I've passed Stockholm over 20 times ( usually a few times a year), never had the time to get there.


Other than that I don't know yet. It also depends if I decide to go to the army or do a civil duty thing (it's mandatory in Finland) as the civil duty would start in August, army in January 09.

I don't think I'll do many parks next year, unfortunately.

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I'm going next year for 6 months to California as an exchange student I hope go to:



-Knott's Berry Farm


-Disneyland and DCA

-Califnornia's Great America

-Las Vegas Coasters


If I stay in December go to Texas Parks like SFFT and SFOT.

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If all goes well, 2008 will be a HUGE year for me. The parks are as follows:


California Adventure

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Knott's Berry Farm

Universal Studios Hollywood*

Six Flags Great America*

Mt. Olympus*

Timber Falls* (Avalanche)


Little Amerika*

Cedar Point*


King's Island*

Holiday World*

Indiana Beach*


Whew, that's quite a list. Hopefully I can raise enough money to go to all those places! Wish me luck!


*'s stand for parks I have never been to

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This will be by far my best year for amusement parks.


Magic Kingdom

MGM Studios


Animal Kingdom

Universal Studios Florida

Islands of Adventures


Six Flags Over Georgia

Carowinds (Huge Maybe)


and on the East Coast trip alone:


Busch Gardens Europe

Kings Dominion

Six Flags Great Adventure

Hershey Park

Dorney Park


Lake Compounce

Dutch Wonderland

Six Flags America

Six Flags New England

and a couple more parks that I don't know about yet

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Now that I have a car, this should be my best coaster season YET! Kicking it off in January.


January/Febuary - Going down under and hitting up Dreamworld, Warner Bros. Movie Park, maybe Sea World, and Wet 'n Wild!

(New Intamin Motocoaster, Reverse Freefall, Superman:Escape, Intamin Halfpipe, and the WORLD's tallest drop ride!!!!!)


Spring Break - Dollywood chance


June - Six Flags over Georgia! Damnit, Deja Vu...


Summer - Cedar Point, SFKK, KI, maybe Holiday World, and Six Flags Great America.

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^I thought you would have gotten the hint after I deleted your first post, but since you seem insistant on posting....


Take a few hundred off, but also take off staying at nice hotels, getting ERT, tons of food, awesome goodies, not having to drive or worry about a thing, and not to mention all the fun that everyone will have!,

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Well I'm planning those parks:


Djurs Sommerland - To try Piraten.


Fårup Sommerland - rumors are talking about a new Gerstlauer launched


Tivoli Gardens - I haven't been there in ages.




Tivoli Friheden -I have to try the new RideTek coaster to see how this company is.


Liseberg - I just have to.


Heide Park*


Europa Park*


Hansa Park*




* I've never been at those parks

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My list is currently looking like:


New to me:

Adventure City

Beijing Amusement Park

Castles & Coasters

Chimelong Paradise

Cliff's Amusement Park

Crystal Palace Amusement Park

Fishermans Wharf

Fun Spot Indiana

Happy Valley

Idlewild Park


Kemah Boardwalk

Mega Parc

Mysterious Island

Pacific Park

Sandspit Cavendish Beach

Sea World San Antonio

Shijingshan Park

Upper Clements Theme Park



Return visits:

Canada's Wonderland

Cedar Point



Elitch Gardens



Hong Kong Disneyland



Knott's Berry Farm

Legoland California

Little A-Merrick-A

Lotte World

Ocean Park

Sea World San Diego

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

Six Flags Great America

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Six Flags St Louis

Universal Studios Hollywood

Waldameer Park


There is scope for a few extra parks to find their way in there, and one or two may be dropped, but that's the broad outline.

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^I thought you would have gotten the hint after I deleted your first post, but since you seem insistant on posting....


Take a few hundred off, but also take off staying at nice hotels, getting ERT, tons of food, awesome goodies, not having to drive or worry about a thing, and not to mention all the fun that everyone will have!,


i'm sorry, i was not aware that it was deleted - it said i wasn't signed in and an hour later i didn't see it



i'm a poor college student and i'm not bashing your trip, id LOVE to go with yall and get all of those good things esp the driving part

- my intention was not to bash but to post what i'm doing without listing everything

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My planning so far:


last 2 weeks of may : HW, SFKK, KI, CP, Dorney, Hershey, Kennywood, Knoebels, SFGA, SFA, BGE, KD

April, May or June : a few days with my oldest daughter to Gardaland and Movieland

August : Disneyland Paris with wife and kids

Octobre : Port Aventura with my wife.


And of course lots of day trips : Toverland, Moviepark Horror Fest, Walibi World Fright Nights, Parc Asterix, Holidaypark, Phantasialand, .... and who knows I will end up in some parks in Belgium aswell

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Ghost Town in the Sky

Beech Bend


As of now, the big plan is to drive across America to California on spring break and finally hit the SoCal parks, with a likely revisit to SFOT. If I can't get it as cheap as I want it though, then I'll probably just end up doing a Texas touring, hitting Kemah, SFFT, SWT, and SFOT, or just a small trip to BGE and KD for opening weekend.


Other than the definites, everything is really up in there. Hopefully the California trip will come to frusion. I'd also like to try and make it to Hard Rock Park, Hershey, and SFGAdv. I probably should have just signed up for the East Coast trip!

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As I do every year, I will have a Six Flags season pass and visit SFNE alot... Other than that, I hope to get to either Cedar Point or Hersheypark in May or June, and I might get to go to Orlando for the first time in Febuary.


I'd also like to get to more of the New England parks that I haven't gotten to yet, like Lake Compounce and Funtown Splashtown.

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