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^ Thank you. They're pretty fun to ride and offer some nice views of the entrance...that hasn't been built yet. Hoping inspiration will speak again on that one. As of now, it has sort of a family park feel, but with bigger rides. Knoebel's with a hyper?


FYI, Headspin is still indeed Headspin...so far. Kidding aside, that one's finally a winner and it'll stay put.


Anyway here are a couple more random screens.


McD's Super Size train and the back of the TPR guest house with it's private sky lounges and bar.


Ground level view of Squid Attack. Sounds like a bad 50's sci-fi movie, doesn't it?

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Expedition Beer (aka Deja Vu) gets theming today. That's right pint lovers, micro brewery copper storage tanks inspired the station design. There's now a beer stand off the que and the train flies over the keg storage area. There are even seats for sitting back with your favorite ale and loop watching, tv watching...or any OTHER watching that comes to mind.


I'm told both a first aid station and a wings place will be nearby for emergencies.


Brings a whole new meaning to hang over, eh?


New station in the background. Note the black and tan sign.

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Wow. Really impressive work...


I haven't used RCT3 in ages so don't know if this is possible, but the stairs going up to your slides look slightly weird without supports. Can those be added? If not, not a major thing.


Maybe we can all kick in some money to get this park built in reality. I hear car washing and cake stalls are good fundraisers.

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Thank you for the kind words. I appreciate them. Yeah, I'm having a good time building. Lotsa mistakes and "growing", but having a lot of fun.


The view distance makes stairs, parts of slides, and whole coasters look incomplete when zoomed out. The supports are there, but the camera has to be zoomed in close.


Wow. This as a real park? While very cool, we'd better invest in some goooooood planners right off the bat, because this thing needs A LOT of work.


Thanks again, man.

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Yes, another round of updates today. Screens attached for your dismay...er...enjoyment.


Remember when you use the Porcelain Goddess, TPR is watching. Altogether now....EWWWWWW!


Kneel before the Porcelain Goddess...bowl slide.


The unnamed water park is shaping up.


The new Shirley Temple kiddie slide. Just for KidTums.


Journey to the Center of Robb with it's new Vault Icee inspired colors. It'll leave you thirsty and weak-kneed. Then you'll do it again because it's awesome.

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^Thanks. A true milestone in my 3D career: Simulating a giant toilet. (grinning and shaking head). All that work on the new slide left me feeling flushed.


Maybe we can all kick in some money to get this park built in reality.


Upon further thinking, that's one of the nicest compliments a person can get. Thank you VERY much Zen Coaster for that! That really made my day.


Ok, first the bad news. After much testing, the structural engineers gave the thumbs down on Zydeco Scream. Seems the Katrina flood damage was more extensive than first thought. Sadly, ZS was taken back down this past weekend. Upon further review, only part of the train was salvagable. Big shame.


One of the engineers suggested putting what was left of the train on display, which prompted the idea of a small park inside the Pipeline Coaster test track. Several phone calls and rushed approval meetings later, a few notable arrow trains were out of storage and on display. And, of course, there were other small additions during the weekend. See for yourself.


Wow! Those folks are quick! I come back from lunch and there's more fauna in place.


The Shrubbers filled in the greenspace near McDonald's Super Size. Now every low-flying plane and UFO will know what park this is.


A new first aid station, ATM, and putting green were installed near TPR party pool. Yep, the golfers are grinning (me too).


Vekoma Alley got one of the original Stealth Flying Dutchman trains for display near it's entrance.


Overview of the new garden. Pictured are Arrow Pipeline Coaster Prototype (far left with re-routed observation deck) SFNO Zydeco Scream (under yellow and red awning), SFGAm Shockwave red train (out of storage from SFGAdv), GL Double Loop purple train, BGA Python (sent from storage at BGE), SFMM X cars, Opryland USA's blue train and Opryland's sign at the back. Landscaping forthcoming.


Opryland USA's blue train in the foreground and 2007 SFMM X cars on display.


The remaining cars from Zydeco Scream on display in the new Arrow train garden. Official name for the area still pending.

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^&^^ Thanks you guys. Always appreciate the kind words. The fact this thing has had so many hits just amazes me.


I'm cleaning up the rider roster a bit and will post progress later this weekend. Still working on the now named water park and former Intamin Gap. Intamin Gap only had 2 rides and was ho-hum. If I can deliver it right, it's replacement will make it worthwhile to go over to that section of the park other than a quick in and out for a credit. As time wears on, the changes and former rides/areas will be documented just for fun.


It's funny, I've watched parks make decisions and went "Why on earth did they make that choice? That's just dumb!" Being in the driver's seat, you end up making similar dumb choices, because it's the lesser evil of a few options to the particular problem you're working. It's a real eye-opener and a real teacher. Balancing all this stuff, artistically, practically, and making it entertaining and fun, is really tough. Got a whole new respect for ride and park designers. I've done MANY things wrong. Got some things very right too.


Just a random fun fact: Acceptable Wetness at the TPR Party Pool is modeled after the first real waterslide I ever went on as a kid. It was at a public pool in near Dayton Ohio. While small, it was great fun to ride and it's even better to share that little slide with everyone.


Cheers all, and see you with screens soon.


Acceptable Wetness (blue slide) at the TPR Party Pool

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Lotsa progress over the weekend. Still no main entance I need a Vault Icee.


Okay, onto pics...


Looks like it's BBQ time at the guest house. Uh-oh. THAT much fire can't be good.


Ghetto Fair got a working Kaos. And there was much rejoicing...by the Kaos and Python fans.


Onboard Texas Twister, the nearby theme buildings were painted a similar green and tan to honor the originals. The creepy tree is even there, minus the really creepy hag on the bed.


Soul Glow Rapids now uses grey boats to honor Grizzly Run and there's a Raging Wolf Bobs train displayed nearby, just as the two were close by at Geauga Lake


Next is Geauga Pass (formerly Intamin Gap). Yes, more hand-me-downs, repainted and tuned up from Geauga Lake.


Some of the waterpark entrance themeing.


Yes, that ripple is where you land.




The Beer Funnel, just like some imports, has an extra "kick" at the end. It doesn't deliver you gently into the catch pool. Oh no. It ARCS you into it from several feet above. Just follow the blue mat.


(Thanks Adrenaline_Rush)


The newly named Kegger's Island got sand! See? Sand! Oh, and some car funnel slide thingy.


TPR-Land overview. Hope everybody enjoyed the update.

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That looks really good I wish there was a real theme park like that


Had I the resources and means, I would. Sadly, something like that is not my destiny in this life, but the compliment makes me smile.


niiicolaaah wrote:

OMG that toilet slide is awesome!!!!!



Yep!! and I call it like that too. lol


(chuckling) Hey, glad you both liked it. That one was definately inspired. Had a few laughs building it. Thank you.


I wonder what that big piece of land is at the top of the last pic is for?


(Looks around...)It's an Aquatrax, but that's between you and me, ok? Don't tell nobody.


Still miles to go, but glad the park is doing what it's designed to do, entertain and bring smiles.

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Well gang, this week at work has just been kicking my arse. Seriously! By the time I've gotten home, I haven't had nearly as much time to work on TPR-Land. Did get a few additions over this past weekend. Time for pics.



Finally, a heartfelt and respectful memorial to Masked Maverick, aka Daniel Miller.


He's surrounded by one of the things here dearly loved in life, roller coasters, including a gold train from Cedar Point's Maverick.


Astroworld's Swat also finds it's new home in Arrow Bend. Seems SFNE was quick to remove the ride and get rid of part of an old Schwartzkopf Viper train that was used in a halloween display. By pure chance, an Astroworld sign came with the Viper train.


Riders cross a symbolic bridge to enter Swat, just as they would've at Astroworld. Glad to see it running again.


Opryland USA's Tennessee Waltz was discovered in storage in Nashville recently. Seems a local production company bought the ride and intended to use it in a video for an up and coming country star. The artist didn't quite make it and the ride sat in storage, forgotten. Since the production company went bankrupt, they sold off their assets, including TW. It's new home is in Arrow Bend here in TPR-Land.


An early Hypersonic XLC train in the train garden at Arrow Bend. It's from the 1950's. (That's a classic car joke for the literal folks and those who don't quite get my humor.)


Just a fun pic of the repainted Boardwalk Typhoon in Geauga Pass. Why do I have a sudden urge to play Dead or Alive? Wierd...


The Straight Shooters, formerly of Western Chute-Out at Hershey Park. Gello shooters and wrestling coming soon.


For you Porcelain Goddess bowl slide fans. Best part is, you don't have to jiggle the handle.

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Wow! Thank you all for the nice words.


Everything else is also looking good. Will we see any more relocations from SFAW here?


That's a toughy...


Last I heard, management was negotiating with Six Flags America for a couple Ultra Twister cars to go with Viper and Swat. If all goes well, this is likely the last set of coaster trains to go on display in the park.


That memorial really adds a great touch to the park. *sniff*
Now that is AWESOME!!! he was a great guy!


TPR-Land just wasn't complete without him. Daniel needed a place somewhere nice. The memorial is just down the walk from the guest house on right before Geauga Pass.


Yeah, I got misty-eyed too. Never met the guy, but enjoyed his posts. The gold Maverick train was only fitting. I hope it honors him and his friends here approve.

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Apparently, SFNE is no longer selling Catapult.

Oh, so it's the old "Bait and Switch" eh, SFNE? Next thing you know, those Viper cars aren't the real McCoys...


I cook up a plausible back story, and look what happens. Sheesh. Hmmm...so how to explain this one away.....


Go it. It was space aliens. They picked me up with their mind powers, shook me like a dog, and created temporal rip in the space time continuum, allowing a "parallel universe Swat" to be transported into this universe and put in TPR-Land. Now the big question. If it's from a parallel universe, is it Eeeeevil?


*Note to self - Get better writers, don't quit the day job, and knock off the Starbucks for a while...

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