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WillMontu had a great idea in building a TPR Theme Park in RCT2. Since noone's done it in RCT3, I have. (Bows respectfully to WillMontu and his inspiration).


The park is based on numerous trip reports and repeating inside jokes, as well as some likes and suggestions from the board. It also uses several real-life coasters and slides rethemed or 1-offed.


The park was completed on December 24, 2007.


* = Photo Spot


Main Gate


McDonald's with wi-fi and Vault

TPR-Land Executive and Technical Offices and Gift Shoppe


Coaster Universe News Today - News Desk



Park Center


Starbucks Double Shot (SFGAdv Chiller) - Mocha (Robin) Latte (Batman)

Journey to the Center of Robb - Intamin Drop Tower and tallest ride in park

*The Lake Octopus - Octopus flat ride

Outdoor Internet Cafe with LCD panels and WiFi for forum Updates, PTRs, etc.

TPR Guest House with large back deck, 2 private rotating observation lounges, and private bar

TPR Party Pool - Mid-Size Pool , inflatable Ship Slide, 2 Jacuzzis , Acceptable Wetness (Body Slide), Kiddie Pool, Lap Pool

Putting Green

Masked Maverick Memorial

Zen Garden

Flip's - Art Booth



Ghetto Fair


McDonald's Super Size - B&M Hyper (SFoG Goliath 1 off with bonus helix)

Tsunami - B&M Invert based on scooterdoug's Coaster Dynamix kit

*McFlurry - Huss Giant Frisbee

Gyrator, Zipper, Kaos, Meteorite (Fireball), Zipper, Space Rings, Top Spinner (Power Surge), Double Sky Wheel, Robocoaster, Swing Inverter

Food Court

The Best Ride Ever - The big dirt pile out back



Kegger’s Island (Water Park)


Squid Attack – 5 Body slides (2 SFKK The Squid wet/dry slides and Geauga Lake Shark Attack slides)

The Porcelain Goddess – Proslide Bowl

Shirley Temple - Kiddie slide

The Beer Funnel – Proslide Tornado

Straight Shooters – Tube slides (1/2 of Hershey Park Western Chute-Out)

The Drunken Sot Bar and Grill

6 Private Cabanas



Vekoma Alley


Headspin (formerly Boomerang, Generic Boomerang)- Vekoma Boomerang

*Sideboob Ride of Death - Vekoma Invertigo

*Expedition Beer - As close as I can get to a Vekoma Giant Boomerang

*Original Stealth Flying Dutchman train display

Igor The Mixer



Arrow Bend


*The Demon - Arrow Launched Loop Shuttle

*EXT - Arrow Corkscrew Model with revamped Togo stand up trains

Swat with Viper and Ultra Twister train display

Tennessee Waltz (Chair Swings)

*Arrow Pipeline Coaster prototype display and train garden - *SFNO Zydeco Scream train display, *Shockwave red train display (out of storage from SFGAdv), *GL Double Loop purple train display, *BGA Python train display (sent from storage at BGE), *2007 SFMM X cars display, *Opryland USA's blue train display, *Hypersonic XLC train display

Joe's Chuck Wagon Restaurant

Bench: The Ride

Psychiatric Help Booth



Geauga Pass (formerly Intamin Gap )


Steel Venom (formerly Hanging Bench the Ride) - Intamin Twisted Impulse Coaster

Soul Glo Rapids - Intamin Rapids Ride (Alabama Adventure_Wild River Gorge) with 6 person boats

Texas Twister (Huss Topspin)

Boardwalk Typhoon (Scrambler)


Timewarp (Dual Inverter, rethemed and moved from Ghetto Fair)

Raging Wolfbobs train display, *Dominator train display, *X-Flight train display, *Beaverland Mine Ride train display



Past Rides


The Golden Hippo (Miler Kiddie Coaster)

King Cobra (Schwartzkopf Shuttle Loop)



I'll render PoVs soon. Hope everyone enjoys and has a laugh or two.


Random pirates guarding the construction site/great big pile o dirt.


Starbucks Double Shot, aka Chiller.


McDonald's Super Size station. This Goliath knock-off runs the length of and surrounds Ghetto Fair and Journey to the Center of Robb.


TPR Letters over the Ghetto Fair.


Looking down the Ghetto Fair.


Vekoma Alley.


TPR Land near picturesque Finger Lake (a complete fluke). Off to the left, construction has already started on next years attraction.

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Small update today with a couple more screen caps. Enjoy!


*Boomerang is now Generic Boomerang.

*More detail added to landscaping/themeing around Starbucks Double Shot.


McDonalds Super Size from McFlurry. Dude, I'm McDizzy...Vekoma Alley in the background, through the...um, never mind.



3 trains and starbucks theming.

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Thanks all. Got a lot done this weekend, but there's still more on the way. When more stuff gets done this week, screens will follow asap. Been chuckling quite a bit while building this park.


you should try a bench the ride


Working on that one, but not sure how to deliver it. One of the things I tried ended up lame. I mean REALLY lame! B:TR is on the list.


How'd you do fog in the queue for the Boomerang in the second picture?


There are particle effects in the decorations/statues/whatever. I used the "particle effect Mist" and scattered a few about. Looks cool, but slows down animation. Be warned if your computer isn't the peppiest. Mine is a 1.6 gig with a gig of RAM and it slowed down a bunch.

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Update time.


(New!) Arrow Bend Section (Next to Vekoma Alley):


* The Demon (1st Arrow Launched Shuttle Loop)

* EXT (Arrow Corkscrew with stand up trains & 1st stand up coaster in the country)


More goodness in the screen caps below.


Since the original Arrow converted trains were bought by ACE, EXT now sports Togo Death Machine Trains. Well, it is called EXTREMEroller after all! And what's that running in the background...


EXT was testing in front of the new photo spot. I could hardly stand it!


He prefers long neck bottles , but only in moderation.


"So what are we doing tonight, Brain?" "The the same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world."


Generic Boomerang. Generic caption.


The Cronies are out at Sideboob Ride of Death.

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Head banging? No no, Vekoma fixed that in the redesign. As it turns out the constant down time and rough ride were caused by the criss crossing tracks. Who knew? They even put up a sign saying "Deja Vu: Yes it's really running today!"


Oh yes, The Demon was testing earlier today in front if it's new photo spot in Arrow Bend. There are also rumors of a couple of Intamin rides going in, some time this week...


The Demon launched loop shuttle coaster after refurbishment.

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Just a few quick screens for this update. Still working on the overall ride roster. In the end, there will be at least 24 possible ride PoVs, maybe more. Right now, it's 10 til midnight, I'm beat, and here are the screens. Enjoy!


This guy kicked the crap out of his handlers for standing in front of the door to the storage shed, yet not being able to find it. Then The Lake Octopus finished them off.


Deja Vu is now Expedition Beer. Yep tv's in line so you won't miss the game, a T-Rex, and loops.


The Arrow Pipeline coaster prototype test track and train display in Arrow Bend.


Twilight view from Intamin Gap onboard Soul Glo Rapids.

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More screens from this weekend's building and reshaping. This is it for now as life outside the park is calling.


FYI, this really is a labor of love, and it's really pushing my creativity (and my poor laptop) to the limit. Yes, growth is a good thing, particularly when you get to have FUN too. Building this park has been a lot of fun so far and it's great I can share all this with the community.




The Lake Octopus. It chases drunk people. 24 hour ban in 3...2...1...


McFlurry and Super Size. Great, now I'm all hungry...


View of the Ghetto Fair from the internet cafe. Carnies not included.


The outddor internet cafe, conveniently located next to the TPR Guest House and Party Pool. Also has satellite TV for catching up on lost and those Discovery Channel specials on theme parks.


Back of the TPR Guest House with it's party deck. Accross the walk is the Party Pool, with it's recently added kiddie pool and lap pool.

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^ Thanks man. I appreciate that.


Just a little update tonight. The private sky lounges off the Guest House were intalled tonight and offer more places to hang out, chill, drink beer, whatever after a hard day of coaster riding. Since the TPR gang likes going together for rental houses, etc and likes it's parties, this was a logical addition. Plus, everybody needs some down time and now there are a few more places to do that.


Seen much talk on other threads about custom scenery packs. For this project, I'm not using them, simply because I'm well along and don't know enough about them. Maybe later, but not right now. Dock cool points if you must.


Also, no woodie plans. Yes, I DO want to include at least 1, but they're very difficult to reproduce. Tracks are buried in supports and run at odd angles. RCT3 doesn't like this, which is why many have gone to No Limits. On that note, may do NL in the future, but not at present. For now, no, and yes, I realize I should be taken out behind the woodshed. Take heart, I'm tinkering with wood coasters in RCT3 and learning more so I CAN do them in the future.


For everybody whose kept up so far, just taken a passing look, or left a comment, thank you.

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^ You do have a good point and some of the creative work out there is great. In a way, custom scenery is almost a standard. Yeah, my stuff pales compared to what's out there, but then, I'm not really competing with anyone. Just having fun. Besides, there are those better and those worse, so why worry?


I'm still green to RCT3 in several ways and want to fully explore what can be done with the included before adding the custom stuff. Have hit very few short-comings that hindered creativity. Besides, it's also a bit of a challenge, like building an older coaster from a couple pics and a park map.


Regardless, kind words, compliments, etc are always appreciated. And now on to more shameless promoting...


A friend and I dressed as KISS in DC. Just seeing if you were paying attention.


Intamin Gap. Still working on it


Arrow Bend. Still working on it


Vekoma Alley. It's for Boomerang lovers. Kinda like Virginia.


Ok, still working on it


Kidtums is gonna love her new sandbox.


Overview of the park, with happy little trees...

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^ What's so funny about it? Kidding aside, it's been a hairball of a week and I'm working on another project for the 'Tube channel, so this one went on back burner. Hopefully, I can do more during the holidays.


Kinda tapped out on creative ideas right now, but I did learn a couple tricks in RCT3 this week. Here's one:


* When you build a pool complex (change room, slides, pool, random pirates, etc...) if you extend the flat pool deck out to the slide stairs, instead of using the stairs/pathway to go connect to the deck around the pool, it saves the slides too. Very cool! To briefly illustrate my point, here's a pic.


See how the deck extends back behind the slides, acting like a path? Oh, and those missing slide parts really aren't there. It's not a view-distance thing. ;)

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I originally posted this in the RCT4 thread, but thought it bore repeating here.


Things I'd like to see in RCT3:


* More odd angles and to be able to do more than just forward and back to those odd angles. At present you can't climb or descend on on a gentle curve. Makes it' difficult to reproduce woodies.


* As someone else stated before, would like to see 1st gen Intamin Drop Towers. Would've loved to have these for a couple models I built recently.


* OD Hopkins style mini-rafts (Myrtle Beach Pavillion Hydro Surge/Holiday World) as option for rapids rides.


* 8-Person rafts option for rapids (Grizzly River Run/Penguin Blizzard River) rides.


* Classic fair/carnival version of the Spider/Octopus.


* Different kinds of supports (A-frame steel poles, steel boxy lattice like on arrow coasters, etc.), not just the standard poles. Maybe some adjustment on them?


* Not requiring riders to go through the lift hill part of the Dingy Slide. When you're reproducing the 80s/90s wet dry slides, you end up going to body slides, which better makes the point, but isn't quite as historically accurate.


* A long, narrow break section option instead of a catch pool for the Dingy Slide. Again, historical accuracy.


* Better way to grab and group coasters and scenery or multiple slides together. Seems hit and miss at times.


* Better animal trainer AI. Have had several trainers who can't find the utility shed to get food or trade out tools, and they're standing right in front of it with no obstructions nearby.


* Be able to turn off the park inspector so you aren't bombarded with messages, especially during rides. Graying out his options, helps some, but not enough.


* Believe it or not, a bigger build area. If you go really indepth with detail, the space can fill up very quickly with only a hand full of rides and their scenery.


* The ability in SandBox mode to highlite a structure (building, hotel, etc.) and save it there, instead of having to jump into the building editor and save it for import into a future scenario.


* More options for holes than just the standard 6 for the mini-golf.


* Support for JPG,GIF,TIF, etc in the billboard/signs. RCT3 only does BMP.


Yes, some of the above can be done with csp's (custom scenery packs) but I'd rather see it from Infograms/Atari. Also, it is understood that licenses must be had to include models of particular rides, otherwise it's copyright infringement. Also understand said licenses can be difficult to get and can be very expensive.


The above is just what I've experienced as a frequent user and modeler. These folks really do deserve a pat on the back for the sheer multitude of things you CAN do and the crazy programming it took to get there. And the animal PoV cameras are just brilliant! RCT3 really is a great product and creative tool already.

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I agree with everything you just said, but the best way to recreate a coaster is to use No Limits Coaster.


Or 3DS Max. It's good for Intamin Rapids Boats too.


Like I said, one day I will get around to that, once I've learned much more about RCT3. There's still a big world of techno goodness to explore in that platinum box. Right now launching test dummies from water slides is way more entertaining than a bug zapper and a six pack. Gzot!

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Alright friends and neighbors, it's update time once again. 3 additions this week.


*Arrow Bend get's Zydco Scream, an Arrow (?) Boomerang from SFNO

*Vekoma Alley replaces (yes, again) Generic Boomerang with Geauga Lake's Headspin. (They'll get it right eventually...)

*Geauga Lake's old Shark Attack slides and 2 slides from SFKK's old Squid complex, are merged into...wait for it...........Squid Attack. (You knew that one was coming.) All have been refurbished and converted to body slides.


Oops! Sorry mighty admins. I went over the 150k size on one pic. I will now hang my head in shame.


It was pure dumb luck that all those slides from 2 separate projects all fit together almost PERFECTLY into one complex. Somebody likes me.


The Squid + Shark Attack = Squid Attack. Got it? Good. Now go have a cheesy poof and a smile.


A newly painted Headspin and station. What will it be called next week? Tune in and find out!


Zydeco Scream in it's new home at Arrow bend. It's kinda like that one house on the block that's a smidge different from the rest of the neighborhood.

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