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Random Photo TR: Nicole and Derek go to... QVC?!


Do you shop at QVC?  

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My mom loves QVC. Once I came to PA I realized the QVC studio is not that far away from where Derek lives. So since all the amusement parks around here are closed, and we were extremely bored, today we decided to make my mom jealous and go take the QVC studio tour!


This report sponsored by RANDOM LEAF VACUUM!!!!


We hope you enjoyed our trip report. People thought we were tourists because we were taking so many pictures.


And here's the QVC local bus. Maybe it will be in a town near you soon!


Here is where they shoot all the outdoor segments about hoses and rakes and umbrellas and such.


We weren't allowed to bring our cameras inside the actual studio, so here is a picture of a squirrel instead.


What is in the bag? A QVC ruler? An engagement ring? A shrunken head? You decide.


They have lots of jewelry too!


Dave even has his own line of hot sauces on QVC. This one has adjustable hotness! This would be great for Robb's wings!


They sell food and soda here too! No beer though, sorry Derek


And for Joe! Look, Joe, these penguins come already assembled! ;)


Look, Jahan, they have something for you too!


I wonder if you can buy the Christmas tree with the ornaments already on it?


There's something here for everybody. Derek found what he was looking for!


It's much easier to smell things in the store than it is to smell them on TV!


Since our tour wouldn't start for another 40 minutes, we decided to check out the store.


I think it's about to fall on my head!


"No... you don't say!"


"Hey Derek... I think we're at QVC!"


I'm so excited!


These parking spots were totally meant for us!


But they make it very obvious once you're there!


West Chester, PA is where QVC studio park is located. There are not many signs to show you where to go once you get off this road

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That was awesome! Does QVC have enough groupies that it warrants a tour?!?! Isn't one of the home shopping networks based in Florida?


Yeah I think its in Clearwater actually!


Nice PTR Nicole, and if you are so bored in the offseason, maybe get a job working as a leaf vaccum-er?

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Very...um...interesting Photo TR.


Believe it or not, I actually bought something from QVC some years back. Right now I can't remember what it was.


Strangely, my wife used to actually turn on the TV and watch the QVC Channel for a long time. With over 100 channels to choose programming, she watched that?



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Very nice Photo-TR, Nicole. I never thought they will have a studio tour and actually it looks like you had fun out there.

At the tour, do you really saw these guys in the studios, trying to sell their stuff? How near you could go? Didn´t Derek tried to jump infront of a camera?



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We walked through a big hall that went around all sides of the sets like one floor around them, we did get to see them actually filming but we were separated by glass for most of it. At one part we got to go on like an observation deck that had no glass, that was neat. There were so many lights in there! And we got to go in the audience part of the set they use when they film a show that has an audience. These shows are free to the public and celebrities go there! We're gonna keep our eye on the website and try to go if Paula Dean comes back

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