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Photo TR - Six Flags Great America

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My wife and I decided to take a 4 hour drive up to Gurnee to be at Six Flags for the last weekend of the year.


After getting checked into our hotel at about 1:30 on Saturday, we headed over to the park. When we got into the parking lot, we drove around and found out that the only places left to park were WAY out in BFE, so we decided to leave. If the parking lot was that full, (plus there were at least 20 school buses) we could only imagine what the park was like. Good thing I had parking on my pass so it didn't cost us anything.


So we headed back to hotel, went swimming and headed to the Gurnee Mills Mall. One good thing was when we went into the Disney Store, they had a bunch of adult sized t-shirts clearanced out for $2.50. So I grabbed a Jack Skellington and an Incredibles shirt while my wife got a Sally and Tinkerbell shirt.


So, try #2. We got to the park about 10 min. before the park opened and waited for the running of the bulls to Raging Bull. We just let everyone take off and we just walked at a brisk pace. So when we got to Bull they were still testing it. And testing. And testing. It was kind of like the first day at Cedar Point with the TPR trip without the rain. Finally, after about 20-30 minutes, they let us in, and with my wife and I just walking instead of running, we got on the second train.


After getting done with our ride, we seen that the que for Bull was really long so we decided that getting a Flash Pass would be a good idea. As we were walking up to the store to get it, we seen a lot of people coming back out the entrance. We were thinking that they were sold out already, but it was just that the computers were down and the hadn't even sold one yet. So after waiting about another 45 mins. or so, we finally have our Flash Pass.



The rest of the day went pretty well. We see a lot of the Fright Fest shows, cut in front of a lot of people using our Q-Bot. And then "it" happened. While riding bull at nite, two guys in the first rode decided to spit while we going thru the mcbr where the que line is almost underneath us. So when we got back to the station, my wife motions for a ride op to come over and she told him what had happened. He then asked if we would fill out a report, we said yes, and they stopped the kids and called security.


After security showed up, we all got escorted to the center of the park, into an employees only section, to the security trailer, where we filled out the report. I'm not sure what happened to the kids, being there was only about and hour and a half left in the day. The security officer then thanked us for taking the time to fill out the report and apologized and hoped it didn't ruin our day. He then asked us where we were heading and escorted us thru the backstage area to the nearest place we were heading. I didn't think about it until we were done to take pictures, so I didn't get any while we were back there.


And now, onto the pics.


I think he might be trying to hide from Terrance.




One of the many changed signs.


Looks like everyone is trying to moon me.


Better lift up your feet. Drunk looking zombie might get them.


Such pretty trees. Oh yeah, and Batman.


Train with just ride ops. If it was raining, I would have thought we were back on the Midwest Trip.


Emtpy train


Line waiting for Raging Bull to open


I couldn't go up into the Sky Trek Tower cause it has a case of the King Kongs.


I'm ManPumpkinTree, give me some candy!


See? It really is red.


Fire and red water... how can you go wrong?

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Part 2


But not me.


They were scaring the crap out of people.


These guys were neat.


Or not.


I thought Six Flags went Non-Smoking? Better get security.


This was pretty cool.




I'm betting that he had a yeast infection.


I think they have grave robbers.


and going.


and going,


The line was like the Energizer Bunny. It just kept going,




Up, up and AWAY! Sorry, couln't help myself.


Hmmmm. Q-Bot goodness. We were on Superman in less than 10 minutes.

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Part 3.


And with this, saying goodbye for yet another season. It will be a long winter without any coasters.




Its Floppie the Banjo Playing Clown. (Blue Man Group reference)


"Trolls, I hate trolls"


Evil TinkerBell?


I bet Gene Simmons is his idol.




Some random themeing.

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You can use it as many times as you want.


SFGAm has two versions- Regular and Gold.


The regular one reserves your ride time and you allegedly wait about as long as someone standing in line.


The gold one (more $$) gets you in much faster. I think they say it takes 75% of the wait time off. Seems even faster then that. If I'm going to get one I always go for the gold.

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You can use it as many times as time will allow you. When we went to Raging Bull, right after we were ok'd by the Q-Bot op, I qued up Bull again. It said that our time to ride was even before we got on the first time. So after we rode, we just walked around and went right back up to ride again. I'm sure that was probably getting some people mad that were standing in line. It was probably a good hour and a half wait, and we rode it twice within 20 min.

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I have only done the SFGAM fright fest once but it was a good time. The unusually warm weather has caused all the halloween events in my area to have crazy waits. So we did more Haunted Houses than parks this year.

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^ I've actually found that SFGAm Fright Fest is getting more crowded each year. Friday nights used to be empty, and now they're almost as bad as the weekends.


They keep uping the theming but, the scaractors seem to be diminishing each year.

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