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Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces "X2"

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^^Who's taking it literally?


"X is now in the 5th Dimension" doesn't sound cool, it sounds like an obvious, cheesy, SF marketing strategy.


That's what makes it lame.


Not what they're doing to improve it.

So what are the supposed to call it? 4.5 Dimension they don't want to completely change the name of the coaster but I think since there are new trains, it calls for a new name.


I have no problem giving it a new name. I'm talking about the 5th Dimension bologna. They're two different things.


^I saw that too and was hoping for a video of whats going on during the revamp.


From what I've been hearing they are going to be completely renovating the station (with what sounds like a good possibility of a dropping floor) and having the tunnel from the station to the lift hill. Looks like that 10 million bucks might end up doing more than we first thought.

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Although there hasn't been much news on X2 as of late (beside Jahan's excellent pictures and infinatethrill's questionable ones), I am still very excited about this ride. I'm sure converting the 2nd seat flip of the ride into a full/full would have been outrageously expensive. So here's hoping that the new S&S trains (which I hope there are pics of soon) will not become as rough as quickly (allegedly) as Eejanaika's.


I hope TPR is able to do an X2 campout/media day event like what was done for Tatsu.


So, until then, here is the video of the very first testing of the 4th dimension coaster on a short track section of a 2 row train. This was at the Arrow plant in Utah. It has been posted here before, but I put it on youtube for your convenience. Enjoy!


Note: you may want to shrink the image for improved clarity.

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Thanks for posting! Did you guys notice how different the "Pickle Forks" are on the prototype than what they were on the 1st gen X Trains? The prototype had support on the bottom of the seats as well. Do you think weight was probably an issue there as well?



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Actually I apologize lol. I guess I was never really that observant with the trains. I only noticed the support on the top of the seats. I only noticed it on the prototype train in the video.



They seemed to be well disguised here!



But now I see it!



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^That's a great video, it actually was the first video I ever saw that explained the "X rail" technique so vividly, because like you said, the man himself Tim Burkhart is awesome at explaining those types of things.


That video was on the Discovery Channel right when X came out, I had it recorded on tape then my brother recorded over it...damn!


Couple things to notice...


Awesome X rail carrier footage (while the ride is circuiting)

1st generation pickle forks (they're the original purple)

No covering over the Transfer Shed

Racing Superman The Escape footage

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That video was on the Discovery Channel right when X came out, I had it recorded on tape then my brother recorded over it...damn!


I saw the documentary with that exact segment about X in it 6 months ago, it was in one on the 'Extreme Rides' shows, which I still have a copy of. I guess thats why our excited enthusiast is not described as an enthusiast so much as an 'Extreme Rider'.

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