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Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces "X2"

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Hey everyone!


This just in from SFMM:


X launches into a new galaxy, becoming X2.


X, the world's first 4th dimension thrill ride, is once again pushing all limits and taking extreme to the next level in 2008. This $10 million investment features completely redesigned, sleeker trains and introduces all-new, innovative state-of-the-art visual, audio and sensory effects. X will move from the 4th dimension to the 5th and become X2!


With its 360° rotating seats and head-first, face down drops, X has been one of the most popular thrill rides on the planet. With the redesign, X2 will take you on a journey to a unique and unchartered dimension of extreme only Six Flags Magic Mountain can deliver.


Unlike traditional coasters where trains only parallel the track, X2 sends riders screaming around its 3,600-foot maze of steel track aboard massive wing-shaped trains where the seats extend off of the track to the sides of the vehicle, allowing them to independently rotate you head over heels, forward and backward creating a one-of-a-kind "don't know what to expect next" sensation. X2 launches the extreme thrills of X into a new dimension with the addition of a unique new tunnel and light experience that changes with every ride.


In order for the transformation to take place, X will close in late 2007, and X2 will launch in spring 2008.



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Well I for one am glad for the change, I mean those trains were needed BADLY!


As for the paint job:


I know its not a new ride, but its a new experience, and Id rather have that over just a Thomas Town and the same X next year, wouldn't you?

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I gotta be honest here...


I rode X 10 times yesterday (don't ask!) and it wasn't nearly as rough as Eejanaika with the 'new trains'. I worry that these new trains won't make any difference and the ride will still be as rough as it has been. I guess maybe the new trains will help make the ride more reliable and cost less in maintenance and that's why they're going for it. But don't expect to go ride Son of X and expect it to be smooth like the opening few months.


Oh, and I HATE when parks market old crap that sucks as new and great, when in reality the stuff sucked and needed to be fixed. I hated it when Disneyland did it for the 50th and I hate it just the same that SFMM is doing it!

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I just saw this an hour or so ago...It sounds pretty kick ass if you ask me. I think the new paint job is going to do a lot for the coaster, I've always thought the pink was a little out of the ordinary. Hopefully the new trains will bring life back to the coaster because I also agree that the ride was pretty violent the last time I rode it as well. Hopefully this overhaul will do a lot for the coaster.

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I'm just impressed that Shapiro is spending so much money trying to improve the ride. Whether it works or not, the fact that he's doing that instead of just throwing up another major coaster or ride to deteriorate is quite the statement. Plus, the fact that he's done dirty work like getting rid of Pscylone, two of the Deja Vus, and soon to be Flashback also makes a big statement. Then there are the little things like ordering a paint job for the hideous looking Chang. Personally, I will go without major ride additions for a few years if he's keeps this up. I'm hoping he won't mind throwing a few million around to get the updated trains for the Vekoma SLCs. I know people have been a bit disappointed with the new additions that have been coming to SF parks, but peronally, I'm really excited about what the future holds. In a few more years, I think quite a few of these will be really nice parks.


Anyway, I was going to try and make it out to SoCal in March, but I'm not sure if I should since there's a chance X might not even be open. I'll have to see.

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Well all I can say is good luck to them. After inheriting such a torrid mess from the previous management, it must have been a big decision to keep the ride at all.


After my Eejanaika experience (which was supposed to have been the big improvement after all the problems with the original), this comes across as damage limitation for a flawed ride.


But on the positive side of things, they still have a big flagship ride within their arsenal, and it will still get huge crowds.

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I am hoping I can get out to MM sometime next year. I have been to the LA area 2-3 times within the millennium and never gotton a chance to visit Velencia. I will try my best to get out here next year.


Back on topic, the new colors, trains, and effects sound really cool on X and hopefully an improvement.


BTW, How come so many annoucements come on Thursdays?





All of CF's usually

Six Flag's 2008 plans

Hershey Park

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Even though we knew this would be happening, its really nice to see the official announcement. The question of whether or not these new trains will make the ride more bearable I'm sure is still up in the air for everyone, especially the park.


But x2? I dunno, i guess if you're gonna be dropping ten mill, you might as well try to make the most of it, right? So a new name and some new paint are in order, which I'm fine with. Lol, the fifth dimension, who are they kidding. Maybe we'll get a new logo at the entrance too.


Hopefully this special effects tunnel will be a couple hundred feet long, but something tells me that these special effects might not be workable after a year or two...

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I doubt that this will make X smooth. After seeing how bad the vibrations on teh windwalker trains were, I think that cantilevering seats off the track on a high-speed coaster is just not stiff enough to prevent these vibrations.

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I think this is good.


It should be interesting to see the park market next year with its double threat--Thomas Town for families and X2 for thrill seekers. I'm amazed to hear of "effects" the ride will be getting. Even if it's a tunnel--it goes beyond new paint or a reprogramming and becomes an actual addition of some sort to a previous ride. Very interesting.




Anyway, this pleases me. Perhaps just because I'm guarenteed something to go take pictures of. LOL.


What I'm more interested in is what will happen with Dejavu...I mean, if X gets Deja's color scheme....*shrugs*






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I cant ever understand the over theming of a roller coaster. I mean its a roller coaster. If I want lights and special effects I go ride a special effects ride.

Plus where on X do you really have time to enjoy any type of light display aint the ride disorinting enough.

X was great the way it was a tunnel just doesnt make me want to run out to SFMM to ride it. Plus I bet the special effects will be in the station house so you have something to do as you wait in the long 90 minute line.

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