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BAD Hotels/Motels near parks

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The Rodeway Inn near CP in Sandusky was somewhat scary. Cops were in there a couple of times and the rooms were like something out of a 'Starsky and Hutch' episode!


The bathroom was nasty and the carpeting was stained with something that I probably will never care to know!


All of this fun for $95+ a night! I will gladly pay the extra money for one of the CP resorts from now on, even though the cheapie rooms at the Breakers are nothing to write home about.


In years past when money was tight, I did have an enjoyable couple of stays at the hotel that is right on the corner before you get on the CP causeway. Only trouble is that the name changes every year, so I can't give you the current name of the restaurant and hotel.


I did notice that they have installed a ghetto version of Castaway Bay and Great Wolf Lodge this year with their own version of an indoor waterpark! YAY!!!!

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The AmeriSuites Lake Buena Vista (about a mile or so away from Downtown Disney) was absolutely horrible. There were just so many things wrong with it.


- The room had a broken a/c unit, which resulted in a never-ending circulation of Arctic-cold air.

- My sister and I slept in the sofa-bed, but we had to put the sheets (which were threadbare and ripped) on ourselves.

-The showerhead was broken, so water barely dripped out, and the toilet clogged after every flush, which ultimately resulted in my family and I using the puplic restroom in the hotel lobby several times.

- The bathroom itself was one of the divided ones, with the toilet and shower in their own room, and the sinks in the sleeping area of the room, and the only light for the bathroom was over the sink, so the door had to be kept open when someone was peeing or showering, just so they wouldn't be in the dark.

-The elevator was past its inspection, and honestly, it scared me worse than Tower of Terror.


All-in-all, the whole ordeal was just a nightmare.

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Easily the worst motel I've heard of near a theme park was a quaint little place called the Valley Lodge Motel near Knoebels. It was run by a small group of rednecks, and so you can imagine it was top notch living.


It was absolutely filthy. There was paint on the towels, the beds were never made, the sheets were stained, the rooms were small (as was the entire building), and overall you'd probably find your car more comfortable. I can't even truly detail how bad some of it was.


However, easily the best part of the Valley Lodge Motel was their brochure.

The cover exclaimed, "Well Come! To The Valley Lodge Motel". Some of the intense mistakes they made went from simple capitalization mistakes, to the most bizzarre sentences I've ever read. My favorite one is on the page they show nearby events and attractions. One sentence claims, "2 Iseland shikellamy parks both side of the river, one on plane land and the other on top of the hill which gives wonderful view." What the hell is an Isleand shikellamy?


Here are pictures of the brochure. And keep in mind, this is basically what the whole motel was like.


http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x188/whosinthetree/LodgeCover.jpg > Cover


http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x188/whosinthetree/Lodge1.jpg >Page 1


http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x188/whosinthetree/Lodge2.jpg >Page 2


http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x188/whosinthetree/Lodge3.jpg >Page 3


http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x188/whosinthetree/Lodge4.jpg >Page 4


http://i180.photobucket.com/albums/x188/whosinthetree/Lodge5.jpg >Page 5

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"Rooms for pets", "Most competent rates"


You're truly brave if you ever stay in a motel in the country.


Reminds me of a motel near Conneaut Lake which had a sign out front which ready "Have your next affair here"

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Well, I have only had one bad experience at a hotel. It was one we stayed at down in myrtle beach. Of course I can't remember the name to it, but it had cracks in the walls, and an infestation of ants. All the other hotels I've stayed at are great. I normally stay in Homewood Suites, they never disappoint. Also, you can't go wrong with any of Disney's resorts from Coronado Springs' level and up.

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Just about any hotel in Sandusky past the causeway.


If you stay away from Cedar Point, make sure you book a nicer hotel. The cheaper hotels can be pretty scary.


Took the words right out of my mouth. Considering the quality of the non-CP motels and the fact that they don't get the perks is enough to make anyone want to pay the bit of extra money to stay at Breakers Express or one of the other CP hotels.

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I can't remember the name of this hotel, but it was on I-192 in Kissimmee near the Super Wal-Mart. It was in the area of some very cheap hotels like the Record Motel or the Gator Motel. I think it was next to the Gator Motel.


I got the room for $25/night and boy, it was cheap! The door was paper thin and I could hear the sounds of someone tiptoeing outside. The power outlet had a cheapie plastic multioutlet converter and had like 10 things plugged into it. It looked like it would blow up and spark at any time! I opened the refrigerator and it gave out a bad odor. The bathroom had no towels and had a paper mat by the tub. The whole room had a strange smell and I could taste dust from the room in the back of my throat.


EDIT: The front desk had this strong smell of curry!

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The Rodeway Inn near CP in Sandusky was somewhat scary. Cops were in there a couple of times and the rooms were like something out of a 'Starsky and Hutch' episode!


Word. Stayed there in '03. I'm pretty sure my room was a renovated janitor's closet. Very tiny and dank. The metal stairs leading up to the second floor were rusting away to nothingness. They were actually freshly painted during my stay, despite the fact there were gaping holes in the steps. And I could hear guests running around and screaming all night. Awful. At least I only paid $36/night.


Also awful: the Red Roof on Capitol Landing Rd. in Williamsburg. Just stayed there in August. Place was a dump. Toilet didn't work. Got the staff to come up to fix the toilet, and they refused to acknowledge the toilet wouldn't flush. I then asked them why the paper wasn't going away. All for $95/night.


And I stayed at an EconoLodge in Dayton, NJ, on the way to SFGAdv back in '05. I feared for my life there.

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Just about any hotel near Altoona Iowa. When we went to A-land this summer, we did not want to stay at A-land in, becasued its cheap, a gimmick, and we havnt had good experiences their, so we booked a themed room at the Settle Inn.


It was the Jungle one, and when we first walked in, in looked great, but after a few minutes exploring and finding things like ''wrappers'' in the bedside table, we checked out and were going to stay at the downtown Des Moines Marriott and use one of our free nights since we havnt used any since '01 when we went to Disneland.


It would have been pretty pointless to travel that far in the morning, so we ended up and the ''world renowed'' A-land Inn, which ended up not being that bad, and my whole family had a good time in the pools.


Maybe Altoona will get some better hotels when A-lands new water park opens.

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