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Boardwalk Bullet - Photos & POV Video!

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Yeah the backrow is insane but definately rougher than the rest. During construction we had TONS of rain during the whole construction so they have alot of rework areas due to it. It's not even running as fast as it is design to do. The second half it slows down alot. Supposely there are a couple problem areas that is causing this that is suppose to be reworked after Jan. I can only imagine how insane it will be after the rework. It shouldn't be as rough after they fix some of the guages. (guruguy...feel to correct me if I am wrong in my facts).

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Great video Robb!


I agree this ride seems a lot longer than I thought it would be. That's a lot of track packed into a space a little larger than an acre! Of course this ride will need some special attention, but I'm thinking the owners knew what they were getting into by requesting such a wild ride. They could have gone a "safer" route by requesting a milder ride, but nothing that I have seen with this ride indicates that. They wanted excitement!

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Fantastic video Robb! It was put together very nicely and really captures some of the extremely insane parts of the ride (first 10 seconds or so, the kink in the hill next to the brake run, ect.). Just trust all of us that have ridden when we say this ride is insanely crazy!


Once again it was very nice to meet you and Elissa and everyone else that survived BB that morning...once they fix her up, I can't imagine how awesome this ride is going to be.


-Jake, aka Jakizle


P.S. 1:47-48 and 3:13 in the video really show how crazy the ride is!

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It shouldn't be as rough after they fix some of the guages. (guruguy...feel to correct me if I am wrong in my facts).


I don't think the back row is as rough as row #2 right now. You get banged around on the first drop and turns but the shuffling isn't near as bad later.


About the other stuff. I got most of my information from posts at sixflagshouston.com. There is someone at Kemah that posts there occasionally. I think its pretty common knowledge now that the coaster is not running as fast as it is supposed to. When they were testing the coaster I heard people say that the train should be going 15MPH over the first big hill. On the first test it rolled back there and now it might be going 5-7MPH on a good day. With all this lost speed in the first 25% of the ride it rides a lot rougher than it should. The train shuffles between the rails on the upper bay turn causing some serious slams. The elements on the last 60% of the ride are probably not performing as expected. The magnetic brakes are bringing the train to a near stop when they should only slow the train down a little (like during the rain rides). All this I believe is due to the lost speed. Why exactly it is not running as fast as it should is something I really don't know, its likely a combination of things. I have heard the same thing Robb stated in his opening post - the park plans to work on fixing these problems sometime around January and we could see a totally different riding Bullet next summer.



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I posted this on sixflagshouston.com, but it seemed appropriate here, too.



Regardless of what one might think of the Bullet, you gotta give it props for being unique.


In this age of "clone wars" and "ride rotation" where everything is either a copy of something, a mirror image of something, or a moved something, it's nice to have a ride close by that is not only a custom layout, but is completely unlike any other wood coaster on earth.


You may laugh when I say this, but I'm sticking by it: Boardwalk Bullet is for this decade what The Beast was nearly 3 decades ago. It just doesn't rely on any of the "old standbys" for wood coaster thrills. Before The Beast, people thought you needed lots of drops and airtime for a good wood coaster.


Just as The Beast showed that you could have a world class ride with just two real drops and a lot of straight track, Bullet is proving that you can have a world class ride with insane intensity and genuine thrills on a VERY small piece of land. This goes completely counter to the trend in woodies over the last 10-15 years, where everyone wanted the biggest, tallest, fastest...


I would bet that Bullet is going to make a lot of smaller parks take a good look at their land and rather than immediately think "flat ride", instead imagine a tight little twister in that spot, when they'd have never even imagined it possible before.

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So I was there, the day of the shooting. I really like how the video came out, even though I can only see myself like 3 times in the whole shoot but hey its all good. I thought we rode it more then 17 times, but then again I was not really counting, I just wanted to keep riding.


Honestly Folks, if you have a like a weekend, come down to Texas, drive over to the Kemah Boardwalk , buy yourself some delicious food, get an all day pass and ride (I would have to say the best wooden coaster in Texas, i mean it beats Rattler and well the Giant hurts) anyways ride the best wooden coaster...you wont regret this wild ride, i can not say enough about it. I sound like a commercial.


Anyways we should just have an all day ride marathon? who's with me?

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...... although I do have to say that some of the trackwork leaves a bit to be desired.


I am told though, that a lot of the track work will get attention over the off season. That's a good thing



Watch how much the whole structure moves about around 33-34 secs!! (play at normal speed)


Great video Robb, the ride looks fantastic!

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^ I think piers was just joking. Remember, he's drunk most of the time anyway!


On weekend nights there are 2-3 "drunk" regulars. They seem to get a beer after every ride. By the end of the night one of them starts acting like hes a bull... Piers will just add to the happy group



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