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Crazy Sale at Kings Dominion!!

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When I was at Kings Dominion Today, I checked the Gift Shops for Super Sales on Paramount Items and there were not a whole lot of shirts mostly Small and XXXL (Acers not there yet ). I did get a Top Gun Shirt and an Italian Job shirt Both for $5 Awesome!


I was on my way out when I saw these 4 tables and a bunch of mechandise sitting around it. I asked what was up. and the employee said Fill this bag for $20 I looked around and thought good deal and this was my haul + 4 Ponchos.


$408 worth of crap last year= $25 worth of crap this year!


If anybody lives near the former Paramount parks you might want to go by tomorrow to check for sales if that stuff interests you.




shirts 2 for $5


I like these Volcano Snow globes, but I was not gonna pay $15 for 1


all that and 4 ponchos for $20

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Now, half of my wardrobe is full of PGA t-shirts, mainly because they were $5 bucks a pop, looked cool, and again, $5 a shirt. I've picked up 4 of them as they were all marked down due to an almost non noticable "paramounts" on the shirt. Interesting enough though, I bought 2 Cedar Fair-ized shirts in which the price tag still said "Paramount Parks" on it. And my receipts said "Paramount's Great America"

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they have the same type sale going on at kings island too.i went last friday(the 19th) and apparently for some reason, kings island keeps the shop that does the sale closed on fridays.


great job ki, the one time i was actually going to spend money on some stuff, you're shop is closed.

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