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Coaster With the Worst Name?

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Which coaster has the worst name (by the way I searched for this topic and there was nothing)


I think the coaster with the worst name is Stealth at Thorpe Park. It's themed to 50's drag racing yet it's called Stealth


Maybe, but I thought it was called Stealth because it sticks out a mile. Almost like a joke name because its anything but Stealth like.


I do think Goliath for the Batman clone is a crap name also, right now I can't think of anything else to put




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1.) Corkscrew - Found everywhere

2.) Underground at Adventureland

3.) Any superhero coasters - Batman, Superman, etc.

4.) Millennium Force - very lame name for such a good coaster

5.) Wild Thing - Yes, it's wild and it's a thing but come on

6.) Sky Princess at Dutch Wonderland

7.) Jackrabbit - I don't get why people would name coaster Jackrabbit?

8.) Racers - Geez, how unoriginal

9.) That Spongebob Squarepants coaster coming to MOA.

10.) Any coasters named after movie is very tacky - Example: Top Gun.

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Mighty Mini Mega at Southend. No it's not mighty. Yes it is mini and no it is not mega.


Green Scream at Southend. Yes it's green but nobody screams.


or Stealth at Thorpe. If you're gonna theme it to a dragrace, call it Dragrace or something related rather than animg it after a friggin aeroplane.

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all of the rides at Chimelong Paradise.

10 inversion roller coaster

Motorbike launch coaster

Family Gravity Coaster

Twister Coaster


How original. Maybe its just the language barrier and it sounds better in whatever language that is (Mandarin?)


All I need to hear is Dive Machine through the clouds! lol

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I know it doesn't open until next season, and I know it's a GCI, but SFSL's new '08 coaster...Evel Knievel.


My sentiments exactly. Who, UNDER FORTY, even knows who Evel Knievel IS?!??!! I made it a point to email Joe Draves (of GCI fame) and ask why they didn't push for the "SuperDave Osborne Theme".

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Names that are taken from other languages, or made up to sound like other languages. Gwazi, Sheikra, Kingda Ka. They tell us the word is supposed to mean something. But if you google the name, every item returned refers only to the coaster. No mention of African hawks or mythical half lion/tiger creatures.


BTW, Sky Princess is now called Kingdom Coaster.

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X. Now that's...interesting. Would they have called the next ride Y?



I think 'screw coaster' is a bad name, or any of those really literal names for that matter, 'the flying coaster' would be another example.

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Pepsi Max Big One. I know pepsi sponsored it but seriously, Big One?


I actually think The Big One is actually not that bad of a name - seeing as Nukes and H - Bombs are referred to as "The Big One" (or Ones in that case) and since PMBO is still the largest coaster in England, the name seems fitting. Just in case you didn't know...

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Marvel Mania - Visionland


Arkansas Twister - the first season t-shirts had a silhouette of Cyclone on them, and the coaster is an out-and-back


Earthquake McGoon's Brain Rattler - Dogpatch (RIP)


Zyklon - This was the name of the gas the Nazis used to kill people in the concentration camps. It's also German for "cyclone", but come on...


Zonga - not much better than it's previous name:

Taz's Texas Tornado


Willard's Whizzer later shortened to just "Whizzer", but the damage was done.


Shaft of Terror was changed to Tower of Terror, but again, the damage was done


Tig'rr Coaster if you have to intentionally misspell it to make it sound cuter, it sucks.


Two Face: The Flip Side is just barely better than



Fairly Odd Coaster is a mammoth stretch to include "theming"


Sooperdooperlooper - 'nuff said

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