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Cheese eaters unite!


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I Extra Old Cheddar.


And Parmesan also is nice to grate/shake over a fresh salad, too.


Havartis with spices and herbs is nice and yummy, too.


And Brie or Camenbert just hit a near-mmm-melt on crackers, when micro-ed for 7 sec. max on High, lol.


Got to love the cheese. One of the world's best things.


And a good bread, heh heh.


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That's a great idea! Thank you for a good tip Soren.


I am glad I could help.


Today I had a awesome burger at a place called Joakin´s. They put an extra slice of cheese on it, for me. It was so good, that I forgot to ask what kind of cheese it is. So, I think I have to go there for another burger in the next weeks!



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I'm lactose intolerant like Ed, but I LOVE CHEESE. I will sacrifice for it!


My favorite kinds are munster (sp?) and BRIE!!!!! Brie and apples is pretty much amazing. My favorite restaurant back in Buffalo served the best thing ever, it was apples and brie wrapped in phylo dough and baked... mmmmmm!!!


I also LOVE feta cheese but it makes me really sick.

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Hooray for cheese!


I'm a big fan of double- and triple-creme bries. D'Affinois is good, as is Les Coutances (hard to find, though). The smellier, the better! (Well, up to a point.)


On a trip to northern California, I stopped by the Marin French Cheese Company and picked up a variety of bries. It's about 10 miles outside of Petaluma, as I recall. They make the cheese there, offer tours, and of course sell it (at reasonable prices too). Marin Chevre Blue is highly recommended.

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being from wisconsin i feel that this topic is my new home. I would have to suggest every single person to try a wisconsin delecacy we like to call the cheese curd. Basically it is one of the most amazing foods ever made. They were started as a product as cheese factory workers that were taking some of the infant morsals of cheddar cheese home for their kids. If you can ever get cheese curds on the day they were produced before they were ever refrigerated you will get a chance to experince freshness like you have never ever tasted. Trust me.

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Cheddar, Extra Sharp Cheddar, White Cheddar, Extra Sharp White Cheddar, Smokey Cheddar . . . Okay, so I like Cheddar . . . a lot.



Although, I do like Swiss, American, and the occasional Monteray Jack.



Once, while at the Tillimook Cheese Factory in Tillimook, Oregon, I sampled some white cheddar with cracked pepper. I'm not much of a fan of peppercorns, but I found this particular flavor of cheddar to be quite tasty.

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Safeway (up here in Canada) has come up with an "Autumn Seasonal Soup" in their Signature Cafe Soups ...


Smokey Cheddar Ale Soup




Can't wait to try this. Hope it's OMGitsawesomeIhavetogetmore, lol! Their other soups are great. Here's hoping...

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If I didn't live so far away from you Bill, I would be tempted to send you a care package of Wisconsin cheeses. I live right down the road from a state-champion cheese producer, and if a place wins a state championship for cheese in Wisconsin, they must be something pretty special. And, from what I've tasted, they definitely are.


Tell you what, if you swing through the frozen dairyland on a TPR trip or something in the future, I'll be sure to hook you up.

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^^ I have visited visited Wisconsin a few times, years ago and yes, the cheese there was/is awesome!


And ^ I know of a lot of cheeses that melt great on toast, etc. Good eating!

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^ Same here, although we are getting low in that all we have right now is a brick of Cabot White Cheddar (love me some Cabot) and some crumbled blue cheese. And to think that tomorrow is the Super Bowl? I need to get to Wegmans quick!


I can't believe that I had never seen this thread before...I LOVE cheese!!! Smokey Curd (or any curd for that matter) or Smoked Gouda would probably be at or near the top for me.

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