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Hard Rock Park- San Diego

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Ooh, 4D, Spinning, and Booster Bike. Hehe, can't believe no one thought of that.


YESSSSS. congrats u got it. expect a PM or IM from me tomorrow or sooner.


Thanks for everyone else that guessed. you all were pretty close.


But here is a pic of the new and exciting coaster=]



tell me what ya think!


more to come,


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Or it could be an RCT version of an Intamin Wing-Walker... (Which I assume it is)


And AquaTrax coasters don't actually touch the water. They have water effects and get REALLY close to it, but it doesn't actually have a splashdown.


thats pretty much what it is.

i havnt found a name for the beast, but one will come to me.

here are its stats. not very impressive but nither are Furious Bacos.



tell me what ya think.




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Hey everyone,


I have good news! Lots of things have happened over the weeks. The area right of the entry plaza.

a couple of buildings have gone up and some trees.!


I had to drive over to LA to get that picture from the studio.


I dont know what the buildings are yet, but to me it looks like a theater and a resturant or shops.

Tell me what ya think!




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Hard Rock Park-San Diego


Construction update


Hey everyone. sorry its been so long. its been a hetic time. anyways i'm back on track.

A lot of stuff has happened in the park


this is the MinersPit Ice House®. Shows will be held a couple of times a day on ice!. more details to come later.



The Boondocks Grill®. Come get your fresh hot Ribs! This rib shack offers the best hot ribs in the whole park.



The BackyardKidz Kamp® will offer fun for families with children of all ages. With three slides, MuddinWheelers®(a quad bike ride), and Whiskey Tower®(power tower) for the older kids.


Trundle Slides®, MuddinWheelers®, and Whickey Tower®.

overview of the new areas.


Lots more to come ladys and gents



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