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Themmsbury Park IS CLOSED

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Hmmmmm..... I think with a little CS this would turn into a rct3 legend park....... or maybe it's just me who thinks it.


One word: VISTA, unfortunately I have Windowes Vista and it doesn't seem to want to show any custom scenery...or Billboards for that matter! It's really irritating and something Atari don't seem to care about!





This season there are big changes ahead for the aprk. We have decided that there is no profit in Shows, simply put due to the climate it would be better and more financially viable for the shows to unfortunately stop.


This season will see no new attractions instead it will simply have a year of low prices...entry prices will be cut by a third.


However we have decided to pursue our contacts with MACK and will be adding two new rides for Season 13. One of which will be a state of the art multi-sensory attraction whilst the other will be a first of it's kind.


Goodbye...I can't see anyone missing you...


Behind the scenes the engineers check for one last time that the electricty has been disbled before demolition


RIP Show Building!



NEXT SEASON Two new rides!

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(Going off topic slightly)


How do you need to load your RCT3 up? Where is verything stored on your PC? I myself have to open RCT3.exe as a file and it loads up...However it's on an external Hard Drive and already pre installed...Have you managed to install it yet?


(On topic)

I would like to use some custom scenery but it is quite laggy already! Mind you I'm going to be nice and show you all a TEASER!



OMG t3h most updates eva 111

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Yep you're right I thought about a waterpark before deciding it wasn't tooo suitable..But I hope you like this new rides as much



Season 13


An Overview of the interaction betweenthe coaster and Rapids


The Lifthill and main body of the rapids. Here the speakers in the train tell you of the history of the Mine Then you drop suddenly...


Twisting into a helix


Up a short hill...getting faster and faster!


You then fly over the rapids ride trying not to get soaked and escape the mine before the TNT planted by the red indians explodes!


Here you can see the short but fun layout of the rapids. You go into the Tunnel underground to be splashed by the waterfalls. Plenty of rapids and drops and twists ensure you get soaked and escape the mine!


For the grand finale you fly past the explosion at speed and then enter the station....


An overview of the station and surroundings


An Update will be soon but for now any comments?

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Really sorry about the pictures. I have decided to close my website as there isn't going to be a RCT4 and it seems pointless to have the site open...I do need to re upload all of the pictures which should take a while...please bare with me!


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Really sorry about the pictures. I have decided to close my website as there isn't going to be a RCT4 and it seems pointless to have the site open...I do need to re upload all of the pictures which should take a while...please bare with me!


Where did you hear there isn't going to be an RCT4?

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Right then...I've uploaded all of the pictures that are of late to a new photobucket account...However I still have to add some older pics and update the thread. But I will show you today's pictures of Season 14!


The images on the previous page can be found here





This year sees big changes for the park. Both Graviton and Logger's Junior Coaster will be remopved. Graviton suffered major downtime of late due to a crank shaft that go stuck mid season. This meant that the ride was not operational until the park's Halloween season celebrations.


The Junior Coaster meanwhile will be removed due to age and strong rusting that is eroding the supports.


Next year will see a new attraction in place of Logger's Junior Coaster to entice thrill riders back to the park after a decline in 15 to 21 year olds at the park.


The Bears...I don't think anyone has ever seen a picture like this.


From the Mini Railway a shot of where Graviton used to stand.


This was the seen on opeing day...the station was left but all of the track was gone!


The overhead shot from the Drop Tower!


The Junior Coaster's replacement for season 14...a concrete mess. Next season will see the new adition debut here.


The drop tower sure is good for taking photos...


Soakasaurus is doing well in the heat...

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Here we update again!



Season 15


This year will see another new thrill ride dded to the park. Hunky Mines Excavation flips up up and around as if you were a rock being mined. The new ride is over 60ft high, has an hourly capacity of 1200 and is themed around Mining...This year prepare to ride!


The Hunky Mines Excavation!


Rides near the second entrance sure are popular


The packed slide


Aboard the splash carts


The Soakasaurus exit


The ageing foodcourt


Nobody ever rides...


Next Season a BIG Ride Removal!

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Hello again chaps and chapeeses. I hate to be the one to break the bad news...

There will be no new dark ride this season or until season 18. The park has already made significant developments into the resort and hopes to satisfy guests with them for the next two years. This will mean that the park will get a new dark ride...but not now.


There will be no new developments for thius season other than ride clean ups an a new restraunt selling home made family cooking. The main addition for season 17 will be a new 4D Coaster, a ride never before seen in Europe! Terror! will sit where the current virginia Reel is and will take riders on an amazing journey through the terror of Hammersworth Castle!


However the Revoloution will occupy the Virginia Reel's old queuline as it will move next to Soakasauraus.


I love this ride...It's always packed though! Everyone loves the feeling the ride gives when you are dropped from 100ft!


New seating area and new restraunt next to the Rotodrop.


Another shot of the new restraunt. Steak Pies, mashed potatoes and peas. It's Sunday Lunch!


New paintjobs seem to be the big thing this year...


Oooh more woodnes goodness with a new paintjob!


The Graviton spot seems so bare. I miss it! Mind you atleast they didn't just pave over it...


Another new paintjob!


The last day of operation!


The lifthill went first...


I can't wait for next season!


Any comments?

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I am currently running out of ideas for the park. I'm open to any serious suggestions now. Perhaps you think a coaster should go? Should I get rid of the spinning coaster you've seen? Would a dark ride suit that area of the park? Let me know


Any suggestions are welcome!



Season 17!


Good gosh 17 years and the park hasn't had too many changes. I mean alot of the original rides are still working.


The new restraunt is doing well!


As is the mine coaster!


Even the trampolines are doing well!


Here's a nice shot of the twister coaster Fire...


I've heard a new ride may take it's place next season.


I hope not it's the main family coaster!

Themmsbury Park Releases Deatils of 4D Terror.


4d Terror will send riders into a new dimension of rides. Taking riders over 70ft into the air featuring no less than 2 and a half minutes of pure riding fear.


Mr Babblington Died in this mysterious castle seven years ago...Your mission is to enter the Castle and find his decaying corpse.


Other new attractiosn for the year included the Syummer Festival; featuring My Chemical Romance, Paramore and Slayer. Summer Festival of Rock brought the crowds into the park like never before.


Looking to the future of the park; we would like to develop our family theme with a new attraction to debut in Season 18.


An overview of the ride....You can see the revolotuion's new space.


From the Castle Roof.


The tunnel! Here you enter the MCBR and a small helix before re-emerging from the dreaded tunnel to see the daylight

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I think you should take out the spinning coaster and put in a dark ride.


I'm a bit undecided about having a dark ride. You see with my PC already beng slow because of the 2000 guests in the park, I don't think that it is a good idea to have more densely themed rides.


However what I will do is make a fully themed dark ride in a sand box with insides and theming whilst the park will have a hollow building with an outside and the ride; but without the inside rooms. If that makes sense...


Get Custom Supports!


No, I can't. Seeing as my vista computer refuses to show any custom scenery and the fact that it's laggy and a tad fiddly to use; I'm going to keep to the supports I have...




This season Themmsbury Park wants yourm opinon. We have noticed after several visits to the park from Thme Park Review; we decided that they had the best knowlege on what ride suits a park..This brings us on nicely to what we'd like TPR to do....

We have 3 costers that are being sold second hand. After such large purchases last year we decided that a cheap, fun, thrillng ride would be best for the park...Please tell us which ride you think is best for the park and why...


Coaster Number 1: 100ft Giga Coaster



Coaster Number 2: Looping Coaster....


Coaster Number3: Short junior Coaster...


So tell us now which coaster you would like to see in the park in the future.

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