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Themmsbury Park IS CLOSED

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Well then my pedigree chums I have a new park to show you. It is again no CS but thanks to a better vista computer I think it looks a damn sight better than the old park I did. Anyway I'm gonna hand you over to Bert the janitor....


Hello my name's Bert I work at Themmsbury Park as a janitor cleaning up everyone els's mess. I do hope you enjoy viewing my home park!


This is the sensory Garden. It's right nest to the main entrance and houses the carousel. As well as being nest to the main entrance it's next to the animal enclosures.


The main entrance


Viper is an old looping coaster it's been here since I've been and it's 20 years old!


This is ice a new coaster which is smooth and makes you feel as if you are flying!


There are lots of animals at Themmsbury!



This is the main "Thrill" section of the park...


And the children's section needs sprucing up as well!


Here's the other side of the child's section!


Food Court near horses!


Of course there's much more to the park but I want to show you more tomorrow! There's a Hyper coaster, Splash boats and a rumoured ride removal for tomorrow to look forward to...


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Nah that wasn't me. I've made quite a few changes since you saw the park last and hope you enjoy the update....




Construction started on the new bumber boats ridee quite early on in the season! This is going to be a new ride with lots of interactioon between riders and guests. Cannons, water guns and jets have been rumoured! Th ride is hoped to be open by the summer (It's March now!)


The Trampoline ride was very popular!


As was the "Sensory Garden", which was giving away free lumps of rock throughout March!


As was the disco ride!


Wow it was crowded!


Opening Day at 10pm!


And it's open! So far all the pictures I have are this one. As you can see there are huge queues to try and cool off! The ride opened in August 2007 and will close in October for maintainence!


Onride ICE!


Backwards fun on the wooden coaster!


Unmfortunately during May 2007 Viper derailed and killed 3 young children. It is with this reason in mind that the two arrow coasters Viper! and Launched will be removed. Launched was also struggling to launch riders at 60mph with rollbacks becoming frequent! People have been suggesting a new entrance in the place of Launched.....




And finally an overview at the start of the season....



Next Time:

*Removal of Viper!

*Removal of Launched and Enytrance work

*Rumoured new ride "ROTOR" A new launched coaster with Project "ROTOR" as it's codename!


Feedback appreciated!

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Cheers, I'm willing to post a mid season update later today but I'm going to show you something I should of done last time. It's the season 2 plans.....



The RED is the work in pregress throughout the season, it's gonna be confirmed for year 3, but should be interestering. It's possibly the biggest new area for year 3 and will be themed very well. I can't release any more than that but with Viper! gone there's alot of space to play with.


The BLUE is the new entrance from the Car park. It's going to look like the main entrance but will be alot smaller than the current one. It will be used for the priority pass holders and will have the famous Clock!


The GREEN is a new food court ready to be open for the summer.

The Season 3 is where work will start on a new attraction for season 4. Ground work will have to take place during season 3 though.


Any more feedback. There'll be an update later today I hope!

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I'm back, thanks for all of your comments I'm really looking forward to showing you today's update. It took alot of hard work from me and I hope you enjoy!




Well then I'm back to work for season two. I myself doubted there being a season two after the accident...I was terribly afraid that the park would close and I would lose my job. How wrong was I?


Here's the big main part of the update...the new entrance!


It's no where near as big as the other entrance....


It's alot shorter and needs more food outlets and toilets. It opened right at the end of season two as the park had hoped! Mind you, I think it's alot easier to get to from the carparks now...


Car Park picture...


Nearing the end of a long Autumn's day!


The serene Garden is right after the entrance...after seeing the concept art for the area I was really shocked by how much it got toned down. I do hear though that more theming is on the way!


There were record queues this year. The Trampolines got a line 1 hour long, usually you get to walk on or wait 10 minutes, I think it was don to the "free" tickets the park gave out to Staff members instead of a Christmas bonus!


Nobody has ever seen this ride yet, it's not new it's just not very photographic...and barely anyone rides it!



Well the Season 3 work is ploughing ahead nicely!


Next update: Monday....I think!

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Well cheers for the comments guys!




Season 4 started well. The new area opened dead on time and didn't have any major setbacks, unlike previous projects. The new area is called Themmsbury Woods, it has a new dingy ride "WaterChute!" A new Rotor "Chainsaw Blade" and a new inverted inpulse coaster! "Willsbury Forest Climber!" Of course the park has yet to add any signage for the new area, but hopes to have new signage by the end of the term!


An overview


WaterChute proved popular!


Opening day for Waterchute


The new Kissing Tower was added at the end of Season3 ready for season 4....




More overviews, God it looks fabulous!


Woah...is this foir ahlloween, I think it is!


The new Food Court!


Next season:

Kissing Tower and TWO ride removals!


Hmmmm Happy Halloween!

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Well then in today's update I'm going to break the news of 3 new rides...which will be revealed next time!


Are you ready for the wildest, scariest, creepiest ride of the year? Well then get ready for F.E.A.R opening during Halloween Season 5, this new multisensory ride will break all your expectations of fear! Other than F.E.A.R there were npo majofr changes this year to the park. However there have been rumours for season 6, which are this point we are unable to confirm nor deny....]


Here's the skyline from the left of the park. It's quite well filled now. I just wish we had a coaster to break it as well!


Here's the queue for the kissing Tower!


Some of the ride theming on F.E.A.R I took this pic just before it opened!


Night time testing!


Riders returning from the fear!


A Testing shot!




The story behind the ride is that a train you atre travelling in travels through a dark tunnel which lives the ormen. The ormen is a dark mysterious ghost which captures the spirits of the living. There is little theming in the tunnel but alot of mist and smoke, music and atmosphere! You then leave the tunnel to return to the haunted train station...will you return?



Season 6 Has some huge developments I'm not allowed to say much other than B and M....and Lunch and world's first.....but you didn't hear it from me!

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Hmm I'm actually playing the game a few season ahead as I haven't updated. So bear with me....




Well then Season 6 what did we get?

Yes that's right a new (pre owned brought off of a fair) Spiral Slide with little or no theming arriving during the Easter Break 10 weeks late. Yes kids, this park's organized!


The old site of Ferris Wheel, they removed it as you know at the end of the season! The park let it stand throughout season 6 to be cloed in the season break!


Bye Bye Crooked House as well, I think....


Here's a bit of a teaser! The new area will be themed on water...slightly I've heard rumours of water and lakes and splash battles and explosiuons and water cannons....


See you soon....




Any thoughts?

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Sorry for the double poast but I have no feedback and an update is in order!



Season 7


The Animal Enclosures were moved slightly


Here they were before. They're now bigger and faeture more animals but in a more covienent place.


The Monkeys were kept where they were. Rumours have it of a new development here. I doubt it though. The park needs it's animals to fufill the needs of the founders will.


F.E.A.R isn't very scary during the day!


But everyone seems to love it....it gets really packed!


The Chairswinger is going to be shut at the end of the season. People have been experiencing alot of pain from the ride!


This was the new child's rae. It has a mini golf, a Topspin, and a Giant slide. It's very compact and needs some more food outlets. There's also very little theming...Something that's becoming common!


Another Overview from the Ginat slide! As you can see Chaiswinger is still there!


This area is very photographic. I love the coaster in the background!


Ride Rumouers and News:

The aprk had it's annual Fireworks display and unfortunately the park didn't mention the new ride as it usually does. Instead it just said that the park would be having a "very special new gift" The rumours are a family coaster with a corkscrew....


....about the size of the chairswinger and Parachute Drop site...


...Maybe it's true!


Comments PLEASE![/i]

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Cheers for the feedback, I enjoy hearing your comments! I am going to post another update now and hope to see some more feedback!



Season 8

Here's a few pictures of the development area in Season 7

Hmm well then here's another ride removal! This time to, I can't see anyone in the park complaining. The old chairswinger was rough, ugly and pretty tame.


From indie the construction site you can see how big the new ride will be. I've heard rumours of a coaster.


I didn't get in to see any of the construction, with this area quite far back in the park and with no Winter Weekends this season not many people got any construction shots. Here's the new Coaster's Press Release!


"RUSH" will be a world class ride. With no less than two inversions this family thrill ride will entertain and delight in everyway. The new spinning coaster from Intamin will be the park's new family flagship ride after the removal of Viper! and will be open in the Season 8 Season


Here's a few pictures!


Twisty family fun!


Another overview...I mean look how cool the ride looks! I can't wait to ride it!


The station and queueline....


Next Season and Major new ride update will take place...



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Cheers, I'm going to put another update on tonight (You lucky bunch! ) but I fear there won't be an update tomorrow atleast!



Season 9


After years of decling visitor numbers the park have finally decided that the only way to progress is the bring all of the rides up to their current standards.


This means that the current Splash Down ride needed a retheme. It is hoped that by retheming the ride the park can attract more guests as despite frequent new rides the guest numbers are decling.


The park also has a few new catering plans due to be included shortly focusssing on healthier options. The current Splash Down will therefore become "Soakasauraus". The ride will feature state of the art anamatronics and effects hopefully to ensure visitor numbers dramatically increase!


Hello, My name's Phil the dinosaur, you can see me just after the main drop. I live in the lake and love to spray water on unsuspecting guests!


Here you can see the new entrance, station and queueline. The park also have added dinosaur theming around the bottom of the queueline!


Just after the chain lift we meet these friendly guys!


NEXT TIME: No new rides and 3 surprises!



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Nice dinosaur theming, although, it seems very similar to another water ride with dinosaur theming.


Brandon, i think s/he meant the park is getting a looping coaster AND a spinning coaster, because in one of the pictures I can see a Virginia Reel coaster, which is a spinning coaster.

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Probably not....but who's really going to moan?



Season 11


The concert Hall never has any customers. Its creepy. People just don't want to see any of the bands. So far they've had McFly and Justin Timberlake and it still wasn't very full. I've heard rumours of a new ride here...But I wouldn't like to comment



An Overview from GoogleMaps...nobody's everseen this before



Here's the new entrance with fountains and gardens...



In the corner there's the new restraunt and new upmarket gift shop...I don't like the new gifts personally but I think it looks okay as a building



The new KFC...yes I think it's small as well



There have been floating around the internet and apparently have been made by the park. I myself seriously doubt it...the park neveruses stars on it's work....but I'd love a waterpark!


More soon...COMMENTS

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