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Photo TR: HersheyPark in the Dark


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Ah a Dutch Wonderland pic. That brings back many young memories. I haven't been there since i was like 10 or so. Is it weird that I've been to Dutch Wonderland, Seasame Place, but never Hershey? That will have to change as my uncle lives 5 minutes from there now. That smores pic made me freaking hungry. Great TR!

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I like the pic of LR from outside the park, and the Immelman on GB with the tower in the background. I've never seen them pictured from those angles before. Very cool. BTW, that Amish woman is a bit peeved that you stole her soul.


The smores look good-- but has anybody had a funnel cake there w/whipped cream & chocolate syrup? Angina on a paper plate!


I guess it's just the way the calendar worked out this year that HPITD is only two weekends. The first weekend of October is usually buyouts, and I suppose they need two weeks to get everything set up. If the 31st is closer to or on the weekend, they've had the event over three weekends instead of two. Next year, Halloween is on a Friday, so I hope they're open that whole weekend.

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Great trip report, Natalie! I was there yesterday and had planned to do a TR, but you beat me to it! Trying not to repeat, here are a few of the highlights. (No rain for us!)


Oh, and also, a gratuitous Jack-o-lantern shot from ZooAmerica (free with paid admission to Hersheypark in the Dark).


Goodbye, Hersheypark! See you next year!


Na na na na na na na na, Bat Lemon!


I got a credit on Trailblazer. Or as we took to calling it, "Small Thunder Mountain."


An on-ride photo of Storm Runner! OK, so technically the ride I was on when I took it was the Monorail, but still....


Frankie says relax. Also, go left.




...snowman on the other!


This decoration has a split personality. Scarecrow on one side...


What do you get from a Hershey fountain? Why, Hershey squirts, of course!


So what does a vampire Hershey bar eat, anyway?


Guess who?


Welcome to Hersheypark. Now eat me!


Pippin's is now the Tudor Grill. Avoid the chicken and waffles!


How can we make the Chocolate World gift shop more realistic? I know! Add real shoppers!


How can we make the chocolate factory ride more realistic? I know! Add singing cows!

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Dutch Wonderland.... SUPPORT CENTER???



I take it this was set up, after BarryH's visit here?


Great TR.


Too bad the S'mores weren't deep-fried, yum yum.


Thanks for sharing your trip to HP.

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