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Batman and Robin: The Chiller Memorial Video

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Well, this is not all my footage. It's mine, Dan Lockward's, and Chris Chavan's. This was a group NEC video, so we even had some help from Josh Davidson and Amanda Gagnon, though I did all the editing and what not. Anyway, this is our tribute to Batman and Robin: The Chiller. I hope you like it!


-Dainan "Feedback encouraged" Rafferty

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I personally think the music fit the video perfectly, nice job!


and btw, watching this brings a tear to my eye......Chiller was always a favorite of mine. So unique, so intense...........and that roar


I'm just sad that I didn't get to ride Batman during those couple weeks in 2006 when it operated. I think it was open for Coasters after Dark (or Coaster Celebration?) which I couldn't attend, so I went the very next day and it was closed again


Little did I know that would be my last chance......

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I went on Speed in Vegas and after riding that I knew both of these rides had to be legit. Batman with that huge tophat had to be fun. And those Zero-G rolls before turned hills look smooth transitioning.


Many thanks for the video. But the audio, is that Pink?

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It was a great ride. It was VERY hard to get the Batman credit.


I never got to ride the Batman side with the lapbar restraint. I do remember the top hat was incredibly intense going backwards. The headbanging sucked with the OTSR's.


Shame they couldn't get it to work. It's too bad it couldn't be completely modified to be a full circuit coaster. Well....look on the bright side. We're getting a Wild Mouse in the dark in its place. Go figure.

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Great job on the video and the song goes great with it. I wouldn't have thought it would really be getting the ax. I so wanted to get the credit on Batman with just the lap bars. I mean this wild mouse crap is ok but it sucks since its replacing a different and great coaster, plus its one of a kind. Oh well....watch it work when its placed somewhere else.

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