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Six Flags Great Adventure Fright Fest '07 Questions

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Hey,going down to SF GADV's Fright Fest over the weekend.I have a couple questions.

1)Obviously I go straight to El Toro.Where next?

2)For anyone who's been there this year,what's the best scare zone?

3)I'm really looking forward to Superman Ultimate Flight.When is the best time to ride that so that the lines aren't too bad?

4)Am I allowed to bring food into the park? If not,can I get a handstamp to go eat at the car then go back in? (I've never been to a Six Flags park,so I'm not familiar with their policies.)

5)If I can;t do anything above in # 4,then where's the best place to eat?

6)Just curious on this one,I've heard millions of different stories and I would like it cleared up,is it true you can get whistles to blow if you're scared and want Scareactors to stay away?


Thanks for reading and helping,guys.

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1. Kingda Ka

2. No Hay Ride this year, pretty much just the actors walking around are the best part since the lines are super long and not worth the wait. Here's a review from my friend at Gadvupdates. gadvupdates.com/forums/index.php/topic,1792.0.html

3. Go towards closing hour after everyone else has ridden it.

4. Yes you can leave the park and Re-enter

5. Best of West. Pricey but good!

6. Again Yes , just ask someone at the main gate for one.

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1. You might want to head over to Movie Town first. El Toro is probobly going to have a long line all day. If you go to Batman the Ride and Nitro first, you might be able to get more than one ride on each. And then you could run over the Skull Mountain if you wanted to.


2. They really don't have scare zones. They do have a terror trail, but from what I here it's not that great, and the line is ridiculous. The scare actors kind of walk around all over the park. But I guess the best place to go would be the lake front.


3.Superman is going to have a long line all day. Unless you want to wait, you might not be able to get on.


4.You can't bring food into the park, but you can get your handstamped and come back in.


Wow, I really had no idea that you can ask for a whistle at the front gate.


5.I don't usually go outside the parking lot, but there is a Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King, WaWa's, and a Dunkin Donut's right by the entrance. Other than that, I'm not sure. And there are some little diner places there also, not to sure of the names of those places.


6.As far as I know, there are no whistles that you get if you get scared.


Hope that helps. I might not be 100% on everything, but I think these are pretty good.


I had no idea that you could ask for a whistle at the front gate. And I missunderstood question five.

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hi, first of id like to say i don't post here often, but i would like to change that.


So now onto your questions.


I'm from jackson new jersey and i go to GADV about every weekend.


1) You might want to, the line can get REALLY long for it. Last weekend when i went it was out of the line(along with EVERY other ride except scream machine) out along the fence on the other side.

- Didn't see Ka's line last time i went but you might want to head there next.


2) The best one this year is, frontier land.(runaway train log flume) there are only about three areas this year. here is a picture where the zones are





the red scribbles are the areas. Lake front,Board walk and frontier land.


Last weekend when i was there, i noticed no one by nitro ,batman etc.


3)the lines are Always bad, maybe go to that first it you want to ride it more then any other ride.


4)No you are not allowed to bring food in, you can always get your hand stamped and go out to the car. What i do suggest is eat lunch etc before the normal time, say you are going to eat lunch, maybe eat at about 1-2 so when everyone else eats lunch, you can go on rides.


5) best of the west. By the way, there pickles are good


6)yes you can get whistles, last time i went they were in the looney toons shope. (to the left a little before the fountain and all you have to do is ask)



hope all of that helped

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