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Write your own Haunted Mansion tombstone!


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What if TPR members had their own Haunted Mansion tombstones? What would it say?


Here lies Elissa

She was killed by the Sandinistas


Poor old Robb

He worked too hard on the job


Here lies Wes

He was smothered by Dolly Parton's chest


Here lies Barry

Elissa (and everyone else) said that he's scary!


Poor old Chuck

He was down on his luck


Here lies Bill

He was way over the hill

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Homer died during his shift at Panera Bread

Maybe he should have worked at IKEA instead


Nice. Except I don't work at Panera anymore, I work at Sweetbay.


Anyways, back on the topic of amusing anecdotes.


Here lies smartestcoasterkidever.

He stalks a guy that always says "never."

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